Friday, July 10, 2009

my first quilt (sort of)

super cute Camille, over at simplify, is doing a little contest thing.
you are supposed to show your first quilt you ever made, then the last one you have made.
well, the first quilt I made was for my 20 hour Laurel project back when I was 16 or 17. I don't know where it is. I might have given it away when I was in one of my clean it out modes.
so, I thought I would show the first quilt I ever machine quilted.
my laurel quilt was way better! I hand quilted it! the stitches are completely uneven, and very large. It would probably be pretty easy to pick out because of that. but really. who wants to do that?
want a closer look?
I even added flowers in! wow. big loose flowers. yikes.
okay, moving on- the last quilt I have finished was Sadies quilt.
much more even stitches, tighter stitching.
still room for more improvement, but I must say,
way better than the first!


Lynn said...

Oh how fun. What a great way to document the first and the last.

Andrea said...

Nice. Very nice.
I think all your quilts are great.

darlene said...

I think its great that you can do your own quilting.!!!!

Julia said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you even quilted your first quilt! I think they are both awesome! My dream someday is to have a long arm and quilt my own!
Thank you for commenting on my very first quilt (that's not quite done) All these comments make me want to do more! Hee Hee!!

onlymehere said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. You're way ahead of me though in machine quilting. I just took a class to learn how to do it on my machine and it's definitely hard and something that I need to practice a ton on! I like how it looks on the bed, you did a nice job. I have to ask said you did it as a Laurel project, so can I assume you're LDS? I am so this kind of rang a bell with me! Thanks again for sharing your quilts and for stopping by! Cindy