Monday, February 27, 2006


Well, I looked around my table at lunch time, and I was feeding 9 kids. 9 Kids! How did that happen? I guess 4 of them were mine- one was just home for lunch from school, and he went back. One went home shortly after lunch, one is home sick, One is being babysat until about 3:30. the other 2 will be here until about 5, joined by their 2 brothers after school. So incredibly crazy around here lately. We had the flu hit everyone this weekend, except Maggie- thank goodness. I really hope that is over and tomorrow all will be back to normal, and all kids back to school! I long for the day when all I have is my own kids home. It won't happen this week- something to look forward to- hopefully soon.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Such is our life today- just hanging out- Cory playing the boys gameboy- Tetris is his game of choice. Maggie just hanging out with daddy. I went to my sister's house today to help her quilt her very intricate scrappy quilt. She is a funny girl! Heidi- one of my babysittees fell off a chair and cut her lip. I felt really bad, but what can you do? Kids will be kids. And I know my own have had their share of mishaps. We have Emma, our other babysittee sleeping over for the next 3 nights- her mom is a shift worker. Here's hoping she sleeps through the night tonight! Such fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Valentines day goodies!

A bit behind, but I am just starting this blog thing, and thought I would share my Valentines tradition- a heart shaped black forest cake! It just wouldn't be Valentines Day without it- and the heart shaped sugar cookies, and heart shaped pizzas!

babysitting rant

why do I say yes- when I know I want to say no? It seems like such a harmless thing- babysitting an extra child or two, to make a bit of spending cash. But I have enough of my own kids! Oh well, I am committed, for a while anyways. I just need to breath deeply, relax, and enjoy the extra fun, and dirty diapers, and crabby kids! someday I will miss it all, I am sure!