Saturday, October 30, 2010

signs of halloween

vampire teeth on Cory's pillow.
not sure how they got there.

candy wrappers all over the place.
drives me crazy.
and this is only after the smallish amount of candy they got from school!

good thing we just got new toothbrushes from the dentist! they will be getting a good workout this weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I feel pretty!

there is a lady who has kids at my kids school,
I have always thought she looks a bit like me,
short curly blond hair, glasses,
today, when I was heading to the school for the halloween costume parade,
she was coming in at the same time as me,
and said that the other day at the park,
her boys came up to her, and told her that they were calling mom, when they saw me across the park, thinking that I was their mom,
and she said that she was flattered,
because I am so pretty.

really, she said that.
and I am the one who is totally flattered!
I think we should become good friends.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good times.

well, thank goodness for Value Village,
even thought the check out guy was a bit sassy to me the last time I was there-
(remind me to tell you that story.)
I checked through the patterns, and got a princess one for 69 cents, instead of going to the real fabric store and paying at least 4 bucks.
it is cut out, mostly. but I am making it out of an old sheet, so it isn't really fancy - going to a ball - princess dress, more like a hanging out at home, lounging about princess dress. hopefully the little princess won't mind.
and I got a fun clown costume pattern for me, and Cory, but I don't think Cory will go for it.
too bad. (and another awesome sheet to make it out of. yes, we are experiencing a new trend. costumes out of sheets. watch out world!)
he can figure out his own costume then! ha.

we all have dentist appointments in the big city this afternoon.
always a good time!

and this morning I will be cleaning, and picking up some groceries,
because there is going to be a party here tonight!
a pampered chef party that is.
if you are local, and want anything, or just want to taste some yummies,
come on over!
now that is a good time!
alright, off to scrub!

Monday, October 25, 2010

crunch time

less than a week until halloween.
I thought I was on top of it,
but really, I have one kid's costume done, and it still needs accessories.
and Cory and I , and the big boys need something for the church party on Saturday.
(as well as the 3 younger, who will need something for Friday school parties.)
so, I was looking on line for costumes, and these ones on Amazon caught my eye.

(the last 2 for the big boys. the matching ones for Cory and I)
I am leaning towards the where's waldo. pretty simple.
must get busy.
I will let you know how it turns out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

37 things

1. it is getting colder here. I guess it is time to pack away the flip flops. sadness.

2. it was our sister saturday yesterday. is there anything better than a day away from the kids to do crafts with fun ladies at the church? i think not.

3. I hit Bulk Barn yesterday, and spent way to much money on halloween-ish candy.

4. I bought the candy to put in some fun jars I picked up at Value Village.

5. I don't think the candy will make it to Halloween.

6. I am getting that picture of us on that bridge blown up big. it should be here next week! can't wait.

7. I ordered some awesome boots on line from old navy, but then days later they sent me an email saying they were out of stock. I was so sad.

8. I continue to be on the look out for awesome boots that can be dressy, or casual, and are not too expensive. anyone know of any?

9. I am going to swear off bejewelled blitz on face book. that game is a time sucker. but it is so fun. nope, need to avoid it. and read books to my kids!

10. there is a tiny bit of snow on the ground this morning.

11. I love chocolate.

12. I bought a pumpkin a while ago, and cooked it up, and have been using that in my muffins and cookies and breads I have been making. way cheaper than buying canned pumpkin. so delish!

13. I look forward all week to my sunday afternoon nap. love.

14. time to put on the flannel sheets!

15. I am itching to go shopping in the states. why is it so much funner to spend money down there?

16. I hate the smell of ketchup.

17. it drives me crazy when my kids are looking at the computer over my shoulder when I am on it, but I do it all the time to them!

18. I guess I need to tell Cory what I want more! that man just goes out later, and gets me what I want, but am too cheap to buy for myself, and gives it to me for gifts. so sweet.

19. I really want to make some quilts. must get busy cleaning up my craft room, so I can get in, and get things done!

20. still love knitting sweet little hats. Ben wants a hat, but it isn't so fun making big boring hats.

21. Chocolate covered jubejubes are such a great invention.

22. how do people come up with these things?

23. I am not good at coming up with new ideas, but I love copying other people's brilliant ideas!

24. and thanks to the internet, there is no limit to the ideas out there! what a time sucker.

25. cheese is so yummy.

26. but really, all I eat is cheddar and mozzarella. I am sure there are other good cheeses out there, but I am not to adventurous with my food.

27. but I did go out with a friend for bubble tea the other day. interesting. and yummy.

28. I love polka dots.

29. still love to eat ice. weird, but I am so addicted. good thing it has no calories.

30. we are going to try to do Christmas on the super cheap this year. I will be sure to share any ideas I have, any great ideas you have are more than welcome!

31. Cory is getting so old!

32. good thing he is always going to be older than me!

33. it's my birthday today.

34. I am 37.

35. wow, that sounds sort of old too!

36. the primary kids sang the birthday song to me twice today, because the presidency felt bad because they forgot it was my birthday today. that was embarrassing.

37. good thing when they said there were no birthdays this week, sweet little Maggie piped up with - it's my mom's birthday today! what a fun kid!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

last weekend

we headed to Banff- Cory was running a leg of a relay race there-
and on the way, we stopped to see our super adorable new baby niece/cousin.
so little, and so sweet!

after the race, we headed to some water falls, took a self portrait picture
(teenagers are so fun)

found a cool looking tree- such awesome roots!

set the timer and took a group shot by the falls-
but you can't really see them- they are right behind us.

and of course, hit the candy store there.
I find it funny that we will buy the kids each a bunch of over priced candy there,
but at home always tell them no, I will not get them that average priced candy.
silly tourists.
gets us every time.

it was a fun family get away! we should do it more often. (but take our own cheaper candy, and avoid the expensive candy stores!)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

she's too big.

so this morning, I had the opportunity to pick up some tickets to go see these fun guys in concert-yep, the wiggles. but then I found out the concert would be this saturday, and we are planning to be out of town on Saturday.
I told Maggie the news, and thought she might be a bit sad,
but she said-
only one and three and four and two year olds like them.
I am too big.
crisis averted.

but I still think it would have been fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so thankful for my family,
for a friend who will take cool pictures for us!
for yummy turkey dinners,
for parents who serve a mission
for warm fall days
for so much!- we are so blessed.
- it was thanksgiving here in Canada yesterday.
(and thankful that my kids are back in school today!)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

so sweet

I found a blog a while ago- not sure how, but you know how it goes-
one links to another, and on and on-
her name is Kayce Hughes,
she has 7 kids,
a gorgeous house,
a fabulous clothing line,
and her house and her family were in country living a while back.
(my favorite magazine. how cool is that!)
anyways, she is giving away this awesome necklace.

isn't it beautiful?
check her out.
(but don't enter, because I want that necklace!)

Friday, October 08, 2010

one more

are you tired of my blue lily pictures yet?
I still have to decide what to do with them all.
what to enlarge, where to hang,
oh, the possibilities.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

what a deal.

Maggie and I went here-
with some of this-
and got some of these.
(and I had a free coupon for a medium drink, so we had that as well.)
bought a burger for maggie- without onions and mustard, and called it lunch.
not the healthiest, but certainly yummy.
and a deal that can't be beat! (free)

we did it yesterday, but they are doing it today to- so grab some play money and get some real fries!


I just picked up this book at my library- (on the new book shelf, that you can only check the books out for one week on),
the authors name caught my eye (she wrote the sisterhood of the travelling pants books)
I had never heard of the book before,
but it is really very interesting!
(how do people come up with these things?)
I haven't finished it yet, but can't wait to see what happens!
in looking for a picture of the book, my google search came up with the info that they are making it into a movie! I would love to see it! -due out in 2012, I think.
I recommend reading it!
(a few swears. just so you know.)
it involves reincarnation.
just so you know.
but I won't tell you anything else!

eta: I changed my mind. I finished the book, and want to say- don't read it.
don't read it yet. I sincerely hope it is a series, and there is more to come, because man alive, it left me hanging.
(and there is some hanky panky, so maybe the movie will not be watchable. we shall see.)
so wait. until the series is all out. and the story has a good ending.
and that is my advice.