Wednesday, August 08, 2012


 I haven't pulled out my big camera for way, way too long. I got it out to take on our little summer vacation, and had to get the old pictures off of the memory card. I took the girls out a while ago and took some pictures. I did a bit of editing on them- not too sure that I like them how they are, but I can always change them up later! (digital cameras and computers are so fantastic!)- I might have done a bit much on their eyes in that picture. they look a bit freaky!
I am really just delaying my to do list which involves cleaning the bathrooms and mopping up the kitchen. and laundry. not really fun, but I guess it must be done!

oh, and today we have 3 teenagers in our family. Jed is 13 today! yikes. we will be celebrating later. poor boy with his birthday in the middle of summer. always something going on.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

last weekend

we drove down south a bit, and stayed with some fun family members

we went to a neighboring smaller town to run a little race. 
we got on our nice white race shirts, and our cool new shades.
then we ran.
and people threw colors at us.

and it was a really hot day. and Maggie didn't really make it through the whole race,
but she did pretty good!
 it was probably the funnest race I have done!

and then after the race, they gathered up the left over colors,
and there was a big fight.
and we got even more colorful.
(my hair still has pink in it 4 days later.)
then we washed off a bit in the lake.
cleaned up,
went to church the next day,
had the yummiest brisket I have ever had
(I don't think I have ever had it before, but it was so yummy)

then we drove back home.
it was a fun weekend- that last one.
hopefully we can do it again next year!