Saturday, July 29, 2006

our vacation

or part of it anyways.
we started out at writing on Stone.
what a great place.
played in the hoodoos, or as Brayden, our cousin liked to say-
then of course, the nightly bonfire.
smores. love them!
then the next day, the beach.
the boys, and Sadie, went canoeing down the river.
oh ya, Jed didn't go. little bit of a chicken, that one!
but then we played on the beach.
so nice, and warm.
someday I want to rent tubes and go tubing there.
that would be so much fun!
had to wash the sand off maggie,
cute little tush.
then the actual reunion.
in stirling.
lots of people
super duper hot.
and some serious cereal necklace making
by Jack.
then we went to Waterton,but apparently
I am not allowed any more photos on this post, so those might have to come later. so much fun.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

summer time..

and the living is easy-
today we got to sleep in!!
yesterday we had some kids come play
they were here shortly after 8,
their mom had an apppointment.
that was early.
sad, because in just over a month,
the kids will have to be about ready to leave the house by 8.
that will be a hard thing-
for a little while anyways.
so, my cute hubby Cory commented about a lack of pictures on my blog, so lets see what I can find to show you all..
okay, I have lack of blogger knowledge. I meant for the pictures to be down here, but that is not where they wanted to be.
the wedding one is a shot from a wedding
that I had the priviledge of practicing some photography at.
learned a lot,
so I guess it was all good.
the others are of the girls,
on a bench
in a field.
(okay, there was supposed to be two pictures, but one didn't show up- I really have blogging issues!)
got the idea from a photo on Rebecca Coopers blog,
where she had her girl on a chair in a field.
too cute.
I want to go out and try some again
on a nice overcast day, when I have the time,
and can convince the kids to cooperate-
hmm, that might never happen.
we shall see!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

we're back..

and what a week!
hot, hot, hot weather.
until the day we headed home
then it was cool.
Writing-on-stone was fun.
could have used another day at the beach though.
we left our camera in Stirling
so I have no pictures to share
glad to be home.
still need to clean out the van
and the trailer.
putting that off for a while.
need to do more cleaning in this house too,
surprise, surprise.
it has been thundering here all afternoon.
good stuff.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

make like a baby...

and head on out..
at least that is what I hope we will be doing
and soon
as soon as Cory can get out of bed
after staying up late
watching a movie
then reading after that
and now we need to hit the road
and go way down to southern Alberta
and play with some cousins
then more cousins
and more...
family reunion on Friday and Saturday
should be fun.
be back next week.
that is,
if we ever get going!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sad, happy, sad...

well, I have some sad news-
our little green neon we got on trade
from a family member
is not doing so well.

but, happily,
we have aquired a new car-
a shiny silver nissan Altima..


it is a standard.
and I am not so good at driving a standard...


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

playing some more...

my sister Andrea came to play,
and cut my boys hair-
which was desperately needed.
they were "in" with the shaggy look,
but that won't cut it here!!
so anyways,
I played with the cute little girls,
and Andrea too
and did a little photoshopping
but not too much
because I have so much yet to figure out.
but here's three of many!
thanks Andrea, Addy, and Janie!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm back alive..

camp was an experience, as always.
20 girls. yes 20.
three leaders, hot sun, a lake,
and some ugly boys,
that seemed to get cuter to the girls as the days wore on.
The boys that drove the tractor
that came to get the garbage,
and change the tp in the outhouse.
I mean really, come on girls.

so, my sister in law, and brother in law let me play,
there is one of the pictures,
that I played with a bit in photoshop.
there is so much more to learn!
thanks for letting me play Jess!
I tried emailing,
but it wasn't happening,
so I will print some up for you!

then, there is the teachers gifts I made!
too cute!
I was inspired by a tag on 2peas, by Shelley Laming.
love her stuff.

then lastly,
my sweet maggie watching the Canada Day parade.
such fun.
well, what else is new.
Ben and Jack had a swim meet again today.
they did great-
didn't win any races,
but didn't come in last place either.
well, I didn't get to bed as early as I had wished last night,
so hopfully tonight.
I have a lot of sleep to catch up on from this last week!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm off...

tomorrow is the big day!
Girls Camp!!
I don't know if I am excited, or terrified.
a little of both.
we have quite the group of young women.
I have been in there for about 4 years now.
some are my friends.
some still scare me.
who knows.
Weather is supposed to be hot, hot hot!
we will be very close to a beach,
and we will have canoes,
and we will have fun.
I am taking a film camera,
cause Shelley has my little digi,
and I really don't want my big one out at a crazy camp-
but I do, I want to take some fabulous pictures-
hmm, have to think on that one,
but probably just film.
Jess, I haven't downloaded the pictures of you yet,
when I get back I will play-
really got to get playing with photoshop!
so much to learn!
well, I should get some sleep tonight,
cause heaven knows, there won't be much sleep happening this week!
I'll let you know on Friday how it all went-
wish me luck!!!