Thursday, February 25, 2010


on the way from the post office to the library this morning (they are very close to each other, so usually when we go to one, we also go to the other)
Maggie told me to walk on one path while she took the other (through the parking lot) and I said "okay, boss."
and she said- "I'm not the boss, you're the boss. I'm just a little kid"
and I said, "okay, little kid."
and she said "I'm not a little kid, I'm Maggie."
I was getting all confused by my bossy little kid named Maggie.
silly thing.

Monday, February 22, 2010


so, I sucked it up-
and took the kids out skating.
they wanted to go on Friday, but I weasled my way out of it, and promised them I would take them Saturday.
but darn it, Saturday came, and I had promised.
so, be gathered up skates, helmets, sticks, and headed out-
it took a while to get everyone laced up-
I can never tie them as tight as they should be. it's a hard job!
I even got skates on myself, and got on the ice for about 5 minutes, until my feet hurt so bad, I had to take them off.
I remember that happening last time I went skating- last year- or maybe the year before, but I thought these were different skates. I really should mark them, so I know not to take those ones again the next time I go out- in a year, or two!
Maggie did quite well. she did more of a walk than a glide, and kept calling to Sadie to "skate with me!"
the kids lasted way longer than I did outside. I went and sat in the van to warm up near the end.

I think we should just make a rink in our back yard, then I can just send them out there!
but our back yard really isn't that big, and there is a big fire pit in the middle-
oh, that would be fun in the evening- doing tiny loops around a bonfire!
I will add that to the to do list.
maybe next year!

Friday, February 19, 2010


it was one of my seminary kids birthday today,
so I made cupcakes,
and the birthday girl never even came.
oh well, more for us!
(they were red velvet, with pink cream cheese frosting, and were mighty delicious.)
- the cake that maggie is eating the batter of in the above picture is not actually the cupcake batter, but rather the batter from a cake I made for valentines day. yum.
and a member of the bishopric came to visit, and he brought muffins,
and we were playing olympic games- and I had candy for the prizes.
what a great way to start the day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


what have we been up to around here?
well, not much is happening, yet we are keeping busy.

some of us finally went sledding. (it was super fun until Maggie got run over at the bottom of the hill!)
still knitting like crazy.
some visitors are here for a couple of days!
(a visitor that loves to organize, and has done great work in her time here! so sweet.)
and she inspired me to do some scrapbooking! - it has been way too long! so fun.
basketball games and practices at least 3-4 days a week,
a kub kar rally, that my boys proudly came in last place-
well. maybe not too proudly, but we sweeten the inevitable with a large slurpee.
Cory rejoiced that it was his last kub kar, because being that our boys are always last, it is obviously not his forte.
-but next year it will be trucks. (maybe by the last truck Jed ever does, Cory will have it all figured out!)

and that is what we have been up to lately. not much, but a bunch.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

valentines day is coming!

I punched out a bunch of circles from my scrap pile, and sewed them together into a few garlands, then looped them on my dining room light.
I like it.
Cory- well, he puts up with it!
Maggie and I grated some crayons onto waxed paper, then ironed it, and cut them into hearts, and they are now hanging in our dining room window!
even the horse is getting into the valentine spirit.
not by her choice, I am sure.
(I don't know how many times I tell all my kids that we only draw on paper. really. if I had a dime for every time, I think I would have a whole pile of dimes!)
that little stinker- Maggie.

and look what Sadie got at school!
my boys! haha.
(they are the Jonas Brothers, for those poor people who don't know who they are. I suggest you get out more!)
and of course Valentines day calls for heart shaped sugar cookies. so delish.
and those sweet little heart sprinkles!
this is what my kids handed out at school this year.
simple, easy. yet so sweet!

Monday, February 08, 2010


so, you know when you have a dream, and in it you are thinking is pretty fun, and even right when you wake up, you think that was a great dream,
and then you start thinking about it, and it makes absolutely no sense?-
well, I had one of those last night.
it involved these handsome fellows.

and I was their mother- maybe for reals, maybe for a tv show-
which is what it was in my dream.
we were filming an episode in a grocery store- weird, right?
and it just got weirder from there.

and I will leave it at that, because the rest is all a blur, and makes no sense-
you know how dreams get.

I am still waiting for my dream- the one like Stephenie Meyer had that brought about Twilight, and fame and fortune.
yeah, right.
keep dreaming!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

a jam

so the kids are off of school for two days-
teacher convention.
so, we are also off of seminary for two days.
I always have to bring that up, because it is such a major part of my day-
a very early start to it, and to not have it, and to be able to wake up later is a treat.

I had to go to the dentist today- one of my teeth broke last week.
I headed out with plenty of time to get there,
then there was a huge traffic jam on the highway.
I was thinking there must be a serious accident ahead,
and watched the minutes tick by as I inched my way along with all the other semis on the road,
and even pulled out my crocheting I had stashed in my purse, in case I had to wait at the dentists.
turns out there was a truck pulled over- it looked to me like it was unloading something, but I am not sure,
so everyone had to move from three lanes to one,
and I was a half an hour late. sheesh.
I hate being late!
and then I was in the dentist chair for about 5 minutes.
crazy stuff.

this weekend should be fun.
included in the plans are a sleepover for the girls,
a dance for Ben,
skiing for all of us,
watching some cousins for a night and a day,
cleaning the girls room. again.
lots of laundry.
a trip to the library ( and the post office)
dinner on Sunday with family.

good times.

Monday, February 01, 2010


one of my sisters often asks me what books I have been reading lately,
so I thought I would share some of the latest, and my thoughts on them.

The Sugar Queen. I read about this on someones blog, and put it on hold at the library. I got a call last week, it was my turn to read it.
the title grabbed me. I love sugar.
the chapter titles had me too. first chapter- everlasting gobstoppers.
other chapters- lemon drops, candy hearts, you get the drift!

before I even got into the book, I was thinking this would be my choice for book club- when it is my turn. how fun. bowls of candy on the table! love it.
the story was okay. but when thinking book club- there were a few sexual references, a few swears, but an interesting read. I might still do it for book club, who knows.
(and I am not sure when it is my turn, and I might have found something better by then.)

A Vintage Affair-
loaned to me my my sweet sister in law.
cute book.
can't recall any bad parts. (but I do have a bad memory)
a fun read.
Twenties Girl-
cute. written by Sophie Kinsella, so the f-bomb is dropped many times- I think that is common in her books. (don't say I didn't warn you)
it is a very fun story. She is a great writer. too bad you can't buy an edited version of some books.
really- why throw that word in ? is it necessary?
I think not.

The Declaration-
this is our book club book for February-
book club is on Thursday. I just got the book yesterday,
but I am sure it will not be a problem finishing it.
I am only on chapter 4, but so far it is a very interesting book.
it is about a time in the future when a cure for diseases and dying has been found, so people can live forever, so the earth is becoming too crowded. they make a law that you can't have kids, but people can opt out of living forever, and have one child,
otherwise, the extra children are called surplusses, and are taken to an orphanage - of sorts, and raised to be useful- they have no rights- this is written from the point of view of a surplus girl. very interesting.
alright, go, read,
and share any good books you have read lately with me!