Thursday, June 29, 2006

yo, yo-

a photo shoot with Jed.
he was bribed.
had to do the little yo, finger thing-
the photot doesn't do it justice. he puts his hand up, and salutes and says, yo, yo. I think it is funnier in person!

well, summer vacation has begun!
we all slept in until 8 this morning.
that was nice, but I hope to do better tomorrow!
had to get my 2 cubs to the church for a year end trip to the zoo. good times for them. rushed morning for us.
I am trying to do a little summer reward program I found on Shannon Montez' blog. Ben wasn't happy about it at all, but I think he might warm up. Jed just cashed in three marbles for 1/2 hour on the computer. so far so good.
Canada day coming soon! our city does a parade- and for the last few years, family that lives in the area has come out for the parade and a barbeque. I think that is happening this time too! need to get busy putting that together. I have been kind of focused on girls camp- which is on Tuesday. I put myself in charge of buying all the food. such fun. I will be so happy when it is over, for more than just one reason!!- I'll tell you more about that later!
alright, gotta take jed to a birthday party, pick up the boys, and figure out something for us to have for supper. fun, fun, fun!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


that is the sound of a kiss!
secretly I know Jed loves it
even though he will deny it like crazy!
my scanner is not hooked up,
or something,
and there are just way too many cords back there to figure out,
so no new layouts on 2peas'
or here-
last Saturday had a wonderful time scrapping
at my cute sil- Jessica's house
got a bunch of pages done-
that I hope to share soon.
Well, it was rainy and cloudy this morning,
but now you would never know it.
gorgeous day out there.
I should go pull some weeds.
I vow that some day I will have a gorgeous flower garden-
if I can ever figure out how to not kill plants.
maybe I will just hang out in my cool basement and scrap some more. that could be good!
My parents were off this morning to Virginia to go touring the east with my sister Shelley. fun for them.
Shelley has my digital camera- she better come back with a whole ton of pictures! fun stuff!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

here's my folks.
Aren't they sweet.
Sunday dinners are so great.
going to Grandma's house.
Apparently her canned corn is better than my canned corn.
The sheer numbers of our clan are such that dinners
with the whole gang don't happen every week,
but being that it was Father's day- we all got together
and had a good time.
Thanks mom and dad.
Love you!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


That big old cheesy grin of maggies
by Cory.
I don't know how he did it.
I tried for days, then when I come home from young womens,
he shows me the camera-
with about 6 pictures of that big old toothy, scrunched up nose and eyes, cheesiest grin ever!
Love that girl!

Monday, June 12, 2006

monday, monday... good to me..
ya, ya,, anyways,
The "meeting" was good. The boys did well
no medals, but they did good.
Ben even pulled his team ahead on his lap of the relay race.
Yay, Ben!!
Might be doing another meet in 2 weeks, I'll have to see what the boys say about that!
Tonight is a swim-a-thon. got a few sponsers, need a few more.
Raise some money for the swim club! fun fun.
still have a box full of Junior mints that I need to sell.
anyone? anyone?

Well, finally posting a picture of the quilt I machine quilted!
My first time, and man- don't look to close.
but, after I put it on Sadies bed she said it was WONDERFUL!!
wow. If she likes it, that's all that matters!
Now maybe I will attempt my next one...
I learned a lot from that first one- it's not as easy as I thought!

So, My house is somewhat clean,
Maggie has a cold , and is already asleep on my lap.
could be an interesting day.
Happy Monday, all!

Friday, June 09, 2006

ho hum..

so.. what is new with you?
finally getting over my sore throat I had for a week-
and passed on to my sister Andrea (sorry girly),
but I think her kids passed on the runny nose thing to maggie,
so maybe we are a little even.

the boys have what Jack refers to as "the meeting" tomorrow
their first ever swim meet, - the meeting, that he really,
does not want to go to.
Sorry man.
I told him he has to do one, then he can say no more, but he has to at least try it. Hopefully he will kick butt, and win at least one, and feel so great, and want to do them all-
one can dream.
so, that is tomorrow,in Vermillion.
I think Cory will be going with the two boys.
We had thought about camping there tonight, but the weather is not so good, and we have a tent trailer that has a leak in the roof, and no furnace- not so fun. so we shall see.

well, I am really enjoying being a SAHM lately.
don't know why,
maybe it is the fact that most afternoons, I can lay down and have a nap, while Sadie catches up on Dora.
Maggie is a little character lately.
does this cute grin showing all her 8 front teeth.
I am trying hard to catch a picture of it, but when the camera is out, she runs away.
she also found her belly button. too funny. but alas, take the camera out, and she runs.
gotta get going on that photography practicing.
want to get a business going soon!
Love pictures that you just look at and say- remember that! So fun. want to capture that for others. and get paid. definite bonus!! hee hee.
Alright, almost nap time! gotta go.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's been a while...

I was working on this little project-
all made made of photos by Rebecca Cooper
she's going big time, with her beautiful photography!
yay Rebecca! I love your work!

on to some random thoughts:

We have decided that yes, we do want a developed basement.
I think admitting that is the first step, now we are ready to get going...
in a while! So much work, but there is so much potential.

I have to say- I love garage sales.
Loving that it is that time again.
I need to be more careful that I have cash on hand-
Usually I don't, so that is something that is necessary for those drive by, see the sign, need to check it out kind of stops.

Working on planning young women camp.
gotta say, I am so glad to be past that teenage stage-
you couldn't pay me enough to go back there.
Now college- that was fun! but not sure I would want to go back to that stage either.
Gotta be happy where I am at- because nothing can change that-
until time travel is figured out! :)
Alright, gotta put some kids to bed, and get to bed myself!