Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm back...

did you miss me? You didn't even know I was gone , did you?
I got to tag along with Cory on a trip to Calgary!! yay.
I took Maggie too, but the other 4 got to sleep over at grandma's- thanks a million, mom!
I went to Strathmore and visited my good friend Roslyn, that I haven't seen in ages, it was so fun to see her again- with her three little boys- been there, done that!
then I kept heading out on that highway and visited with my sister in law Joanne- it was fun seeing her, and her fam.
But I am back- back to tons of laundry- thanks in part to the many stops at value village- had so much fun there too!
so nice to have a little break away from it all.
Sadie had a little tea party with a few of her stuffies, as they are known now- who knew! It was too cute, had to snap a few pictures,
and Jack with a snowman- the first one the kids have made this year, and probably the last- the snow is starting to melt now!
Have to share- had the best supper tonight- I saw Rachel Ray make it on her 30 minute meal show, and I wanted to try it- loved it!
It's called mexican lasagne-
take some hamburger, cook it, add some black beans, some corn, I think she used frozen, I used a can, and it was good- add some salsa to make it saucy
put half of that in a pan, layer 4 flour tortillas cut in half on top, put remaining meat stuff on, the other halves of the 4 tortillas, some cheese, bake until it is warm and whala! delish. I ate mine with tomatoes, green onions and sour cream. yum.
my kids weren't too keen, but they ate it. I think it was the beans.
I am not a bean fan myself, but this was so good. I think I am sold on black beans! can hardly taste them.
There you go! try it. you will love it, I hope!
Happy Wednesday!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

the sticker says..

well, the sticker on my banana yesterday said- put sticker on forhead, smile, so that's what you gotta do! too funny.
We are working on the walking thing with Maggie. I picked up this walker toy at a thrift store about a month ago, and she is starting to really catch on! I think it works better with the tongue out.
It must help with balance.
too funny.
well, I had the kids help me clean up a bit- not sure why, the house will be in the same state by tonight- but one can always hope.
Spring break has begun.. Thursday, Friday, and all next week with no school- wahhh. What am I going to do? I think I will throw them out in the snow bank! THat would keep them busy. Well, I think I hear a little one awake upstairs. My quiet time is over. back into reality!

Monday, March 20, 2006

and here they are...

The pictures I tried I don't know how many times to download on Saturday, to no avail- but it finally worked tonight...
My new little neice, Kirsten- so little.
I don't think mine were ever that small- pretty close, but I really can't remember them being so tiny.

And a picture of one of the times the boys were out shovelling. So crazy all the snow that fell.
I look out my kitchen window and see my garage door, with the live wreath my aunt sent for Christmas hanging on it, ( I didn't want to pack it away, or throw it away, and the garage is kind of hidden- I am trying to explain myself, basically I am a nut, and I have a Christmas wreath hanging up still) anyways, it looks like it belongs now with all the snow. That is my point, and I'm sticking to it!

So, I am trying to sew easter dresses for the girls-I finished Maggies today, and it is down to the floor on her. So funny- so I guess I am not finished. I need to shorten it a lot.
The elastic has gone AWOL, so I need to do a thorough search of the house, and find that little bit of elastic, so I can finish the sleeves on Sadie's dress. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow. I guess I have a bit of cleaning to do around here.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snow, and more snow

well, the weatherman predicts that this is it- the 25 cm today, then no more. I don't know if I believe it. It has snowed alllllll day long.
The kids and Cory went out to shovel before lunch.
Cory is out there again before supper.
So crazy.
The primary party was cancelled this morning due to weather.
See Shelley- things shut down here too!!!

I did go to extra foods, and had a very hard time pushing my cart back to my car because of all the snow.
Sadie was sitting in it too- I suggested she get out and push, I said it was hard work, she agreed, it was hard work being pushed in that bumpy cart too.
A lady passing by helped me push. I love people who do those random acts of kindness kind of things. So nice. I try to do them when occasion arises, and always feel good about helping others out.

So, I finally went to go see my new neice yesterday. She is a little doll. See photo. okay, I am having serious trouble uploading pictures today- but hopefully soon! She was so very expressive. Hard to get a picture of her without a furrowed brow and a look of concern for this crazy world!

On a sad note- The I heart snow hat is gone. The dorky one with the big pompom- refer to earlier post.
Jack wore it to the Edmonton rush game last night, and left it at the stadium. Along with his mittens, and Cory left his gloves too.
I will miss the mittens.
the hat- not so much.
Cory and I were discussing all the things that must be left behind at those kind of events and what happens to them.
He is hoping they get donated to charity- he hopes someone can love the I heart snow hat as much as he did.
I think they just sweep them up into a big bin and toss them. sad, but easy to do when you are cleaning up a big place.
hmm. something to think about.

our ward is having a pot luck tomorrow. That led to an interesting conversation at ward council. Someone brought up the point of signing up for main course/salad/dessert. Apparently that is not a REAL pot luck. Who knew? Not me!
A real pot luck is when you bring what you would be eating at home- and you all just share your meal.
Now I know.
I guess I was living in ignorance, but now I see the light.
So I guess I will be making a main dish, a dessert, and a salad (because that is what we usually eat around here for Sunday lunch :)!!!)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Lucky me!

happy st.Patricks day! Thought I would share a picture of Sadie in her playschool finery! Too cute. Also Ben with a little something I picked up at the dollar store. Apparently it was a slow go drinking with those straws with all the twists and bends. Oh well, they were cute. The boys didn't appreciate my green milk either. A trick I picked up from my old Ricks roomate- Taryn. Another St. Patricks day treat I usually make- but not today because I get to go out for dinner to the RS social, so it probably won't happen- anyways it's called Alaska cool cake:
mix together:
1 white cake mix
3 eggs
1 c oil
1 c club soda
1 pkg pistachio pudding mix
bake at 350 for 30 min.

1 pkg pistachio pudding mix
1 1/2 c milk
1 large tub cool whip
beat together and let sit in fridge while cake cools. serve a peice of cake with topping. so yummy, and a bit green!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweet Sadie..

an actual conversation held just minutes ago, here at my home...

Sadie: Where did you get those beautiful slippers?
Me: the same place I got your new pajamas, Old Navy.
Sadie: What was her name?
Me: ... what???...
Sadie: What was her name? the old lady?

I had to laugh. Too cute.

Monday, March 13, 2006

365 days ago...

okay, today it was her for real birthday! So much fun. She has a cold, and was basically miserable, but what can you do?
Here are the cakes I made- the cookie and cookie monster ones were for my moms house yesterday (there you go, Shelley!)- the flower one was for today. Maggie's middle name is rose, so I really wanted to do a rose cake. The cookie monster one is not as cute as the picture I found on the internet that I was trying to copy, but hey, it still tasted good.
I have a fond liking for cake and icecream.
Any excuse will do!
One year old. Not so much a baby anymore. Starting to take a few steps on her own. Growing up right before my eyes! :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

364 days ago..

My sweet baby maggie was born! Time has flown by,as I think I already said previously! We did the family get together at my mom's. So much fun. It is nice that we are all close- except Shelley, who is so very far away- we miss you like crazy, girl! Anyways, we had cake for my little girl- and she LICKED THE PLATE! What a funny girl! I just had to laugh. I guess that was some good cake! Well, I will probably take a ton of pictures of her tomorrow! They grow up so very fast- then they are big, and sassy, and just not quite so cuddly. So , I take pictures to help me remember the sweet little children they once were! tee hee.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday is a special day...

actually, it wasn't that special today...

more snow- will it ever end?

a trip to the eye doctors- yay, I have a new prescription, I get to go glasses shopping. I have had the ones I wear now for about 4 years, I am ready for a change!

went to a "garage sale" in someone's basement- got there too late in the day, missed all the good stuff- did manage to spend $4- nothing special there.

Had the missionaries over for supper- Sadie is so funny with this set- she won't come and eat with them- she did come out at the end of dinner and sat at the table- major breakthrough. She says she doesn't like the blond one. Interesting.

Saturday night baths- took some pictures of Maggie- this one cracks me up.

read a bed time story to Sadie- in her newly painted, freshly cleaned bedroom. Here is hoping it stays that way for more than a day. We took a lot of toys and stuff out of it, so it should be better.

I decorated 2 birthday cakes to take to my mom's for dinner tomorrow night. We will be celebrating Maggie's birthday that is on Monday.
I can't believe she will be one. It has flown by. The cakes aren't quite as cute as I imagined. but I think they will be delicious, and isn't that the most important thing?? It has been many weeks since we have been out there for what used to be a weekly thing. I miss it- hanging out with my family. Tomorrow should be great!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Guilty as charged.

I am feeling very guilty. I was a bad mother yesterday.
a very bad mother.. I completely forgot about Jeds gymnastic class until it was already an hour into it! So horrible. He loves gymnastics. I can't believe he forgot about it. Usually he comes home from school asking if it's time to go yet. He didn't do that yesterday and we both forgot. He was a sad boy when he found out.
So today- I vow not to forget anything.
soon I need to take Sadie over to the school to check out the kindergarten class. Chould be fun. then at 1:00 Ben is singing in the school choir at a music festival. Can not forget that. Also have to drive the carpool to playschool today. It would not do to miss that! Missionaries for dinner, and dentist appointments for all the kids at 5:30. I can do it, I can do it! Here I go- I will not forget anything today!!!! (I hope)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Snow and more snow

well, you would never know it was March around here. Crazy Canada. It started snowing after we got up this morning and came down steady until noon. Tons of big fluffy snow.. I went out and shovelled 3 different times, at different spots of our immense driveway. It is such a big driveway, especially when it is covered in snow!
It had to be at least 6 inches of snow!
So, I was just out shovelling, again, and my neighbor came over and said that her husband would snowplow it all for us!
So very kind.
Cory is lucky he is in Calgary today.
Wish I was with him.
doing some thrift store shopping,
checking out the old Calgary stores I loved,
but I am here...
More babysitting today, and tonight. Emma woke up twice last night, and one time cried for about 45 minutes. So much fun.
Anyways, just a bit of my life today.
Cory's sister Shari had a baby girl yesterday morning. her name is Kirsten. I hope to go see her on Friday and maybe take some cute baby pictures!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday ...

We had snow- finally! Ben commented that we should have had this in December. No kidding. I Had to take a picture of jack wearing the goofy touque cory bought last year_ it says i (heart)snow !! too funny> sadie and i made cookies while the boys were at the cub car rally> i think they had fun< really! maggie loved the cookies> happy saturday!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wacky Hair Day

Yep, it's that day again- beloved wacky hair day. The boys love it- Jack has a bit longer hair this year so he decided pony tails were in order- lots of them. That red hair gel gets pulled out once a year, and should last through a few more yet. So much fun. Jed wanted a real mohawk- with the shaved sides, and all- I fear for the future! I am glad, so far, the crazy hair comes only once a year!