Tuesday, March 27, 2007


heres one from the shoot.
oilers fans!
too fun.

warming up a bit, still lots of snow around, but it is melting- yay! puddles everywhere. yay for rubber boots!
must remember to tuck the pants into the boots next time!

baby blessing for my sweet neice on Sunday.
she is such a good little baby.

yesterday two of my sisters, and my mom came over and helped clean up! I can move around my living room much easier now! yay.
and Jill and Andrea cleaned up the girls room. so nice. I hope we can keep it clean for a while. so hard for Sadie to clean up. too much stuff in there for sure. pollies and ponies, and a toy kitchen, and clothes, those seem to be very hard for her to put away.
so, yesterday we had a bunch of 2x4's delivered for the basement, and when the truck pulled into out driveway, I ran so fast around the corner to go talk to him, that I slipped on the laminate floor, and knocked my chin really hard on the floor. right now I have a big blue and purple bruise on half of it. nice.
do you think my kids might listen more when I tell them not to run around? probably not. but I know not to run around now!

we are on spring break now, and let me just say how much I love school.
it is a good thing.
and not having a basement to send the kids to, is not helping the situation at all. and those 2 extra babysittees= tons of fun for mom.

I think I did something to my shoulder too, in the big fall, it is kind of stiff. crazy old lady!

Friday, March 23, 2007


well, a few walls gone in the basement.
did that last post confuse you all? I live here, and I was trying to figure it out!
it is too tight to get good pictures to show you all what is going on down there- I will try to update it regularly, as the work porceeds, hopefully in a timely manner!
we have moved a bunch of the stuff from the living room into the garage, but it is still a mess,.
and Ben and Jack are moving their bedrooms into the livingroom.
aaahhh. it is madness.
I think hiring people to get the job done fast, is not a bad thing,
but I will let Cory work, and we will see how long this takes.

I have a little photo shoot set up for tomorrow!
exciting to get out there a bit.
scary too.
I need to be more confident in myself.
and know they wouldn't ask me to take pictures if they didn't like what I do! right? right!

okay, I hope to start sewing some easter dresses today! and clear out some more of this livingroom. and maybe try my hand at pulling down a wall. could be fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a mess

we are in the process of emptying the basement
fun stuff.
cory gave the boys a great idea to pull out their rollerblades, and they race around the empty basement.
and the girls chase after them.
this room they are going into will be my laundry/craft room.
unfortunatly it is the room you come into when youcome down the stairs. on the other side of the wall to the right are the stairs.

this is Jed racing around the loop,
Cory just pulled the drywall off that wall, it will all be open to a family room, then where they are coming out of will be a huge room that all the boys will share. to their dismay, I am sure.

and this picture is my livingroom. I am really hoping the basement will be done soon, because I really don't like living like this. really don't like it, and it has been about 2 days. AAaaarrrggh.

this morning I finished reading My Sister's Keeper. wow. what a book. it is good, but just so you know. lots of the f word, and a bit of hanky panky, but a good story. great ending. wow.
in part of it, the girl was talking about a wall full of pictures, and how there was lots of her older sister and brother, but hardly any of her-
then she says-
"A photo says, You were happy, and I wanted to catch that. A photo says, You were so important to me that I put down everything else to come and watch."
I like that. and on that note-

Jack and ben had a handbell concert on Monday, because tomorrow is that teacher who is in charges last day. she is going on maternity leave.
these pictures are from the back of the gym with my big old lens! wow. I was impressed.I always have to laugh when they are doing the handbells because the teacher stands there to conduct them and counts 1-2-3-4-2-2-3-4-, etc, not really loud, but you can definitely hear her.

good times.

Monday, March 19, 2007


- bought a big old lens for my camera. having fun with it!

-had our traditional green milk with our breakfast on Saturday. love it! also a little leprechaun left some chocolate coins under the kids pillows. - there's only so much you can do for St.Patricks day- well, you could do more, I am sure, but that is about as far as we take it. - and always wear green. for sure.

-we might have a small crew of guys coming over on Saturday to frame our basement. wow. so, have a whole lot of emptying out to do so that can happen. yay. progress. a good thing.

-my van wouldn't start this morning. we left the interior lights on when we got home last night, so I will have to walk - not really far, but with two little girls it will seem very far, to the school across the big feild to pick up the babysittee after school. yay for that. me and that van have a few issues. not good.I will have to work that out. Cory says it is telling me to take better care of it. hmm. interesting.

-I was home every day at lunch for the rest of the week. I am a good mom, I am a good mom- positive affirmations.

-well, that is all I can think of to share right now. not much, but that's where I am at right now. same old same old!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

two much fun

here she is.
my sassy little 2 year old.
ready to start the terrible twos
she's getting into the tantrum thing.
has it all figured out.
silly little girl.
so. today I was a bad mom.
I felt so bad.
a friend called this morning to see if the girls and I wanted to come over and play, and since all I had scheduled was cleaning, I was all for it,
so we headed on over, played, ate lunch, then I dropped of Sadie and her little guy at kindergarten,
then the minute I opened the door,
I knew.
I knew I was a bad mom.
all three boys had not taken lunch to school,
had come home to a locked up house,
and no mom, for lunch.
wow. I felt so bad.
there was a message on the machine from Jack stating that they had come home, and I wasn't there, and they were eating at the school.
to top it all off, I went over to pick them up after school, and the principle asked if I got the message from the boys! nice. they have extra food around for such occasions as this. I think I will have to contribute a bunch of juice boxes or something.
and I think we need to get a key where the boys know where it is, so if this happens again, they can get in and make some sandwiches.
yikes. bad mom.
so tomorrow night I have the book club at my house. I guess I will be doing some cleaning tomorrow!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

having some fun

after a very sad morning, at a very nice funeral,
for a very nice man,
I got to take some engagement photos for a cute couple.

they were lots of fun,
and cute
reminded me a bit of back in the day.
long, long ago.
when I was dating.

hopefully they will like them. these two were my favorites.
fun stuff.
oh, on Friday night we went out on a date.
a real date- not just a church function.
but it was a function, none the less.
a "safety celebration" for Corys place of work.
funny huh?
they are all about safety at the plant.
and for good reason I am sure,
but we got a great meal,
and some funny entertainment.
a comedian guy came and did a speel. had some good laughs.
so, in two days my baby turns two.
wow. where has time gone!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


what a productive day-
so far,
but that is coming to an end!
I have worked hard
time to rest!
here is maggie twirling in a little three tiered skirt I whipped up for her,
from the instructions I found here.
easy and cute. you can't really tell, but the bottom red has tiny white polka dots on it. cute stuff.

the weather was so nice yesterday, we spent a bunch of time outside, and Ben was busy making a snow man. I think the kid reads too much Calvin and Hobbes. a murdered snowman on my front yard. nice. red "blood" and all. real nice.
finally finished my stip quilt I made way back when our ward first started having a quilting group- well over a year ago. it is now done. I machine quilted it with a meandering stitch, and stars thrown in every so often. cute. but don't look too closely. I sewed it with some red white and blue veregated thread donated from my sister Shelley. so sweet.

here is one of my knitted flower hats-
avaliable at my shop. shown is the newborn size on my newborn niece- I don't think she liked it so much,
but if she only know how darn cute she looks!
love it.
on a sad note, the man in my ward who was sick died on Monday night.
funeral on saturday. sad, sad stuff.
on a happy note, my sister in law who was due at the end of April had her baby a couple of days ago. he is 4 pounds, tiny, but doing really good.
I will try to stop in and see him tonight on my way to my sisters to get my hair highlighted. so exciting!
and that is the latest and greatest around here.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

deep thoughts

It's been a little while.


I always get annoyed when the blogs I read aren't updated regularly.

I mean, come on.

I want to know about your lives!

but does anyone really want to know about mine?

probably not.

hense, the no update.

but I am here now.

to let you know about my non exciting week.



this is Jack and his cub car.
not a very fast cub car.
he didn't win many races.
but he was a good sport.
I figured out how to move pictures, but not how to rotate them.
one thing at a time.
so, just turn your head,
to check out the cute boy in uniform.
on Saturday our stake had a womens conference.
We had Shari Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson come and talk.
wow. such inspiring women.
they make it sound so simple to be good,
then you get home, and reality hits you, and you realize it isn't too easy, but it will definitely be worth it.
there is a man in our ward,
the sweetest man,
who has stomach cancer, and isn't doing well, at all.
so sad.
he was the priesthood leader at the last girls camp.
he let the girls paint his finger, and toe nails.
that kind of guy.
so sad.
makes you think about life, and death, and the way you are living your life, and the direction you are headed in, and all the things you don't do, and should, and all the things you do do, and shouldn't.
wow. pretty deep, eh?
okay, I am off to play some Mario Kart with the family. good stuff.