Thursday, June 30, 2011

it's been a while

it was a crazy week-
Kindergarten graduation on Friday
handbell concert on Monday (picture above)
celebration of learning Tuesday morning-
this is where every kid in the elementary school gets a certificate for something-
not the most exciting thing ever.
Maggie kept asking when we get to go to the festival of fun.
unfortunately it was not a festival of fun. but a celebration of learning. very little fun involved.
Tuesday afternoon was the grade 6 grad.
wednesday was the last day of school- and awards ceremony at the Junior high school.
today no school. what a glorious day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

the floor

A little while ago I posted a picture of me stencilling a floor-

this is a bit of the floor finished-

(since I have had a couple of requests to see it lately)

it is just a small snippit of the floor-

just beyound what the picture shows is a mess on all sides.

there is a few more things I want to do in the girl's room-

I need to hang pictures back up on their wall,

get those girls to tidy up (an on-going struggle)

then maybe I can show the big picture!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last days

well, Ben is done classes, he only has one more exam on Thursday. then on to grade 11 for him.
Jack had his last day of classes today, has a few exams, and the awards ceremony is on Wednesday. then grade 9.
Maggie has a big day on Friday- kindergarten graduation.
- I was shopping with Ben yesterday and found the cutest dress, so I bought it for Maggie with the excuse that it could be her grad dress. yikes.
then next year all day - grade one for her!
Sadie and Jed have one more week. Wednesday is the last day- but really, I think these are just fun days. track and field tomorrow afternoon, Sadie is heading on an all day field trip on Thursday- just killing time until it is all over.
then onto junior high for Jed, and Sadie moves up into grade 5.
I am feeling sad about it all. (summer holidays, that is.)
my afternoons alone will be a thing of the past
- but we will definitely be sleeping in,
- we do have a great vacation planned,
- but I am seriously looking forward to the fall when all my kids will be in school all day.
it will be a long summer for me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

up on the roof top

so , the shingleing is still going on-
well, actually, I think that part of it is done now,
but man, this last weekend was a bit of a fiasco.
it took more time, and work than was anticipated since there was rotting wood on all the edges of the roof.
and one night there were no shingles on half the roof, and of course it rained that night.
and of course it dripped in the house.
so now there are a few more repairs to be done.
good times.
some day it will be done, and look fantastic.
some day.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

if only...

Jack and I headed to Walmart the other day.
he had a coupon he wanted to use
(for some old spice body wash, but that doesn't really matter- just in case you were curious)
and I needed some tomato fertilizer stuff
(so my tomatoes can grow big and delicious- but you probably knew that)
so, we went to pay in the garden center, and the worker guy there might have been sort of new,
(I don't know that for sure, but that was my impression)
and when he rang through our stuff, and the coupon- this is what happened-

apparently walmart owed us $660,069.69.
then the cashier guy quickly called for help.
I told him it was okay if he couldn't get it fixed.
that would get us a lot of groceries.
and I told Jack we could get him the x box he has been wanting for a long time.
but unfortunately help came,
and we ended up owing them a few dollars - so we paid and left.
but it was fun imagining what we would do with that money for a little while.
extreme couponing at it's finest! haha.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

what goes around comes around

so, back in the day
-the good old days,
my parents had friends
(okay, they had a bunch of friends, but this story is about a specific family)
- the father in this family worked out in the city that my family now lives in,
and the place where he worked offered big gardening plots to workers,
so we would come out with them and plant and weed and harvest.
I don't remember liking having to go out there,
but I do remember going to a nearby pond with the other kids and finding snails.
where is this heading?
our city just this year started a community garden.
and we got a little plot,
the girls and I went over this week and planted some stuff.
and nearly got eaten alive by mosquitoes while doing it.
I need to go back and pick some more weeds,
but must make sure all skin is covered.
and we haven't yet discovered any pond with snails,
but I do believe back in those trees is a little creek.
some exploring might be in order.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

activity days

a couple of weeks ago the activity day girls group headed out to the trails.
it was a nice evening, a nice walk, and they are nice girls.
then we went off the trails, into a field- to try to take some pictures,
and wowsers- were there ever tons of mosquitoes there.
they are so bad around here this year.
it seemed like all the millions of mosquitos all hatched at once-
there were none, then wham-o. bazillions of them.
the worst thing about them
(to me, anyways)
is when you are in bed, lights out, and you hear one buzzing around your head.
I hate that!
maybe all the snow in winter isn't so bad.
at least there are no mosquitoes!