Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was tagged by Cory's aunt

and the deal is, you go to your fourth photo file, and post the fourth picture from that file.
kind of random,
but also fun.
so this is it. the fourth picture on my fourth file.
It was taken in 2006.
Cory reading a book.
it is kind of a rare thing now a days,
because once he starts, he reads and reads until he is done.
which very often is into the wee hours of the morning.
so he restricts himself from reading too often.
so- now I am supposed to tag four people to do the same-
Andrea, Shelley, Joanne, and Taryn.
participate if you want, if you don't, I won't be offended!

Monday, September 29, 2008

fun times

we pulled out the inflatable couch, and took it down to the path.
Cory was embarrassed.
He meant to bring the pump to inflate it, but unfortunately left that just inside the door at home,
so it is kind of a saggy couch, but fun nonetheless.I think we need a bigger couch!

and of course there had to be some weird poses involved.
I like this one with Cory's floating head.

Although most of them didn't want to come, I think they all ended up having a good time.

especially when we would push the timer and all run to the couch. - okay, Cory and I would be sitting already, but the kids would run in. that was pretty funny.

then we had to pack it up and go home.

fun times, indeed

Sunday, September 28, 2008

do you see what I see?

Jack was raking up the leaves on Thursday- which are still in a pile in the front yard- well, at least the ones that haven't been blown away,
and Jed and he decided it would be fun to bury Jed
and have him pop up on unsuspecting passersby.
I think they have been watching too much prank patrol.
and it never really worked anyways.
there weren't too many people passing by.
crazy boys.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Benster

alright, it is Ben's turn to answer the questions. as with the others, his responses are in color. just so you know.
name: Benjamin Jay

name meaning: cool dude. his middle name is my dad's middle name, and his dad's first name.

age: 12

nickname: at school it is bensicles. Benny. Ben

favorite activities: eating, dodgeball, squat tag at scouts, playing the computer. I must add sleeping is high on his list.

favorite foods: BLT's, mashed potatoes, cesar salad, roast beef
least favorite foods: oatmeal, all of mom's weird new recipies, and onions.
favorite music: all kinds of rock and roll.
favorite toys: wind up chatter teeth and silly putty. what a guy.
favorite book: Roald Dahl books
favorite item of clothing: my jeans. he thinks I should say his jeans, so you know he is not meaning my jeans.
what makes him happy: candy gee, he really must be my child!
what makes him sad: no candy

Friday, September 26, 2008


so, the trip is off.
there are kids throwing up over there.
I don't want to subject my kids to further school absences,
if you know what I mean.
so, we are hanging out in Alberta.
I am thinking maybe I can pull out the couch now.
camera, couch, leaves. sounds fun to me.
to my family- maybe not so much.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


1. made some whole wheat zuchinni bread. good, but a bit dry. I just gave Maggie a piece and she wants more, so I guess it is all good.
2. my sister and I are doing a Farmers market sale- not sure exactly what that involves, but we are taking crafts- next weekend,
so I have been trying hard to get some cute stuff going. this is a quilt that is almost done- I just have to connect those last bits of binding, and get them sewn on. then on to the next one!

3. of course- had my meeting with Jillian this morning. I have moved myself up to level 3. yowsa. I actually missed yesterday. shame on me. but I did walk to the church for the play group. that counts for something, right?

4. book club tonight! yay. we haven't met since may, or June. oh, I think I missed June because I was off on my trip. it seems like forever. the book this month is Life as we Knew it. I know I have talked about it before. a good kick in the bum for food storage book!
5. played a rousing round of Dora candyland, with this little cutie.
6. wow, what a messy house in the background. guess I better add cleaning, and lots of it to my list for today.
7. well, I was waiting and waiting for my tomatoes to be ripe, now I have a whole bunch in my fridge, and I am the only one who eats them!
8. and I have a big box full of green ones that I picked- it is starting to get chilly here at night- and some days- so I didn't want the frost to get them!
9. I think I am going to have to can a bunch- I know my family will eat them in chilli and spagetti sauce!
10. I am heading out with 4 of my kids to Saskatchewan tomorrow!
that is always a good time- haha- well, it is a good time, but the drive leaves much to be desired. Cory is staying home and getting lots done, and Jed has an aversion to travelling, so he is going to help Cory. yah, right!
11. it is so funny walking with Maggie now- she always points out the naked trees to me! sadly there are more and more. but I do enjoy walking through the crunchy leaves.
12. I just know that very soon, everything will be brown, and cold. then the snow will come, and it will be pretty for a while, until the snow gets all brown, and yucky. and it will be cold. very cold.
13. although I guess the cold weather means we can get the fireplace going- that is always cozy, and hot chocolate becomes a very regular thing around here. and chilli, and soup and all kinds of other cozy wintery stuff.
but not yet. I did hear that it is supposed to be 24 degrees next week. yay.
I will take it, and love it, because the cold will come, but the later, the better.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was indulged.

after it stopped raining, and the wind slowed down a bit, my sweet, sweet family allowed me about 5 shots in the trees last night. and one of them was a crazy pose, one was our rear ends poking out- nice-
and this was one that turned out okay. I am happy they let me do this,
but this was not my big plan.
oh, no.
my plan would have been so fabulous,
but I must take what I can get, I guess.

in July, on our way home from Brooks, along the highway was an acreage, that was having a garage sale. they were moving, and just clearing out everything.
they had an inflatable couch, with a slipcover-
cool, no?
and they were asking $50. it said they paid $300.
I had $15 in my purse.
I told the guy I would buy it if I had money,
but told him what I had, and he said- sold!
so we deflated it, and stuffed it in our already full van.
so, my big plan, is to take the couch down to the path, and take pictures on the couch.
is that not the best idea?
I will see if I can swing it!

but I am not holding my breath.

Monday, September 22, 2008


this was us last year. in the fall.
I wanted to go out on Saturday, and take another fall picture of my family.
but Ben was at a camp until late.
then I thought Sunday would work.
but kids had other plans, friends to play with
and Cory said we could go out for Family Home Evening.
am I wishing we had gone out yesterday.
the weather was perfect.
not so much.
rain and wind.
I am just hoping when it does get nice there are still some leaves left on the trees.
because I have a great idea for a picture.
and I can't wait!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

you rock dude

Cory and I did a little bit of rocking last night when we went to go help chaperone the youth dance.
wow, what a flash back that was.
even some of the same songs- always YMCA, much to my dismay-
then and now.
a lot of new songs
a lot of fun songs.
I was so tempted to just go up to one of the kids and ask- who sings that song, and what is it called.
more than once.
I kept wondering what my kids would be like at the dances.
I loved them.
I remember my friends and I separating from our group, so that it would be easier for boys to approach us- I mean really, what boy wants to walk up to a group of 3 or more girls to ask one to dance.
weren't we sweet?
things were a bit different now.
pretty much if it was a fast song, they all just kind of danced in big groups, and only divided into couples for the slow songs.
that would have been great for me back in the day.
but the funniest thing of the whole night was when I went to the bathroom, and I saw someone had scratched into the stall wall- be valiant.
love it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

a question

when your washing machine says to put the clothes in first,
and then the soap
and your soap says to put the soap in first,
and then the clothes
what do you do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

these are the things I love..

or thirteen things I am loving today.

1. I love that Maggie says the tree in front of our house is almost naked. so funny. the leaves are almost all off of it. it has gorgeous red leaves, and will definitely look naked, and sad soon.

2. I love the colors that are out there right now. loving fall.

3. I love hearing the geese honking as they fly by- to warmer lands. oh that I could fly with them!

4. I love that I am going to make something for supper tonight that I really want to make- but I am sure no one in my family will like it, so they can all have leftovers. I can't wait!- just a pasta dish from the Kraft magazine- that has tomatoes and looks so good.

5. I love that I have been able to go on walks with my new stroller every night this week- except Tuesday, and I probably won't make it tonight, but we have been out, and it is good.

6. I love that it is so warm lately. I know it won't last long, so I am trying to be outside and soak up all the sun I can. store it up for cold days. oh, that I could do that.

7. I love that I got to go to my mom's again this morning to make more apple pies, and some apple crisp. I think I am going to cook some of that apple crisp up for dessert tonight. the kids probably won't like that either, but I will!

8. I love that Maggie is going to a birthday party tomorrow morning for an hour and a half, and I will have the house to myself. what shall I do?

9. I love blogs, reading blogs, the people I meet from blogs, and the ideas I get from blogs. love it.

10. I love chocolate. always have, always will

11. I love that I am reading a book that a couple of Cory's cousins wrote- they need some feed back. it is a great book, I just wish I had it in a real book, so I could lie in bed and read it. computer time is hard to come by in this house- when the kids are home anyways. just had to say that- what I have read so far, I really like!

12. I love that my mom's book club book for next month is Twilight! I wonder what she will think of it all.

13. I love that we are having a real enrichment meeting tonight at the church tonight- getting together with the ladies. always a good time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

almost ready

one tomato.
it's almost red.
I can't wait!

Monday, September 15, 2008

if you need me,

and I am not at home,
I might be here- enjoying the last of the warm weather- (probably)
and the great path system we have in our city,
and my four kids who can ride their bikes,and Maggie gets to ride in comfort in this new stroller.
lucky girl! I bought it at a garage sale for $20. what a deal.
when I came home from that garage sale I told Cory that I bought something to feed my fetish.
he said- another chair.
I said no.
he said another picture frame.
I said no.
I guess I have a few fetishes.
then I said a stroller.
he said which one are you getting rid of.
I have had a few strollers lying around at different times in my life. right now I have four.-but one is going to the dump, one is being returned to my friend, and the other is an umbrella stroller, that sometimes one needs to pack along- just in case. and now my great jogging stroller. which I use, and love.
and that is my story,
and I am sticking to it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have had this old window frame for over a year now,
the picture printed the right size for under a year, but many, many months.
I finally fixed the frame- it was a bit rickety.
cut the picture to fit,
stapled it in,
put the hangy thingies on the back
and hung it on my bedroom wall.

I love it!
(photo by Rebecca Cooper)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's really Thursday

1. so yesterday I was on the computer, totally doing up a Thursday post, thinking hard to write thirteen things, posted it and everything, then realized- hey, it is only Wednesday, so I deleted it, because I didn't know how to save it, and publish it today instead.

2. yep, I am smart like that.
3. so on Saturday I stopped by my little local thrift store- and what did I find, but this cute little chair. it had to come home with me. really.
yes, I admit, I have a chair problem.
just ask my husband.
it isn't too big of a problem - yet. I think, anyways. he might not think the same as I do.

4. yesterday Maggie and I headed to my moms house to help make salsa. yum. and we had time to make some apple pies.

5. and we picked some of her chokecherries

6. which we added to the chokecherries we had picked the day before and made some syrup. double yum.

7. I was at extra foods, where they are kind of a mess because they are changing to a no frills, because our walmart is changing to a super walmart- are you following all this? and they kind of have a bunch of stuff not marked- hate that- and there were some cartons of whoppers, so I bought a couple- they rang in at $0.72. yep. so went back and got some more. crazyness.

8. the leaves are starting to change. fall is coming quickly.

9. I have big plans to hibernate this winter. I had better get working on all those quilts I have started, or want to start, to keep us warm. and get the fireplace roaring. and we can hunker down, and eat salsa, and pancakes with chokecherry syrup, and whoppers all winter, and never have to go out in the cold. ohh. that sounds really, really nice.

10. I also found these little cuties at the thrift store. I love that they were part of someones salt and pepper shaker collection. on the bottom was a little sticker in writing that looked very similar to my grandma's that said Seattle, 1975. love it.

11. I am on day 10 of the 30 day shred. yep, I am sticking to it. it is a crazy hard workout- 20 minutes of torture, I say. but I do feel stronger, so that is a good thing.

12. alright, far too much time spent on this computer, lots of stuff to get done around here- oh, and we told our kids they couldn't go on the computer until their rooms are clean, and last night Cory said maybe we should have the same rule, and I agreed, but my room isn't all that clean yet.

13. I had better go clean it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Name: Jed Michael Livingstone

Name meaning: me. I don't know- just liked it. Michael is his dad's middle name.

Age: 9

nickname: jeddybobetty, jeddy, jedster. I think that's all.

favorite activities: playing basketball, pass with a football, jumping on the pogostick. playing at friends houses. running. coloring. shooting games. (nice)

favorite foods: corn, chilli, hotdogs, chicken on a stick

least favorite foods: guacamole, salad, tomatoes, mayonaise, butter, mustard, relish, cheese.

favorite music: crazy frog, Abba

favorite toys: remote control toys, Pokemon cards, game cube, and any other game systems he can get his hands on!

favorite book: Batman chapter books, I spy books

favorite item of clothing: zip off pants

what makes him happy: guitar lessons( which he isn't in yet, and once he is and has to practice, I am sure it will not make him very happy) game systems, and friends

what makes him sad: getting punished- getting game cube and computer priviledges taken away, practicing piano (see what I mean?)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

tag, she's it

the magster has been tagged by the cute Ethne, or her mom- whatever way you want to look at it, so here's the low down-
name: Maggie Rose- I am asking her these questions, and her answer is Maggie Livingstone.
name meaning: it means if you make a big mess, you clean it up. that is what she tells me. funny thing. I really don't know what it means. I like it, that is all!
Age: she says 4, but she is really only 3.
nickname: she says she just wants to be maggie. her answers are killing me! we call her Mags, magster, maggie poo, stinker, cutie, whatever we want!
Favorite Activities: play with purple playdoh, play polly pockets, play strawberry shortcakes, and train tracks, and little people. I might add she is quite fond of Treehouse tv, and treehousetv.com.
Favorite Foods: apples, grapes, barbie birthday cake( this is coming straight from her, you of course realize, right?) marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies, pepper or salt. what a hoot. she is my best eater by far. she is the only one who eats quacamole with me. love it.
Least Favorite Foods: I don't like yucky grapes. I don't like yucky bananas. and I don't like yucky marshmallows. thats what I don't like. I don't like big marshmallows. I like little marshmallows. that is all I don't like to eat.
Favorite Music: veggie tales, I asked if she likes anything else, and she said no, just veggie tales, but sometimes in odd places she will start singing mama mia. so I think she really likes Abba too!
Favorite toys: littlest petshops, but she just went to look for them and she doesn't know where they are. funny girl.
Favorite Book: I like Dora goes to School, and Thomas. I just like two books. that's what she says. and Dora pirates. I think really, whatever is by her bed at the moment.
Favorite Item of Clothing: hmm. jeans, cupcake shirt, other jeans. that shirt with birds on it, and the apple tree.
What makes her happy: kiss makes me happy. love it!
What makes her sad: if people hurt me.
okay, that was kind of fun, seeing what she would say. I should do this for each of my kids! if you read this and want to do it, then I tag you!

Monday, September 08, 2008

happy guy

here's my super cute newest nephew-

and his two big sisters who love him so much!
he's not really sharing tho love right then. man, that little guy gets more sqeezes, kisses, and big sister love than he can handle! Too cute!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


with a little coaxing, I got my one little friend I have at home with me to let me take some pictures. fun. more for me than for her, of course, but I will take what I can get! sweet silly little Maggie!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

things will get done now!

so, now that four out of five of my kids are at school all day, I have no excuse to get a lot done around here, right?
things like:

1. getting my house cleaned up

2. and organized
(maybe- one can hope, right?)

3. and decluttered

4. get some of those quilts I have started, and want to start done

5. make some serious playdough creatures. such as this snowman Maggie is creating. 6. work more on my seminary- maybe even daily. that would be a very good thing to do.

7. get my craft room (or better know as a closet) organized so that I can actually do crafts in there!

8.spend some one on one time with maggie doing educational things. like learning numbers and letters and that kind of good stuff kids should be learning- but then again- isn't that what sesame street is all about? heehee.

9. I am fully committed to doing the 30 day shred everyday this month- except Sundays. so far, so good.

10. maybe get some scrapbook pages done? (it has been a while)

11. make a list of all the crafts I have started, and work on finishing them.
that list could take a while.
yes, I definitely need to do this one!

12. start thinking about Christmas. it will be here sooner than you think!
especially since I love to do homemade things- so if there are any requests, now would be a good time!

13. have long hot baths, read books and eat bonbons.
(I wish)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

they're back

well, Maggie is still here- she is carrying Sadies lunch, because Sadies stuff was sooo heavy!
after we got the kids situated, and I peeked in each of their classes,
Maggie and I headed out to Value Village where everything was 50% off.
we had fun.
I got another pyrex bowl. love it. I used it for supper last night, and Ben said that it looks like it is from the 70's. haha. well, it probably is.
a few cute dresses for the girls,
a bunch of books- including a Hannah Montana one- Aren't I just the best mom ever?
and some vintage sheets. I am hooked. not sure what to do with them all.
I might just make a lot of quilts.

so, last night was our first seminary- really an introduction night for all the kids, next week will be our first homestudy class. This year the early morning class has 2 teachers which are team teaching. I am jealous. they are planning lots of fun stuff, and I can't really do much with only one class a week, and a lot of information to pack into that class. not enough room for fun- but I will try my best!

on the schedule for today-
help maggie make playdough animals
make some puffed wheat squares for after school snacks
clean up my hallway
vacuum my bedroom
catch some soaps this afternoon.
just kidding on that last one.
(although sadly, in college I would plan my class schedule around a certain show, so that I could be home to watch it every day. what a life I had!)
it is actually early out today. bummer.
kids are home at 2.
far too early!

alright, off to get something done!

Monday, September 01, 2008


so, we are still short a few supplies for the kiddos to get back to school.
do you think I can find anything anywhere?
had to go to three different stores.
still need indoor shoes for one guy.
forgot to look for those while we were there.
might have to go back.
but I really don't want to.

but I really can't wait until tomorrow.
really. can't. wait.
I think I will have a hard time falling asleep tonight!