Wednesday, January 31, 2007


by Andrea to tell you 5 things you might not know about me.

1. I played the oboe in junior high band. I sometimes wish I still knew how to play it- they have a community band here that would be fun to be in! I remember when I was in band they had a night class for parents so they could learn too! who knows, maybe I can pick it up again!

2.clowns creep me out. always have, probably always will.

3. I made some homemade granola a couple of weeks ago. so yummy. Cory informed me this morning that it is his favorite! wow.

4. I have not been keeping up with my resolve to not start any new projects, but I will renew that resolve, and now not start any new ones, but finish the pile from before, and the new ones I have started since, before I pull out anything new!

5. I am starting to like green peppers, beans, and onions. as a kid- no way would I eat them, now I will. but still no mushrooms. no way.

I will now tag cory's cute cousin Kayli, and Jessica.

I was supposed to start babysitting two very sweet girls today, but the older one got the flu last night. sad. Sadie was looking forward to it! they adore Maggie, and I don't know that she adores them as much, but it will be good. just a few days a month. The kids don't have school today. I have no idea why. but Cory sounds sick- he is a bit hoarse, but feels fine, but is taking the day off because the people at work will think he is sick! nice job huh? so anyways, he took the boys to get some 2x4's to start doing some framing in the basement! hurray! so it is all good.

okay, need to get Maggie happy, clean one more bathroom, and make some more granola. fun day ahead!

Monday, January 29, 2007


well, first off ,
what's a blog post with out a picture?

or a scrapbook page!
I haven't done many yet.
I have tried.
I sit
and look,
and look at my messy table,
pull out a few things,
and move on.
doing it this way,
it takes me about a week to do one page.
I am usually a 20 min. max. kind of scrapper.
in need of some inspiration.

do you ever get in those moods that you walk through your house,
and it is a mess,
and you just want to toss stuff away?
I feel that way today.
I should get going on that!
we want to develop our basement-
and yesterday we went to my sister Andrea's house for dinner,
and saw her awesome basement!
the room! the niceness of real walls and doors.
ahh. that would be nice!

so anyways, in order to get working,
we need to clean it out a bit.
hard to get anything done with stuff everywhere.
I know all about it.

well, it is supposed to get colder here at the end of the week.
we were spoiled the last couple weeks with above 0 temperatures.
now anything below 0 is just soooo cold.

okay. I am going to go fill up a box for give away,
and a bag of garbage, and won't stop until I am done!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

some pictures!

so, I am thinking if I ever want to be a pro photographer, which I do, I had better get to know my camera and my photoshop a bit better. so, I pulled out the back drop and played with the girls.
Maggie is quite the little poser. put her on the back drop, she lay down, and this is what I got.
she is too fun.

then she went of the back drop, and this is the picture I got. I love this one! so much fun. I need to do a shoot for Ben. I try to do a little one around their birthdays, but haven't done his yet. I want to do it outside, and now that it is warming up again, maybe we can do it soon!

what else is new? not much.
still loving the turbo jam. can feel something in my stomach area, so there must be muscles in there somewhere!
okay, I am off to veg in front of the tv, and do some knitting. fun stuff. oh, in the car today sadie asked me if sometimes dads stay home. I said yes, and she said that I should go to work and our dad should stay home! hee hee. somedays that would be so nice. adult conversations, no cleaning all day (because that is what I do, right?) Cory said we could do that, I would just have to get a job that pays as much, or more than his. hmm. I should get looking!
really though, I love being at home. so, I think I will stay.

Monday, January 22, 2007

christmas flash back.

This was the picture inside out christmas card that I showed the outside of a while back, but not the picture, so here it is!

and the doll,is now named Betty. Sadie decided that is what her name is now. hmm. interesting. she was knitted- from a book called knitted babes.

the girls room is clean!

that is a major thing around here. well, it gets cleaned every so often, that isn't new, we just have to see how long it can remain clean.

i removed the basket of little toys that was constantly being unloaded everywhere. that should help. I need to weed through all the little things and just keep the very favorites, and get rid of the junk. I think I am getting better at doing that. a little bit.

I must say, I borrowed my prego sister- see a few posts back, dvd of turbo jam. I LOVE IT. I am craving to do more of it. all day, I think about it. that is so not me. so very not me. I can feel my obliques. yes, I do have them. I was surprised myself. I have been doing a bit each day since Friday. ( I even did 10 min of abs on Sunday, shh. ) and I feel good. and want to do more, and want to eat less. I hope to see results soon! wow.

fun stuff. okay, I really want to make peanut butter cookies. If I do it now, they should be ready around home from school time and the kids will eat most of them, and I can just have a couple. right? self control. a hard thing for me!

Friday, January 19, 2007


another project-

well, sort of.

apparently she needs shoes and underwear, and pajamas,
and a friend for Maggie.

what have I started?
and here I thought I was just finishing up another project.
ha ha.

but her dressis reversible
to a cute pink gingham.
that was a little trickier for me to figure out than it should have been.
but I did it.
and it's pretty cute.
just don't look too closely!

I wanted to name her betty.
Cory says- like ugly betty?
okay, she is funny looking,
but I was leaning towards the betty spagetti dolls that were at sadies playschool that had long arms and legs, much like Lilly here,
but sadie wants Lilly, so Lilly it is.
and her hair is pretty thin.
doll hair is tricky.
another thing I have much to learn about!

Monday, January 15, 2007

it's an epidemic!

isn't she cute?
my little sis.
due next month.
thinks she is so big-
but she's not,
I think I was that big at 5 months.
ha ha.

she's the first due,
then I have two sister-in-laws due in May,
another sister in June,
another sis-in-law in July.
crazy stuff going on!

not me.
5 is plenty.
lots and lots.

so, today Sadie was turning on the tv,
and brought the remote to me and asked me to find a kid show,
because "there is only human shows on."
I thought that was too funny.
I think she wanted cartoons.
silly girl.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dr. Jedkle and Mr. Hyde

so, Jed informed me a few days ago that he would be having pizza at lunch at the school on Friday. a class party? no.
apparently his name was drawn from the Listening Ears monthly draw and I quote"which recognizes students who listen and follow directions the first time they hear them."
my Jed.
I am convinced the kid that is at school is a completely different kid than I see at home. he is the one that when you ask him to do something he will stand there and say no to you at least 3 times, and only move to do it, when you move towards him to make him do it. what a turkey.

so, I caught a tiny bit of Oprah yesterday. I wish I had written down what the girl I saw said, cause it hit me - hard.
she had had gastric bypass surgery and lost a ton of weight, and looked super cute- but apparently after you have that surgery you can't eat- ??? I wasn't too clear on that, but anyways, the girl was saying she was having a hard time still with food, because it was her friend, the one thing that was there. I could relate with that. how she said it made so much sense, and of course I can't remember exactly, but that is a bit how I feel. food is always there, makes you feel good, for a bit anyways.
I just need to get past that.
not eating just to eat.
eat meals, small helpings,
healthy snacks.
I will try.
but I know - easier said than done.

okay, today, I am finishing a quilt I started over a year ago- I don't even like it anymore, so I am going to donate it to the school, they are collecting blankets to donate somewhere- so that is my big plan for the day!! finish it, and maybe even drop it off at the end of the school day, if I can get it done by then!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a fishy tale

just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a little tank...
ha ha.
well, this is our fish tank.
we acquired it from a family that was moving,
they were trying to get rid of it,
they stopped feeding the 2 fish, so they wouldn't have to move them,
but they were hardy fish and wouldn't die. so Jack and Cory brought the fish and the tank home.
so , thus speedy and frank became members of our household.
then, later, Cory and the kids thought they needed some friends, so they bought 5 of those cute neon fish. they lived happily for a while, then mysteriously, one by one, they perished, till there was only one left.
then , Jack decided he would like a fish for his birthday, and all the kids tagged along, and they came home with 2 snails, and 3 fish. oh, and that nice brown log. fun stuff.
things were good , then speedy had some gouges on his side. he was being attacked, and we had a suspect. so we let it be for a bit, then yesterday we noticed he was hurt on his other side too,
so out of mercy, Cory and the boys flushed poor speedy (against my wishes) then, when they returned to the tank, General Joe, the suspect, was turning on another little fish, so Cory decided he should get his due reward and he got flushed too.
and that, my friends, is the sad and painful story of our fish.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yah, so..

that whole, no new project thing, yah, well, I started and finished this cute pink hat in 2 days.
at least I finished it, right?
that has to count for something! but I will not start any new ones until I finish 2 old ones. deal? I'll post them when they are done. to show you all!
so, some ladies in my ward are doing a biggest loser thing- in regards to weight loss, that is. and I thought, heck, I could use some motivation! yah, right.
I have exercised a bit more than I normally would have. but I just cannot stop snacking.
really need to work on that.
so, apparently a big storm is heading our way.
supposed to get 6? I might be off- inches of snow tonight.
supposed to go down to -35 on Thursday.
fun stuff.
I think I will get some buckets filled with water,
for our food storage and all.
makes me realize how behind I am in that too.
sad stuff.
sheesh. I am a sorry person lately. I need to get my butt in gear, stop eating and get doing those things I need to do.
but aren't they cute?
okay, off to fill buckets, and do a load of laundry!
happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 05, 2007


first off, sorry for the sideways pictures. not too sure how to fix that. or put the pictures in the right order, so hopefully this will make some sense!! anyways, these are my girls eating the nose of the snowman we went to the feild by the school to make the other day.

this is the project that I really shouldn't be doing- see previous post all about finishing old projects. I just can't do it! I can't. I need to start another one. a sweater that will take me months, I am sure, but isn't it cute- or er, handsome! and easy! I'll probably start it today. instead of finishing another project, like I should. sheesh. I am pitiful.
this is the snowman. before the girls ate the nose. with no eyes or anything. just a nose. poor fellow.
and this is what the outing turned into- a snowball fight, as every time we step out the door , that seems to happen. so much fun.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a quilt. some goals.

here it is. the cutest quilt-

thanks to Kelly McCaleb.

she has a great eye for color. wowsa. love it. thanks, girl.

I want a boy one now!for no particular reason, except they are so stinking cute! the one side closest to these words wasn't finished being bound yet. does that make any sense? but now it is done. and that silly girl finally did get pants on but not until much later in the day. she is getting quite the personality.

so, last night at FHE we talked about resolutions.

so I will share a few of mine, to maybe help me get on with them! maybe! so, I want to clean my room up- didn't get it all done yesterday (Shame) and keep it clean. I think this problem has been mine since childhood. time to overcome!

I want to be more organized. Cory said that is too vague. I need specifics, but that's all I can give you. I want to be more organized. if I knew more, don't you think I would be there? a bit at a time, and I will get there.

I want to fit in those jeans. I will, I will. more exercise, less chocolate.

scriptures. every day. even a bit. but some, everyday.

simple, right? no problem. I need to get going, cleaning, organizing, treadmilling, reading.

oh yeah, and I want to finish a few of the projects I have laying around. that quilt is done! yay, on to the next one!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

what a weekend! started on Friday night, with a girls night- just my sisters at my moms- no kids. we worked on our own projects, watched some Facts of Life, and had a good time. - Friday afternoon Maggie had her first haircut. cut a bunch of the mullet off. still cute! gotta let that top catch up to the back!
I also got my hair cut short. fun stuff! Saturday I worked on a baby quilt that has been lying around here for a while. hopefully today I can finish the binding, and I'll show you all. it is pretty cute!

Sunday night, in my mom's town they did some fireworks. if you look hard you can see Jed standing there watching. the snow there was so deep, and the kids could walk on top, but every once in a while they would fall in. so funny.
okay, I need to go clean my room. clean it so clean! and It WILL STAY CLEAN! resolution! then the girls room. then , I am going to exercise and eat healthy! I have a pair of jeans I have been holding on to that I am going to fit in! soon. but first I must deplete my supply of chocolate. then no more. really. okay, maybe just in smaller amounts. hmm. off to clean.