Tuesday, April 26, 2011

our weekend

it was a happy easter!
that easter bunny hid the kids baskets- they were not too hard to find,
then Cory and Ben hid the plastic eggs-
I always think after they are hid that I should have counted so we could know if they were all found.
I did find one this morning- hidden behind the computer.

we ate dinner at my sister in laws house- and the ham we ate was so delicious.
it is haunting me.
I am heading to Costco later today to see if they still have them,
so I can eat ham forever. so yummy. I want some right now!

on Monday my sister and Sadie got their hair cut.
they cut off 8 inches each- to donate for wigs for cancer.
this is the second time they have done it!
I am so proud of them both!
so- when we knew it was happening soon, I curled up Sadie's long hair, and took her out for some pictures.

now it is so short and cute- my after pictures were blurry, so I will have to take some more soon.
but man, there was no whining that it hurt as I brushed her hair today!
it looks adorable.

and- on Saturday Maggie lost her first tooth!
then I lost her tooth. I put it on the counter- and it was not seen again-
the tiny little thing.

today when maggie and I came home I saw a Cute little bunny in our front garden.
it ran and hid under our bay window, then later it was in a little bush in the front-
I put a laundry basket on it and called the bylaw people- they should be coming by to get it soon.
I contemplated keeping it as a pet, but when it started making weird noises at Maggie and I,
I decided I wasn't ready for the comittment.
and I don't think Cory would be too happy about a new little member of the household.
- the animal control guy just came and he said it was a wild bunny-
he wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, but he said he would find a good place for it.
poor little guy!

Friday, April 22, 2011


this morning she was saying she would not ride a two wheeler until she was 7-
and this afternoon this is what she was doing-

yay! I knew she could do it! (Cory took off the training wheels without her knowing-
she would have never let him do it!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


sometimes Maggie will come grocery shopping with me.
somtimes she tells me to go in the afternoon when she is in school
sometimes I like having her with me,
and sometimes it is very nice that I get to do it all by myself!

(and she had to bring the creepy doll that Cory gave her that he got a a white elephant gift exchange. nice)
sometimes these toys dissappear into the give away box when the kids aren't around.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I thought we were done with all this.

really?! really.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


yesterday I got a call from the school speech pathologist.
Sadie had been in to see her, and she thought Sadie was doing very well,
and could stop coming to see her.
(I find it interesting that Cory and I never had speech issues,
but all of our kids have done speech before school, and during at least half of their elementary careers.) anyways,
Sadie knew she had called and was asking me if she had said she could stop going.
(this conversation all happened while I was lying in Maggie's bed, after the girls were in bed,
far too late into the night)
I said that yes, she was done speech.
she then said that she kind of liked it because they got to play games and she got stickers.
so I asked Maggie if she liked it, and she said no. she had to say hard words.

then Sadie piped in with-
when I was little I said sh instead of s- so I should have never said sit.

oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
this out of sweet little Sadie's mouth.
it still makes me chuckle.

then when I was telling Cory what I was laughing so hard about I was thinking-
I don't remember that ever being a problem,
but I do remember for all my kids the tr sound was hard, and they would say f instead.
making trucks a very bad word.

now, go listen to a catchy song, and don't think too hard about those bad words.
get them out of your mind.
this is the song that never ends- it just goes on and on my friends...

Thursday, April 07, 2011


I got to test a pattern out for Amanda from Pardon My Chaos-
I think it turned out pretty well!

Sadie requested green when I asked her what color hat she wanted.
I think she sort of likes it.
she even wore it to school.
it is fun to try new things!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Friday night

Cory and I headed out without kids.
sort of a date, I guess.
we went where we used to go on dates-
silly, but we like it-
to Value Village
(it's a big thrift store)
we always head to the books.
even though the adult ones are way over priced for a thrift store,
we managed to find a bunch to buy- and my favorite was this one:
the Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery.
I remembered that someone in my book club said it was their go to book-
when you have nothing to read, and want to read something good.
and yes, it was good.
highly recommended by me.
(don't let the cheesy cover fool you. good stuff inside!)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

this weekend

if you want to find me this weekend,
it should not be hard.
I will be hunkered down in the basement, bundled in a blanket,
probably knitting,
while listening to this amazing man
(president Monson)
and many others,
from our church talk to us and teach us.
I love that we can watch from our homes-
I love that we have cable (for now- probably once March madness, and conference are over we will go back to being cable- less.)
and I am thinking it will be a great 2 days!