Friday, April 28, 2006


this week, our house was a war zone.
no, really.
all over the organ.
funny that we have an organ, huh.
we were aiming for a piano,
but this one headed our way for free, so who can refuse?
not me.
besides, piano's don't make cool beats that you can dance to!

I finally took Sadie out on her "two wheeled" bike. that was quite the adventure. I had to push her every few feet-
we'll have to get to work on the pumping the leg thing!
(I am trying to figure out how to post my pictures and comments in the right order, but it isn't really working. )
I have a lot to learn.
I wanted to share my favorite kid game with you all-
it is called Cariboo, by the Cranium line of games.
It is for ages 3-6., (I think)- it has letters A,B and C, 4 colors, and 3 shapes- you pick a card and have to open a door with a special key, to see if there is a ball in there, then you put the ball in a hole, and when you find all 6 balls, a treasure box opens. Very clever. I like it!
Sadie is demonstrating how to open the box with the key- if you can find the photo that goes with these comments!
So, I am very excited about today.
well, it is my sister Shelleys birthday, so that is quite exciting-
(hope you had a great day, Shell!)
but , even more exciting- I bought a Canon Digital Rebel camera!
I am so excited.
someday, I hope to take good pictures for other people! and get paid big bucks!
well, taking good photos is a great thing, getting paid for it, even better-
but I think I am getting a bit ahead of myself-
we'll have to see what comes of it all.
My sister Andrea wants family pictures on Sunday- I am eager to play- so we will see what I can do- I will hopefully have some cute pictures to share!

Monday, April 24, 2006

the year so far, in photos,,,

For fun I thought I would show my past photo's of Maggie- the one with the pink hat is in January, the heart, February, the green outfit March, and the bunny ears in the last post is April.
kind of fun!
Also my latest layout of the Rebecca Cooper photo's.
still loving them, and scrapping some more, hopefully tonight!
I stopped by liquidation world, and found a fabulous deal!
the bunnies that come four in a pack, like a chocolate bar- some are dairymilk chocolate, and others have the caramilk filling- regular price $.45- on sale for 75% off-
worked out to be about $.11 each. I stocked up!
so yummy.
I just love chocolate!
alright, gotta go read a story to the boys so they will go to bed!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

since April is almost over..

I thought I better take my April picture of Maggie! I am trying to do a picture each month, with a fun little prop that represents the month- I know she won't change monthly(like last year), but over the year there will be a big change- just something I had the hankering to do.
I got to go on a field trip with Jack's class on friday to the Telus World of Science-
used to be the Odyssium-
used to be the space science centre-
who can keep up?
Anyways, we got to see an IMAX movie ( I forgot how huge the screen is in there!) called Mystic India.
Amazing stuff- makes me want to travel the world.
Throughout the show I was wondering what was going through the grade 3 minds as they talked about the spiritual aspect of life there! so interesting.

well, I got tagged by Rebecca- I am not too sure what this entails, but I guess I state my stuff, then tag others, so here it goes:

in my fridge:
1. apples- a nightly ritual around here is cut up apples before bed

2. leftover pizza

3. ketchup- a must have!

4. milk- 1% and homo for Maggie!

5. leftover fruit pizza I snagged from a fireside tonight! Yum!

In my closet
1. jeans, lots of jeans, but only a few that fit well!

2. our tv- on the top shelf, we lay in bed and watch. that sounds really weird, but it isn't- I don't think

3. a small basket with socks that have no mates- I keep thinking they might show up one of these days!

4. my cowboy boots I bought in college, never wear, but can't bear to get rid of

5. my Sunday shoes , at least I try to put them away in there!

In my purse:
1. A notebook and pen, in case of any inspiration, or anything I have to write down so I won't forget.

2. a bag you fold up into a little pouch- so I will always have a bag with me, and which I most likely will forget I have it, and not use it.

3. wallet- with not much cash, if any.

4. no library card- I misplaced it about a month ago. I really should find that.

5. hand cream.

In my car
1. a couple of Sharon, Lois and Bram tapes

2. some tootsie roll pops, in case of sugar emergency

3. napkins- although there never seem to be any when you need them!

4. no garbage- my husband just cleaned them out, and I will be in big trouble if I make a mess!

5. my snap on sunglasses- good to have when driving!

On my DVR ( dvr- hmm, if I had one, which I don't)

1. Gilmore girls

2. Survivor

3. The Amazing Race

4. 30 minute meals

5. Clean Sweep

There you go. Now I think I am supposed to tag 5 others, but I don't think 5 people look at this blog, so I will tag one:
ShelleyYou're it!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

more pictures!

There are some more pictures posted on Rebecca's blog- Simple as that
So cute! I love them!
Check out my 2 peas, there are some scrapbook pages of them-
and many more to come if I can find the time!!!


I just had the best time-
in the shoe department
at Walmart!
MAggie is in need of shoes-
We even went there with her barefooted!
that's how desperate we were...
but I found shoes, and more shoes-
a cute little pair of Dr.Scholls runners-
the kind I usually walk right past because the price on them was $19.99.
$19.99 for a pair of baby running shoes?
do people really pay that?
anyways, I glanced-
price I paid-

are you ready-

can you believe it?

I didn't really know the original price until I came home and peeled off the 5 or so price tags to see what they originally cost.
I LOVE deals like that!
I bought another pair-same brand, more casual kind of shoes-regular $22.98, once again, a shocker.
I paid $3.00.
I bought 2!
I think we walked out of there with about 8 or 9 pair of shoes.
so much fun.

I am so glad last night was not an elimination round on the Amazing race. I am liking BJ and Tyler. they are fun.
that couple- is it Yolanda? Can't think of his name- they can go. what is with thier relationship. Makes me wonder how Cory and I would be in a situation like that. Hopefully still kind to each other. They are aware that millions are watching them act like jerks to each other,
aren't they?

okay, moving on- here are some pictures by the cute Rebecca Cooper-

loved them all.
I wish I didn't need sleep, and I could scrapbook all night long!
so very cute.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

our easter

was good.
we hunted for eggs.
we survived the southern Alberta wind.
I hear they had snow here at home though.
I think I would rather be in the wind.
we had pictures by Rebecca-
they were sooo good. thank you, thank you Rebecca, I love them!
My kids endured that, painful as it was for them to have to try and behave for any period of time!
We dropped Cory off at the hotel in Calgary,
swam in the little pool there,
The boys think dad is so very lucky to be able to swim whenever he wants to!
We went to Grandma George's (Cory's Grandma) church on Sunday, and had a really yummy dinner after.
I took Jed and Sadie over to the dessert table, and their eyes almost popped out of their heads, there were huge cookies loaded with candies! They ate most of the candies off the top, then Maggie finished them off!
Good stuff.
A good weekend.
a good Easter.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

umm, maggie.. have some peas on your head!
what a silly girl!
I think they stayed on there through all of supper last night.
I missed her putting them up there.
what a nut!

we did the easter egg thing yesterday after school. fun stuff. I put the eggs on to boil in the morning, and managed to forget about them for a while- so a few of them were broken, but we still had lots to dye.
I get easily sidetracked.
Well, I need to start gathering stuff together for our trip down south tomorrow. should be good.
I need to find some coordinating clothes for our family photos.
Something without Pokemon for the boys would be good. I'll have to dig deep down into the drawers where the boring shirts are!
round up the plastic easter eggs, so we can do a little hunting.
such fun.
six hour drive.
Not so fun.
kids full of sugar for the ride home!
what are we thinking?
I'll just make sure I am full of sugar too!
It's all good.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Loving this weather...

We went on a bike ride last night for FHE.
All of us!

We rode down to our old place, and visited with our old neighbors, Ron and Helene.
They were (are)so nice.
The kind of neighbors who bring over an easter basket full of goodies.. and drop of a bag of halloween treats for the kids because they weren't going to be home on halloween night.
That kind of neighbor.
We miss them.
Maggie did not like that helmet.
Once we got going she was good.
I think I will have to put Sadie and Maggie in that trailer more often and go out on a little ride-
if it ever is just Sadie and Maggie around here....
3 extras this morning. so much fun around here!

Friday, April 07, 2006

a beautiful day...

we woke up to rain.
Had to pull out the rain coats, and rubber boots.
I spent part of the morning rounding up the winter stuff and putting it into rubbermaids. I probably shouldn't do that yet.
We always need it one more time,
but here's hoping!
then it cleared up after lunch.
after the naps, I dressed the girls up, and we went outside to wait for the boys to come home from school.
We had Heidi today. She's the blonde girl at the top. She definitely looks like a Weller!
Maggie loves swinging on the patio swing!
Sadie did some sidewalk art.
Love the sun, and being able to sit outside!
We just need to get Maggie walking more, so she's not crawing in the mud and wet grass!
A busy weekend coming up-
Steve and Leanne, and their crew are sleeping over.
Cousin Emily's baptism Saturday evening, and cousin Kirsten's blessing on Sunday. A gathering of Livingstones!
Crazy family fun! The kids can't wait.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the latest..

well, the snow is quickly melting.
My Christmas wreath is dying.
I finally got the book- the Kite Runner from the library- I had put a request in a while ago- I think I was 25th in line. I only have 2 weeks to read it- so I need to get busy.
I am trying to hook up again with the flylady thing- not signing up though- I don't want the million emails, but just keeping up with the zones. I need to do some of that deep cleaning around here- maybe it's spring getting to me- spring cleaning and all.
My oven is clean- even my stove top. Makes me happy to look at it today. I cleaned out the burner pans yesterday. they were pretty yucky. today I did the fridge. Feels good.
Not much exciting around here!
I can hardly wait for easter- to go down to Stirling. We are getting pictures taken by Rebecca Cooper! I am so excited to meet her, and see what great pictures come out of it!
young women activity tonight. I hope to get my girls to map out the kitchen, and label what is in all the cabinets, so my dad (who works for the FM group) can get labels made for all the cabinets! I know that I always open at least 3 doors before I find what I need, so this should solve all that! Hurray! so much fun around here!