Thursday, July 31, 2008

13 things

1. Thursday. last day of swimming for the week. sleeping in tomorrow.
2. I bet the kids will be up by 7. just because.
3. boys are back on the game cube and all is well
4. cookies were made, and eaten. must make some more.
5. must get invitations made for an important party happening next week.
6. anyone know where to get those chalky lego candies? need them for that party.
7. almost done my hourglass quilt inspired by that crazymomquilts.
(it is cute)
8. I think finishing it completely might be my weekend project.
9. taking pictures on Saturday for another cute sis and her cute family. I am thinking I might take payment in the form of a haircut. the cute short one I posted earlier. must make a decision!
10. I think today we will visit the sheep. what sheep? you ask. I will tell you more when I have pictures to show!
11.some friends of ours went on a long trip- they are driving out to ontario, and they left us the keys to their house. so what? you ask. well, they have a huge tv, and a wii. I think we will spend a bit of time keeping their lonely house company.
12. so it is a long weekend coming up. and my sister is borrowing our trailer. sad that it is a long weekend and we aren't doing anything too exciting. I told Cory that we had better book some really great camping place for the labor day weekend! any suggestions?
13. I love blogs. the ideas, the people, the laughs, the inspiration. wow. what an amazing thing technology is. love it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in happier times.

just looking back at some pictures, cropped these in a bit. love them.

thought I would share with you! some happy things from the past.

because today is not going so great.

the boys are fighting, the weather is yucky. I dropped some off to be home while I took Jack back to his swimming and told them not to turn on the game cube. well, guess what they did.

yep, the game cube. so now they have to turn it off, and are fighting over who's fault it is. such good times.

these are the days when summer drags on.

I think I will make some cookies and eat a whole lot. that sounds good to me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

if you need me...

if you happen to need me
in the next two weeks,
in the mornings,
this is where I will be.
at the pool.
I got all 5 kids signed up for lessons.
three of them start at 9, then the next one at 9:45, then a nice long break until the last one at 11. I did tell the kids that it would be a long morning, and to bring something to do. some did, some didn't. and it was long. and painful for some. and Ben begged me to let him walk home, so he wouldn't have to wait.
it could be a very long two weeks.

Friday, July 25, 2008

our week in review

1. isn't Maggie so lucky she has big brothers who will carry her around when her mom won't?

2. this is our broods at the Brook's aquaduct. interesting. the kids loved the dog that was running around and would chase after rocks. good times.

3. we saw what appeared to be a lake in the distance, but was really a beautiful field of flax. so of course we had to stop, and walk all over it.

3. the kids discovered that if they ducked down enough, they could not be seen. so in the first picture, there they were, then they all hid. except Maggie. she wasn't quite getting it. but she did later. we were waiting for a mad farmer to come and kick us out, but no one came. thank goodness.

4. we headed out to the dinosaur provincial park. tons of hoodoos, and rocks to climb. it was a bit muddy because it had rained the night before. good times. look at those strong boys. yep, Jack is kissing his muscle. nice.
5. and here we are. I am actually in some pictures! fun for me.

6. at the flax field, the big boys were having way too much fun hiding, and wouldn't come out, so I started leaving, which always gets maggie freaking, (she always makes sure no one gets left behind) and then I saw these two cuties hitchiking. so I took them, and left my two rascals to fend for themselves. serves them right. haha

7. I love the sun beams in this shot at the beach.

8. I was working on my self portraits this trip, so I am in even more pictures! this is Maggie and I on a boat. some friends of Jason and Joannes had a boat that they wanted to take out, and they so kindly let us on, and let the boys go on the tube. exept Jed, he didn't want to , and Sadie stayed away too, but the rest of us had fun.

9. another picture of mostly me and a bit of Jack. I do need more practice with this.

10. on Thursday there was a community thing going on at a park, so we went, ate food, jumped on bouncy thingys, and got some face painting done.
they do a lot of community stuff there.
it is great!
11.oh, and that boat thing, yah, they convinced me to get out on the tube, so Ben and I had a good time. I think I was yelling the whole time. it was crazy. here we are after a big jump. check out the air I got. I was barely hanging on for dear life. good times indeed.
12. and the boys, doing what they did for most of the week, when we were at home. the wii held them captive for many an hour.
13. Joanne is such an amazing homemaker. her house is clean and organized, and she so inspired me. tomorrow, I hope to get some stuff sorted, and out, so my house can someday be as clean as hers.
maybe .
it could happen.
I have a dream.
thanks guys for the great time.
come up here anytime. I mean it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 tomorrow.

The original plan was for us to come home today,
but we are having too much fun,
and the boys can't tear themselves away from the wii,
so we will head home tomorrow.
if I can pry their hands off the controllers,
and I will share with you 13 things we did in,
and around this fun little city.

so hold tight.
it will be fun.

Monday, July 21, 2008

we're off

last week, or was that 2 weeks ago now-
does time get warped for you in the summer, like it does for me?
anyways, after the van wouldn't start,
and I got it boosted,
then drove and drove to recharge that battery up, I drove past an old barn by a lovely canola field. so, last week, I took the kids that were willing- 3 out of 5,
and went to take pictures.
there was an old farm house, that was far to creepy to get close to,
and a squashed dead cat skeleton on the driveway that the kids stepped on,
and I almost did, until I saw it and said lets get out of here-
but of course, the boys had to get a closer look. yuck.
but we did get some cute shots in the lovely yellow field. love it!
anyways, the kids and I are heading out to see Joanne for a few days. scrapbooking time is scheduled, a lake visit, and Dinosaur provincial park. should be fun. must get packing! good times.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


my Thursday 13 has kind of been forgotten, but it is back!

1. it's already the middle of July, and we haven't done anything yet.

2. but I think we are the official pet sitters for when other people are out having fun! right now we are feeding fish, 2 geckos and 2 cats. and today I think we have a fish coming to sleep over for a week or two. fun.

3. great to remind myself why I don't want pets. that kitty litter- yuck. and the cat hair- no thanks. and geckos- why? I don't get it

4. although our summer has been lame so far, this weekend may have some fun involved, and next week- well, good times in store!

5. I really want to make cupcakes. but then I know I will eat a lot, so I am resisting. maybe I can make some for our Sunday potluck. then I will maybe get one if I am lucky- so maybe not. how selfish of me.

6. yesterday morning we had a thunderstorm. it seems weird to have thunder in the morning. that seems more like a middle of the night scary thing!

7. my new quilt is coming along nicely. the boys quilts have fallen into the to do later stash. for when the mood hits. or they really need them. or maybe Christmas. there's an idea.

8. I get to go take pictures of an old friends mom and all her grandkids this afternoon. I am nervous. I really need to learn more, and practice. scary. will report back, and show any great shots!

9. I still have the urge to scrap. maybe I can get some done next week- right Jo?

10. We are sleeping in a lot in this house. which is great. but it is because we (the kids) are not getting to bed until far too late. which is not great. but if I get them to bed earlier, they won't sleep in as long. a real dilemma.

11. some friends are going away next week, and they think their raspberries will be ready when they are gone, and told us we could pick them! yay!

12. we have some other friends who planted a fairly big garden, and are going away for almost the whole month of August. and we get to reap the bounties while they are away. good thing I didn't plant alot. okay, I planted zuchinnis and tomatoes, and I am the only one in my house who eats either of those things. strange. but I can't wait for my zuchinnis and tomatoes to be ready to eat. yum.

13. okay, fairly random, but that is my life today. alright, off to clean a bit, then take some pictures! such a fun life!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

flashing back

To Thursday. or was it Friday? I can't be certain.
but back when it was sunny
and warm. it seems so long ago.
It must have been on Friday-
we were on our way to feed our friends pets while they are away,
and in a field we passed on the way there we saw a little petting zoo.
the kids were begging to go, but I really had no idea who it was there for, so I said we would check it out on our way home.
so we checked it out, and it was for the kids who were in the city day camps, but the guy we were talking to said we could talk to another guy, and he might let us in, but just then a group of the camp kids came, so we left, with promises to the kids that we would come back.

so we ate lunch, then went back, and they let us in. yay.
it was fun. and the animals were sweet. cute bunnies and goats, and chickens, and a cute cow, and a wallaby with a baby in her pouch, and an ugly turkey, but what can you do.
Maggie did so well, she was even giving some of the animals hugs! This from the girl who is terrified of cats and dogs. really.

I guess she is more of a farm animal type of girl.

so, I got my hair cut in virginia. and it was all good, but it is the kind of cut that is shorter in the back, and lately it seems to be quite choppy, the short is short, then yowsa, long, nothing gradual about it. So Cory said if it bugs me I should just cut it. but I don't know if I dare. so then I was looking at hair cuts on the good old net, and saw this cute one. what do you think? is it me? speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Monday, July 14, 2008

this is today

we headed out to the park down the street this morning, for play group.
the sky was grey, but we were raring to go.
we get there, and the other family that also lives on our street was there.
so the kids play.
then the heavens opened, and the rains came down.
so we came home, and made cookies, and I started a new quilt.
and Jack was working for me. to earn buttons, so he could play the computer.
good times.
because, yes, I needed another quilt started, instead of working on the other two I already have started, in case you were wondering.

and I hear most of the week is supposed to be rainy, so maybe that quilt will get more work done on it, and maybe the other two also. who knows!
and maybe my boys will be willing to help me, and maybe not. Ben also did a bit of work on it for me. so fun.
what good boys I have!

Friday, July 11, 2008


my van started.
No thunderstorms last night
(we had a big one the night before)
I went visiting teaching (yay) and the lady we visited told me about a nice beach they went to- I think we will try it next week
and I scrapbooked
(totally lifted this one off a layout over at the goodie box-so cute niki!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sad stuff

cars are not my thing.
if they run, I am happy.
if they make noises- well that doesn't make me happy.
when the van is making a ticking noise while we are all getting buckled in, then won't start-

why does this have to happen when my husband is away?

so, I call my friend.
she is handy.
but she doesn't want to try boosting the van when it is making ticking noises.
I don't blame her.

so we call a guy we know who is a mechanic.
he says that sometimes when the battery is so low, it will tick.
I think he called it shotgun.
but don't quote me on that.

so we try to boost.
but we can't get the hood open.

so I call the nice man who lives down the street. he used to have the same van as us. he can't get the hood open either. we feel a bit better.
he runs back home, then comes back with a hammer and some other big tool. I am scared.
but he opens it, and greases the latch, so now it should open no problem.

and he boosts the van, from Cory's car without even starting cory's car.
who knew you could do that?
not me.

then me and the girls went for a long drive.
(and I found tow perfect spots that I am aching to go back to with my girls and my camera)

that was all yesterday.
and I am hoping it will start today.

I really have nowhere pressing that I need to go, but I do need to go pick up the boys from camp- at the stake center on Saturday, so I do need a van then.

my fingers are crossed.

oh, and if you want to see a few more pictures, click here.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a letter

Dear Jillian,

I have a few questions regarding your 30 day shred video.
Is it supposed to be 30 consecutive days, or will I get the same results if I do it a few days each week- or maybe just two days a week, or possibly even once a week?

Muscle weighs more than fat, right? Could that be why I am heavier now?

you don't say anything about diet in your video. Is it okay to eat a chocolate bar, or maybe two, every day? Although I certainly am drinking a lot of water. That is good, right?

I do love your video, and am trying to do it everyday, except Sunday, because that is my day of rest. Sometimes Saturdays get a bit crazy, and then Mondays are hard, but I have Tuesday to Friday down.

oh, and when I was exercising this morning, my son told me I look way skinnier, so I think I might be getting a bit shredded. Thank you.

yours sincerely,

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

my sis

isn't the kissing one so cute! I had C cover his eyes. such a funny guy!

I think this will be it for the pictures on this blog. once I do some more editing, I'll post a bunch over on my little photo blog.

but that might take a while, since I am fighting the kids for my turn on the computer!

Cory and Ben are off for the week to a big scout camp.

I hope they are all enjoying the beef on a bun, the spagetti sauce, the taco meat, and the chicken quesadillas, oh, and the sloppy joes I had the priviledge of cooking up, and freezing for them last week! Cory kept asking me how to make ceasar salad- they are having that along with the spagetti. I am realizing I really need to get my boys in the kitchen more helping out, so that they know how to at put together ceasar salad!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

a few days ago...

was Canada Day!
and that means a parade.
and family coming to the parade.
and fun Canada Day shirts.

and some really crazy cars were in the parade this year. they were so fun. they had hydrolics, Jed tells me. there were three of them. they were wild.

and that makes a perfectly wonderful Canada day.
oh, and you must end it with a late night fireworks show, of course!
today I took some pictures for my sister, and her cute family, here is a sneak peek. I will share some more, when I can find some time to edit through them more!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

seeing stars!

I love stars.
I have a few hanging on my walls.

I saw this wall of stars in Washington DC, at the World War 2 monument, and I had to take a picture.

then, on a photographers blog, I saw a picture like this, with the peoples fingers made into a star- wow! love it! I have five kids- perfect! I think I will try it again outside, then put it in a big square frame. love it!

then, at the antique store in Virgina, I saw these big metal stars. love them. but they were a bit big, and our car was very packed, and I think they cost $185. but I could take a picture, and remember what could have been!

I also love driving in the states, and so many houses have those metal stars hanging by their front doors. I love that! I have some stars I bought after Christmas, that have funny snowmen on them- I want to paint over them, and hang one of them outside of my door. love it!