Saturday, January 29, 2011

on patrol

he's helping to keep the world safe- helping kids cross the street.

and although it looks like we might go to school in the night time,
it was morning, and the mornings are actually getting lighter.
thank goodness!
( I thought this would be a fun photo of the day-so I ran out and took some pictures of him.
I think he was a bit embarrassed, but that's what mom's are for, right?)

Monday, January 24, 2011

good cold fun

yep, we had quite a bit of snow.
and it was mighty cold.
but now, it is warming up.
and the snow is melting a bit.
and then it is freezing at night.
making the roads very icy.
some good times were had last week building a quincy.
then it got a hole in the roof.
not good. a certain boy was not happy, but he handled it well, and didn't get angry.
the snow was kind of nice-it is so pretty when everything is clean and white.
but now, the roads are brown from the sand,
and the snow plowed up from the roads and shoveled from the driveways is all brown too, and it's not so pretty any more.
kind of like in the fall- after the pretty colored leaves all fall, and everything is just dead and brown. not so nice.
good thing spring will come.
but not soon enough for me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

some people's kids!

on Thursday it was Maggie's turn to take snack to kindergarten.
and I vollunteer in her classroom once a month, so I signed up for her snack day!
when thinking about what to take- we decided on popcorn.
and Maggie loves it with extra flavors added, but I didn't have any,
but earlier on when we were at my sister's house she had made popcorn and added some candy cane sprinkles especially for popcorn.
it was yummy.
and I had a pack of candycanes left over, so we blended them up small,
and sprinkled it on the popcorn.
and we taste tested it.
and it was good. then, when the kids were sitting eating,
I was shocked when over half the kids said "I don't care for this"-
(that is what they are supposed to say instead of - I don't like this)
and threw it away.
silly kids.
I think there were only 5 or so who actually ate it all.
some ate some of it,
and the rest threw it away.
the gall.
silly kids. don't know a good snack when they see it.

(I am trying to change my header, but can't remember how to do it right. I will figure it out soon. I hope!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I bought a crochet hat pattern on etsy a long time ago.
finally the other night I sat down and made it.
it was so fast, and so cute-
I don't know what I was waiting for!

I see many of these in my etsy shop in the future.
love it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

deal...or no deal?

during the christmas break, the kids and I headed out east to visit some fun family members.
while there- I always need to check out their Salvation Army store.
and I always find something fun .
this time I found this fun red chair- (this picture was from the site where you can buy them- that isn't my kid. just fyi.)
Maggie has one or two in her kindergarten class room, so I had seen them before, and thought they were pretty fun.
I found them online- $70. yikes.
I paid $5.
what a great deal. - that is what I told Cory.
then he said- it's not a deal if you don't need it.
hmmm. so very true.
but I think every one needs an awesome red rocker chair.

deal. I say.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

true north

living up here, in the north, in Canada-
is silly.
it is cold.
and we had tons of snow.
and now it is cold, and the roads are bad,
and it is supposed to snow some more tomorrow!

but- one of the good things- we have a really long driveway, so we pile it all up in the yard,
so if the kids want to do some sledding, they can just head out the back door!
(it's not too big of a hill, but good for little kids. and when they get bored back there, they head out to our front yard which is on a bit of a slope!)
great for this lazy mom, who doesn't want to go out in the cold any more than she has to!

I buy hot chocolate in bulk,
and we drink it by the gallon when the weather is like this!
p.s.- if you are close to a bulk barn, try their peppermint hot chocolate. yummm!

Friday, January 07, 2011


watching:borrowed season 1 from my fantastic sis. in law. wishing I had convinced her to let me take 2 and 3 as well, as I will be finishing 1 shortly.

knitting these-wraps. seem to be big this month. I have a bit of yarn for them. bought a huge batch of yarn online, but sadly it is coming from Turkey, and will take about 2 months to get here. yikes.

I picked up the first 2 and the 4th of the series at a thrift store- read the first two really fast, but don't want to read the 4th until I read the 3rd- but it is never in at our library.
great reads. It is now in Jed's pile of books to read. I think he will really like them.

eating- tons of junk.
diet- or more appropriately - eating changes start on Monday- so I am trying to get rid of all the sugar and crap. eating it is probably not the best idea. but oh, so delish.

and that is what I have been doing lately.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

tuesday night

right after school, we head out
to take Sadie to Showbiz kids.
she sings, and she loves it.
back in November the group did a show at an old folks home.
such a great idea.
this is Sadie doing her solo-
jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers...

so great that she is gaining confidence in herself-
singing in front of a group is a big deal!

definitely worth the drive!
(thanks miss Dixie!)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

hello 2011

Cory and I spent last night chaperoning at the youth dance. our ward was in charge of the whole dealio, and I must say, it was pretty fun.
my goal for the night was to embarrass ben, and I think I accomplished that quite nicely!
they had a fun photo booth there- with props and stuff. such a fun idea!

so, new year, new resolutions right?
*this year I want to attempt the photo a day thing again. I did pretty well with it in 2009, but our computer died, and I never did get my pictures off of it to get them printed and into a book. this year I will do it monthly, so I won't get so behind.
*this year I want to make a real budget, stick with it, and get out of some debt.
such a grown up thing to do, I think. It is time.
*go down a size or two- or maybe three in my clothing! which means eating less sugar and chocolate, and exercising more. but that is okay. I can do this! maybe.
*you know when you shop, and you get that little thing at the bottom of your receipt that if you do a little survey, you could win some money? I want to do all of those that I can, see if I win anything!
*and of course do some cleaning and organizing. get rid of junk. buy less junk- which will work nicely with the whole budgeting thing. win win right?

it's going to be good. this 2011 year. lets do it!