Thursday, November 29, 2007

my day so far.

1. day started off good
2 then came time to get the kids up,
3. it all went down hill.
4. I hate when they leave for school with me yelling behind them- you had better not be late!
5. I really need to get a morning schedule going to get things running smoother.
6. hmm. my oldest is only in grade 7, you would think I would have this figured out by now.
8. need to get groceries, but my 2 year old does not want to go to Extra foods.
9. I did mop my hallway floor this morning. it has been way too long since that has happened.
10 sat down to put zippers in the Christmas dresses yesterday, to discover my zipper foot is missing. luckily I have a friend with the exact same machine as me, who knows where her foot is, and will let me borrow it. almost done. maybe in time for the Christmas party on Saturday. maybe.
11. wedding tonight. I get to do pictures. waffling between excited and terrified. want them to be great. we shall see.
12. okay, really need to get a handle on the laundry situation, and the rest of the house.
13. at least the hallway is clean.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Santa Claus has come to town!

we saw him!
on the parade.
and we had cousins come,
and I tried the group shot in the window, but cut off Jack. oops.

there was about 3 big fire trucks with sirens and bells. too loud for a cute little someone!

do you think Jack was happy to be there? silly boy.
Ben didn't want to come, and Jed had to stay home- he was misbehaving. actually, Jack was supposed to be home too, but I didn't know. lucky guy. And Cory was home working on electrical stuff in the basement with my brother-in-law. yay! now, we just need to book the drywall guy! yay. soon, very soon. then my house will be clean. - at least that is what I keep saying! haha. actually, then I will have twice as much house to clean. yuck.

Monday, November 26, 2007

such is life

around supper time last night, two kids started throwing up. for about 6 hours, pretty steady. then when they were through, 2 others started. then when they were through the last one started. all night long. today, our livingroom is a mess of blankets, pillows, and empty gingerale cans. hopefully tomorrow, we can get back to normal.

almost done the whole first season of Full House I borrowed from a friend.

I know they are really sick, there has been no fighting today.
wonderful!- in some ways, anyways.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

to do list...

1. I was going to take pictures of the things I am working on today, but my camera batteries were dead, so #1 thing today is charge camera batteries.
2. sew turtles onto baby hat- I will be sure to show the finished project. hopefully I can get one of the hats done today, I have 2 to do!
3. make gingerbread stars to hang on our tree.
4. pull in the Christmas stuff from the garage- I told the kids we would set it up tomorrow night, light a fire in the fire place, pull out the sleeping bags and watch a movie in the livingroom.
5.sort out the flyers into the bags for delivery tomorrow. I talked to the lady in charge of the deliveries yesterday, and she may have someone to take one of the routes! yay!
6. get my stew going in the crock pot. to extra foods for some nuts so I can make another batch of granola.
8. organize my pile into boxes and bags to take to goodwill
9. call my mom and my sister and get their orders for the cookie dough fundraiser the school is doing, which every year I put off until it is too late, and they don't get their cookies, so this time I will get it done on time- if it's not already too late!
10. well, after talking to Jack about his birthday party for many days, he has decided he wants it at the DOW, so I have to try and book the gym for a couple hours on a day that works for us. I hope there is something available. must make that phone call today.
11.hmmm- I am having a hard time thinking of more things- not that there aren't a million things I could and should be doing around here!
so, I guess I will leave it at eleven. still lots to get done! vamanos! let's go! oh, and turn off Dora- still too much of that going on here!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the latest..

well, these dresses are getting closer to being done. they are supposed to have some netting underneath to add volume. I am not sure that these dresses are going to get that, but we shall see. Sadies just needs the skirt lining sewn in (and netting, maybe) and a zipper, and hemmed. Maggies needs the whole bottom attached, and zipper. I really don't like putting in zippers. fun, fun stuff. and the pattern dresses have lace on them, and I skipped the lace. but Sadie keeps saying I need to sew on the "white stuff" hmm. I am not sure about that. and I made it a bit shorter, by accident, but so be it. not quite floor length. but close. next year, I think I will buy dresses!

this kid. what a character. he is so contrary. Jeddy, Jeddy quite contrary. hmm, doesn't really flow. he always has to argue about everything with everybody. how do I stop that? anyone?
I bought Ben some shoes yesterday when I was out. and they didn't fit. Cory always says I shouldn't buy shoes without the kids, but I say, I can always return them. easier that way! haha. anyways, they were squishing his big toe. so I took him with me last night, and we returned them and shopped for more, and they all squshed his big toe. I was asking him if it was swollen or something. weird. anyways, tried on one more pair, and they didn't hurt his toe! amazing- so , we bought them.
that was an exciting story to share with you all!
so, I was just marking some seminary work, and marked one girls. good, good, then pulled out her sisters, good- but wait- something sounded familiar- I mean, they are all answering the same questions, so the answers should be similar, so I pull out the other work- wow. word for word. interesting. I really need to bring this up, but i really don't want to.
those little girls once again have pulled every book off the book shelf in the girls room. I am ready to box them all up and send them out to the garage. argg.
and that, my friends, is the latest around here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

super woman..

I am not.
lest any of you might think that, by my lengthy list of things I want
to get done in a day.
yesterday, I didn't sew on the dresses. in fact, they sat on the couch, getting tossed onto the floor- the pieces, that is, until I got a little upset, and threw them into the craft wall of disaster that is taking over my dining room.
I also didn't get any knitting done- well, not on the hats.
I did do a few rows on the sweater I started for Jack about- hmmm, a year ago, or so? not sure, I could look in the blog archives, I remember posting the yarn, and a picture from the book. a long time ago, anyways.
I did make chicken soup- even tried it with homemade noodles this time, but I have to say, I think from now on I will just throw in the handy dandy store bought noodles!
I dropped a project off at staples to get bound up, and haven't been back yet to pick it up.
I didn't really do much cleaning, but must get to that today, as I am hosting a pampered chef party tonight- led my my sweet sis-in-law Jessica. I have brownies baking right now for an extra treat on top of the four cheese and something or other pizza she is going to demonstrate for us tonight. yummy.
so this morning I was cleaning and cleaning in the kitchen, I even organized the drawer with all the dish cloths, and towels in it, and guess what- right now two little girls have pulled out most of those towels and cloths and made beds all over my kitchen floor for their babies. good times.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

this is today..

1. I thought I had much more time to make these Christmas dresses, until I realized they should wear them to the Christmas party, which is on Dec. 1., and Sadie demands it be ready for the school Christmas concert, which is in the middle of Dec. boy, I had better get cutting and sewing! - btw, they will hopefully look just like the off white one in the picture! we shall see.

2. the boys ( well, all of us) do flyers, this is a portion of the flyers we got yesterday, which need to be sorted and bagged, then on Fridays we get the local paper that we add to the bag, then the boys go and deliver. oh no, I just remembered that Cory and Ben will be off on a school camping trip Friday/Saturday. shoot, I guess it's me and the littles this week.yuck. oh, I need to call the girl in charge, and see if we can cut our 2 routes down to one, it is just too much for us folk, and if she won't devide them up, then we are through. that wouldn't be so bad either.
3. Maggie wanted me to take a picture of her. isn't she cute.

4. yesterday I took the kids and one friend to Chuck.E. Cheese. that place is crazy. I got 70 tokens for $13 something, and they played games for about a half hour, cashed in their tickets for some super cheap prizes. wow. the friend wanted to get more tokens, so he could get more tickets, but I convinced him, and the rest that we would be better off stopping at the dollar store. so we did. good times.

5. that quilting blog I referred to a few posts back is having a quilt-a-long. she is showing how to do a quilt block a week for 12 weeks. here is my first block. I started with some fabric I had for another project, but I think for the rest of the squares I am going to use fabric I really like from my stash. then I will have a quilt I love. good idea, huh?

6. working on a few knitted hats- commissioned to do by my sister who is my business finder. what a gal! trying to figure out the one in the picture. could be cute, if I can do it properly! fun stuff.

7. I think I am ready for some real snow- but only on the grass, not on the roads and sidewalks. is that too much to ask for? probably. It is just very blah outside, and I am starting to think Christmas, but it doesn't look or feel Christmas. know what I mean?
8. another project I am hoping to finish today- a present for someone special!

9. and the quilt is done, also something for some more special people we know. I just love making things, yay for Christmas time!

10. I have so many projects to work on- better not waste anytime doing nothing! busy, busy. I love that I can knit, or many other things while watching tv- like I am being lazy, but not really. fun.

11. I was trying to find the post to link you to, but the pictures weren't coming up, but last December I started on a felt circle garland thingy for my tree, but when I went to put it on, it only went around the tree once. sheesh, so that is another project I want to get going on, so it can go around the tree more than once! that would be good!

12. we had a roasted chicken for supper the other night, so tonight, chicken soup for supper. yummy! can't wait for supper. that's not something I say every day!

13. alright, off to clean and craft, and sew, and knit, and hopefully convince Maggie to come to extra foods with me- we need milk.

Monday, November 12, 2007

that kind of day

movies, pajamas
messy hair
not doing much
got to sleep in!
made gingerbread cookie dough- it is now in the freezer, to be rolled and made into stars to hang on our christmas tree!

Maggie loves that granola!

got one project finished on Saturday- it is in the dryer getting fluffy. pictures later!

I found the elastic and did finish one pair of pj pants. I think they are way too long though. have to work on them when the kids aren't around- they know they are getting pajamas, but they don't know exactly what they are getting! too bad they are home for three whole days! oh well, I have lots of other stuff I can be doing.

Friday, November 09, 2007

oops, I did it again

1. maybe it is a sign that I should be done with the thursday thirteen. two weeks in a row now that I have forgotten. hmm.

2. went to do some running around this morning, and the van wouldn't start. Cory is out there working on it right now.

3. the kids have monday, tuesday and wednesday off school next week. what is up with that?

4. I think I hear my van running in my driveway! yay!

5. Super Saturday at the church tomorrow! I get to teach a class on cookies in a jar, because the lady who was originally asked was going to go away this weekend, but now she's not, and I'm still teaching. but that's okay.

6. I am hoping to get a few gifts done tomorrow! there were no crafts arranged to do that I wanted to do, so I am going to take my own and work on them. I am excited to get things done.

7. last day to go to my sister's blog, and help her decide what to name her new mixer. she's a bit crazy that way! heehee. (vote for sugar lips, it's funny!)

8. my goal for today is getting one pair of pajama pants- I was going to say done, but I don't think I have any elastic- so, done except for the elastic. that shouldn't be too hard.
eta: I just finished not one, but all three boys christmas pj pants! horray. well, except the elastic. I will have to search. I know I have some here somewhere!

9. Sadie brought home a letter from school with things that are going on in November, and at the end of the month they are going to see Annie, done by a Sherwood park high school, so I wrote a note back saying I would love to help with that field trip. apparently they don't need me that day. sad. very sad. but I think I would like to see it anyways, last Thursday in November, 7:00, or 7:30, I can't remember. I think it is $8. Anyone want to come with me?
eta: sorry, I forgot, I am doing pictures at a wedding that night, so maybe we'll have to try for Wednesday. silly me. I am really nervous about this wedding. aahh. would rather be watching Annie!!

10. my granola is baking right now. yum. love it.

11. so, one of the cookies in a jar I am having in my little class is going to be No-Fuss Bar Cookies. you put 2 c graham cracker crumbs, 1 c flaked coconut, 1 c chocolate chips, and 1/2 c chopped walnuts. then to bake them, you just mix it with a can of sweetened condensed milk- put in a greased 13x9 pan, and bake at 350, for 15-18 minutes. yum-o! who wouldn't want a jar of that for Christmas? I sure would!

12. man, I had the little baby I babysit in bed, and she was finally quiet, then the phone rang, now she is crying again. sheesh.

13. alright, must focus. there are pants to be made. hopefully I will have many finished projects to show off in a couple of days!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am in love

while looking and looking for an easy pajama pants tutorial, I came across this quilt- I love it. I need to make one, someday. maybe after I make the pajama pants! heehee. I found it here.
such fun stuff on her blog, but don't enter for the bag, okay, because I want a better chance to win it, and if you enter, I will have less chance, okay?
alright, I am getting off the computer, and getting on with life, and pajama pants!- for the boys for Christmas. We shall see if they get done soon! if I can find a pattern! I bought one I thought I would use for pants and pajamas, but I was looking at it last night, and I think it will just be good for pants, and I will have to use some old pj pants for a pattern. that should work!

Monday, November 05, 2007

assembly day

Monday is assembly day at the elementary school. this monday the grade three's showed the whole school some musical instruments they made for science class. four kids were chosen to talk about them, and Jed was one of them! his instrument was called tool tunes, and this is a shot of him explaining how it works! I think you should click on the picture as to get a better look. too fun. then the whole class played twinkle, twinkle little star. that was entertaining!
I bought fabric and a pattern for Christmas dresses for the girls today! yowsa. good thing it is early November and I still have lots of time for all the things I want to do!
alright, my house is in desperate need of some attention, so I must run!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

the real thursday thirteen

1. oops. totally thought it was thursday night when I was blogging last night. silly me. too much candy, probably
2. the kids were wheeling and dealing with the candy this afternoon- Ben ended up trading one full sized mars bar for about 12 mini coffee crisps. crazy boys.
3. boy, the kids were wired tonight.
4. I don't think Maggie ate a real meal all day- oh, she did have a bit of granola for breakfast. time to take the candy away.
5. Ben was a vampire yesterday, but only for trick-or-treating. I guess they don't dress up anymore in jr. high. he is getting a bit old for trick or treating. this might be his last year.
6. wow. I guess I should start thinking about birthday parties. 2 coming up in just over a month.
7.Halloween is out, and Christmas is so in! although it was sneaking in a week or two ago. crazy stuff.
8. I hope to have Christmas stuff all done this month, so next month is only for partying. yah, that's right. par-tay!
9. have an idea for my christmas card/picture this year, but not sure how to do it yet. Cory says he is embarrassed. hmm. I hope it works. heehee.
10. the tatoos were sleeves you pull on. funny, huh? if you click on the picture, it get's bigger, and you can kind of see at the top where my sleeve isn't quite covering it.
11. we had broccoli soup tonight. yum. I think we will have soup all month long.
12. it was cold and windy today.
13. the radio weather said snow for saturday. Sadie is excited! bring it on. I have my boots! I am good to go.