Thursday, November 30, 2006

what's up?

can I just say-
I love eggnog, and mandarin oranges.
yay, Christmas time!
Cory does not like egg nog. so I say, more for me.
but unfortunately,
all of my kids like it as much as I do,
so not so much for me.

there will be a princess party here tomorrow.
we are going to decorate gingerbread castles-
but they will really be made out of graham crackers.
and gingerbread princes and princesses,
that will really be gingerbread.

so anyways, I guess I should go bake those little people,
and assemble some castles,
and decorate a cake,
and get some games ready to go.
fun, fun, fun!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


had a photoshoot with my past best friends brother-
this one of him and his girls was my favorite!
and Sadie with santa.
oh that santa,
I think he needs a new suit.
I think that hat makes him look a bit Russian!
I was informed by Sadie that he is not the real santa,
in case any of you were wondering!!
the kids did great on their song.
you could hear the audience awww after sadie did her cute part about angels singing hosannah and peace on the earf.
that's how she says it. too cute.
I got so many compliments of how good they did.
Cory bought them all slurpees, for doing so great.
slurpees. sheesh. it is like -20 here.
crazy man.
and sadly, because of that crazy coldness,
we missed the annual santa claus parade.
I am not sure if it even happened, but we weren't there.
too cold for me!
there's always next year.
Jed snuck out a box of Christmas decorations,
so we are a little festive.
Cory thinks we need to wait until December to do the decorating,
and this week is a little hectic,
so it will probably be next week that we get the tree up.
so fun!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

winter wonderland

Well, it was snowing like crazy here today.
yah, and we had a visiting teaching appointment
for our girl who lives out, far from our city.
the van started this morning,
it didn't start yesterday,
so I took that as a sign that we should go.
the roads were not good.
visibility was low, lots of blowing snow,
but we made it.
only for me to get stuck in their driveway.
well, to the side of it, as I was going to turn around.
luckily my visting friend had AMA,
and they came 2 1/2 hours later to get us out.
Sadie missed kindergarten,
but other than that, it was all good
so much fun in the snow.

sadly the gingerbread house class that I was so eager to get to,
was cancelled because of bad roads.
man, I have a bucket loaded with goodies to put on that house, that just might not be around next week. hee hee.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

what a weekend!

We had a weekend with some family members!
so much fun.
Steve and Leanne- Cory's brother- and their 5 kids spent 2 nights here.
then we spent saturday afternoon at the temple.
so neat to be there with so much family!
then we went to stake conference friday night session,
then out for some food.
then Brian and Jessica- Another brother of Cory's, and wife-
slept over too on Saturday!
so fun how they always spend the night with us when there are other family members here. love it!
we stay up late and talk and usually play Risk-
but not this time-
too bad, huh Jess! ha ha.

On Friday I got to take pictures of my sister Kim's little guy-
Taylor. such a cutie. someday I will learn how to post the picture where I want it, instead of always at the top!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


(I couldn't think of a good title for this post!)

anyways, we went out sledding Tuesday afternoon.
Ben and Jack left first to walk to the hill,
then Jed, Maggie, Sadie and I bundled up,
walked over,
Sadie did a few slides,
I did one with her,
then the girls all headed home,
and by the time we got back we were about frozen.
today seems a bit warmer, but a cold wind is blowing.
anyways, and a photo of my new light,
and the new wall color in the back ground.
I like it.
hopefully we can cover up the rest of the blue tonight,
then do the hallways,
then later- when my sister Shelley is home for Christmas-
we can do the bedroom- right, Shelley?? ha ha.
I need to work on some of my many projects I have going on,
so I can clean off my dresser, which is piled high with different colored yarns, and knitting needles. fun stuff!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

like new!

well, now that we have lived in this house about a year,
time to change the things I really wanted to the first time we looked!
the living room and dining room were a blue color,
that I did'nt love.
almost everyone who stepped in our door said they love the blue,
but not me.
so last night, we painted. 4 walls done, well, 2 completely done,
2 more need a second coat, then a few more walls to go! yay,
I love the new color.- it's called parchment. just a neutral, beige, kind of color.
you can see the blue in the back of those pictures.
my little baby in piggies!
she has a mullet happening, the back is so much longer than the front, so it was fun to play a bit.
I know someday she will have more hair on top.

and that light. was hanging in our dining room.
it is now gone.
yay. a black cooler one is now in it's place.
I will try to take a photo to show you all!

a year seems to be the normal time for me to get around to doing those things that I want to do to the house!
in our last house, the upstairs bathroom was sponge painted green everywhere, and I mean everywhere. roof, walls, cabinets.
oohh. it was bad. a year later my sister Shelley came and helped me paint over it.
I can't believe I lived with that for a year.
seminary tonight.
should be good.
thanks for all the sweet comments! I appreciated them so much.
I am good with it. I am moving on, and doing my best!
well the movie is over, kids are off school- a 5 day weekend. joy. I should run. school tomorrow! hurray!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

happy times

feeling better.
about everything.
Cory won tickets to the Canadian Finals Rodeo
at work yesterday,
for that night,
so I dropped everything-
including the gingerbread house class I was supposed to be in,
and went to the rodeo.
it was fun.
crazy cowboys riding the huge bulls.
I thought a couple of times they were going to get stomped on.

but now,
we must go get the kids.
they got to sleep over at Grandmas.
fun stuff.
hoping to finish painting my kitchen this weekend.
I think I have said that before.
but now is the time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh boy.

I had a bad night last night
a BAD night.
took things much too personally
and seriously.
they are serious
and personal
but really.
I was told I am a bad teacher.
I know I am a bad teacher.
there is a reason I am not a teacher at school
and I don't homeschool.
I am a bad teacher.
I teach seminary.
I was asked by my church leaders to do it.
it is a calling.
I cannot- will not- say no to a calling.
so, hence, I am a bad seminary teacher,
but I do it,
I try.
and yesterday a student told me I am a bad teacher and I offend people and she isn't coming back.
I went through a million emotions last night.
all involving tears.
who is she to tell me this.
putting her down in my mind to help me feel better,
and on and on.
came home and ran on the treadmill for 10 min.
it felt good.
but I was still crazy over it.
so anyways
a happy picture.
I will try to be happy
try to be a good teacher.
I always bring food-
what's better than that?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday rant.

cannot stop eating the halloween chocolate.
so good.

need to get on that treadmill so bad.

no picture of the brown hair yet, but I am working on it.

the family loved their pictures.

Jed had his fly open, not a rare thing,
on Sunday after church,
and I realized he had gone commando.
what a stinker.
really, I have no idea where that boy came from
he is really crazy.
and he drives us crazy.
especially his brothers.

was asked to be the photographer at the ward party to take pictures of the kiddos with Santa-
I was second choice, of course,
the first choice will be off photographing a wedding.
but hey, I'll take it when I can get it
should be fun.
not till the 25th.
they also asked our family- the kids -
to sing a little song about the nativity.
hmm- doesn't surprise me that the lady who asked us usually sits in the back of the church, while we sit near the front, so she probably hasn't heard us sing.
it will be interesting to say the least.
Cory can't believe I even said yes, and he refuses to participate.
I told him he will be in charge of the pictures that go along with the song.
Well, I pretty much cannot say no.
I need to work on that.

thinking alot about Christmas.
hmm- could it be the commercials on tv and the flyers?
gotta get going on the homemade things I want to make.
so many ideas. so good at procrastinating.

okay, I will go and do something good right now!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


this is the family i did pitures for a while back.
and the picture frame thing,
I thought it was fun.

is today the day I can share some pictures??
apperently not all at once, but one at a time works.
so anyways,
the octopus we had for lunch on Halloween.
too fun.

the kids ready to go out trick or treating.
man, it was cold.
they have so many layers on.
If you can't tell, there is a princess,
a karate guy, a vampire, and a mad scientist.

yay, some pictures to share.
hmm. other news.
Jack really wants to quit piano lessons.
I am now a brunette.
(the dye I bought was a bit darker than what I thought it would be.
it was funny- on Sunday at church I was early, and Cory came late, and had a hard time finding where I was sitting because he was looking for a blond! it is really dark!)
we have had our fireplace insert in for about a week, and Cory has had it going 24/7. the living room is nice and toasty but let me tell you, the basement is freezing. we gotta figure something out to fix that!
that's all for now.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


so much fun.
so much candy.
chocolate. yum.
okay, some pictures..
or maybe not.
blogger is not on my side today.
or yesterday.
I have some fun pictures.
maybe soon I can share.
I hope.