Monday, October 31, 2011


happy halloween!
I ran over to the school for the parade just after lunch.
I had to buy candy to hand out to the trick or treaters this morning.
I think this is the first year I have had to buy it the day of halloween.
I think I was afraid I would eat it all before it got given out!
and we still haven't carved our pumpkin! yikes.
halloween kind of sneaked up on us this year!
scary stuff.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

do we have a birthday here?

well, we did.
in fact 2 birthdays.
Cory and my birthdays are 5 days apart.
and my parents are both born in October-
and a couple of in laws. and I know there are a few cousins too.
what a great month.
I made some red velvet cupcakes for my birthday.
so delish.
here is maggie cleaning out the tube I put the batter in to help get it into the cupcake cups a bit easier.
sweet red lips.
it was on Monday. my birthday, that is.
I was treated to a crepe breakfast by my sweet visiting teachers.
then I took myself to the titanic display at the science center- because I had a pass,
but found out the pass wouldn't get me into the titanic part, had to pay extra for that.
it was interesting- but I was thinking it would be better.
then supper and red velvet cupcakes.
then I was in bed, and asleep by 9:30.
it is official. I am now an old lady!

and Cory's birthday.
low key.
we don't really go big for birthdays.
and the older you get, the less fuss you want!
sort of!
I am doing a wellness challenge with a group of people.
one of the things is no sugary snacks.
but sunday is a free day.- and then you can have one other day with out losing points, so Monday was my free day- it being my birthday and all.
so I am really hoping that I can hold out, and there are still some cupcakes left on Sunday, so I can eat some more.
if I do eat sugar, I just don't get a point for that on that day- it is hard, but I think I have been doing okay.
sugar is definitely the hardest part for me on this challenge!

Friday, October 14, 2011

today started out with a bang.
then some pops.
and some fun.
and some kids I kind of missed.
but it was very early.
see- I subbed for seminary today.
but on my way out of the driveway, I backed right into Cory's car.
I hoped he didn't hear it, (that was the bang)
and drove on.
we played a game involving blowing up and popping balloons-
hence the pops.
I used to teach seminary- 2 years ago.
I sort of missed seeing those kids every morning, and the things I knew about them.
but it was early. and is early everyday.
I guess that is why it is called early morning seminary!
then when we got back home the car had crutches by it. ( I think I might have to reinact that for my photo of the day!)
I guess he heard the bang. I don't think there was any damage done,
and now the boys have something to hold over me for a while.
what a great start to the day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


well, I seem to have a trend going- post on Thursday.
and I did make a few things from pinterest, but no pictures.
I made some orange chicken in the crock pot. I thought it was good.
when I asked if I should make it again, they all said no.
so there you go.
silly kids.
then I also attempted to make a simple nativity for a sample for our super saturday,
but when I put the heads on the bodies, I realized I bought too small heads.
not good.
hopefully I can get some bigger heads and get that done.
should have more to show next week. I have a costume pinned for Sadie- and she has to wear a costume for activity days on Tuesday, so it will be done by then.
and I did make a bigger cardboard star, but it needs sanded and cleaned up.
I have been busy. the house is a mess.
the usual. life! good times.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

pin it

it's thursday again.
boy, a week went by quickly.
Crystal is doing another pin link party-
and since there is no shortage of things in my pin boards that I want to make,
and I happened to have the right size hook and the right kind of yarn-
and a couple of hours while I watched some general conference,
it was perfect-
so wha-la- the infinity scarf.
it is love. it is easy and fast. took about an hour.
I made one for Sadie- she wears it all the time.
I made one for Maggie- pretty sure she has no clue where hers is.
want to make one? if you know how to chain, and single crochet- you can do it!
the pattern is here!
if you have the means to make one,
I highly recommend it!
-I made mine a bit shorter- I only chained 90 -
and I love it!