Monday, February 02, 2015


 this vacation was in our minds ever since we got married. You see, Cory served a mission for our church back when he was 19/20 years old. He went to Florida, but luckily ended up serving in the Bahamas for the last few months before he went back home. 

So, when we were married, we always said we would come here.
first we were thinking for our 10 year anniversary, but then the kids were still little and money was tighter. Last August was our 20th anniversary. the kids are bigger, and we have a bit more extra money, so this was the year. yay! This time last week we were in the beautiful Bahamas!

 The water is the most beautiful color turquoise that you can imagine. clear and beautiful- and super salty! We stayed at an all inclusive resort- but it really wasn't too fancy- but just fancy enough for our first big getaway!
 The bus rides into town were an adventure in itself. and getting used to the driving on the left side of the road took a while!
I learned that I definitely get sea sick- and I really need to try snorkelling again, but on a calm day- definitely not with 6 foot waves out on the ocean!
all in all, it was an amazing trip. I would definitely go back there again!