Thursday, February 21, 2013


 I guess it has been quite a while. I have lots to share. things happen, and I think- I should blog that, but then that would mean sitting down, getting the pictures from one device to another and stuff like that. I am on instagram now, and man, that is the easy way to share what is up lately- so if you are on there, and follow me, you know all this stuff, but if not, well, here it is.
I was knitting a pair of socks. it was going well, until I got to the heel, then it was not well. I think I need to start with a more basic pattern. but I will knit a pair of socks. someday!
 Thrift shopping with Jack. I thought it worked out quite well how he was holding the record up to his face. he didn't even plan that! ha ha.
 car shopping. just kidding. we were just all out on our way home from the dentist and stopped at the car place to see if they could fix our radio, and while they fixed it we checked out the nice new cars. 
 so much snow around here. all the snow from the back half of the driveway goes to the back yard, so we had quite a pile, then it got dug out into a nice cave, and last weekend Cory and the girls slept in it. I guess they were toasty warm out there- but I was also toasty warm in my nice soft bed!
 funny Maggie- almost every morning when I go to wake her up one foot is hanging out of the blankets! too cute.
there was a one direction pop up store at West Edmonton Mall, so cory and Jack stopped by there, and bought posters for the girls. this poster for Sadie is huge-o-mungeous. that is a double bed there, and it is longer than the bed! Oh that I had a poster of the new kids on the block when I was her age! ha.