Thursday, September 28, 2006



I have been sewing these last few days.
sewing a princess dress for Sadie
for halloween.
I think it might be too small.
the trying on will happen when she gets home from school
wish us luck.

ben has decided he wants to be Elvis.
no elvis patterns at walmart.
I am not into the bought costume scene.
they usually look so cheap.
also no masks.
my kids don't like that rule.
but I hate not knowing who is in there.
I made Cory an Elvis costume years ago
out of an old baptismal one peice jumpsuit.
but I really wish I still had it now!
I am a pack rat,
but trying to overcome.
maybe I should pack more.
I might need it someday.

like the Elvis suit
I need now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I did it

well, the race is over
I did it-
not the greatest thing I have ever done,
I could barely breate by the end.
I don't have asthma,
but I think I got a taste of it.
not good.
I am taking a break from all exercise.
for a while.
then I should do something
cause I have a nice pile of jeans
that are just a bit too small.
and I would like to wear them,
since it isn't really capri weather anymore.

this morning I got my girls room cleaned up.
hopefully we can maintain it for a while.
that is a tough thing.
I know,
because my room is a mess.

Jed is still not sleeping in his smelly room
maybe tonight.
but it looks good.
a neutral taupe kind of colour.
he has a bed that has wagon wheel looking things on the end
so we are going with a cowboy theme-
I bought some horse shoe hooks a while ago-
should hang those up today.
then my sister picked up a wanted poster at Fort Edmonton
that has his name on it.
too cool.
and I have a cordouroy quilt I need to get put together.
boy, his room is going to be nice!!
and he keeps it clean.
I don't know where he gets that from.
oh, maybe his dad,
he's kind of a clean up kind of guy.
well, I should go try and clean up my room
then I can just maintain.
it's a dream I have.

want to see a cool photographers blog I found- look here
Brenda's Blog
okay, can't get the link to work- but it is

I don't know how I found it, but she is totally inspiring me.
I think I am going to dust off the old angel wings, and play a bit today.
someday, I will be good!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

getting ready

ready to run- well , mostly walk, but some running
in Melissa's road race in Banff
on Saturday.
I just hope the weather is good.
should be fun.
painted first coat of Jed's bedroom today.
looks good,
but man, that oil based paint is stinky
I bought a mistint can,
not really reading the label
but now I know.
get water based.
washes out way easier.
at least it looks nice,
but I will have to do another coat tomorrow.
and stink up the place some more.
I think I will finish my kitchen next.
a while ago I painted half of it.
Next week I will finish it.
got a new oven- well a new, old one!
so nice to be able to bake things again.
well, that's about all that's going on around here.
I guess I will go get some kids to bed!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

the latest

my internet was out for a few days.
so many times I just wanted to sit and look,
but couldn't
so I did other things.
but now it is back,
and I can waste my time here again!!

our van has been having some serious problems.
apparently it's the transmission.
so anyways,
we are the proud owners of a "new" van.
a Safari.
very roomy.

and the other day, while turning off my oven,
the knob for the temperature broke right off.
so, haven't been able to use that for a few days.

that's what has been happening around here.

and a recent layout. I put a few up at 2peas.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the wants

I've got a case of the wants.
I want a clean house.
I want to be a good mom.
I want to have good kids.
I want to learn how to handle Jed.
I want to be more thrifty.
I want less junk around my house.
I want to be published in a scrapping magazine.
I want to be the greatest seminary teacher,
(okay not the greatest, but a good one)
I want to be a runner.

and on and on.

most of these things can be worked on,
I just need to do it,
just do it.
off I go...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

while the boys are away...

the girls will play.
yesterday spent a bit of time
with the girls
and my camera
had fun.
Sadie wore a little tutu I made,
can't really see it in the pictures,
but a good excuse to pose for some!
I need to update my wall,
(and grandma's too!!)
Well, trying to work on some good goals
for a little group of girls,
we got a challenge going on,
and the goals are exercise,
spiritual time
drink more water!
and more time off computer!
so , I should go, and read my scriptures!
see ya!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ahh, sweet school days.

so, back to school today.
but Maggie seemed to think she needed to be a trouble maker to make up for the quiet without the boys!
she is a stinker.
but she is napping now,
so all is well.
Camo pants seemed to be the choice around here for back to school attire.
Sadie gets to go to kindergarten next week.
why they have to wait a week is beyond me.
they are dying to go to school,
so let them come!!! sheesh.
Spent the weekend in Stirling
it was nice.
went to a few cute shops.
bought a bit.
need to do some redecorating around here.
having a garage sale this weekend.
maybe I can make some money to buy paint!
seminary starts tonight.
I'm a bit nervous.
but should be good.
alright, need to go preview the flick we are watching tonight at seminary, then finish up some laundry, vaccuum some floors, tidy up some, find more stuff to sell, etc, etc.