Thursday, September 27, 2007

13 things..

1. whenever jack gets hit, or bugged, or hurt- he says "what the heck?" but isn't he handsome?

2. we got our pictures taken last night . thanks Kim! I hope some are okay. getting 5 kids and a husband happy at the same time- not easy.
can't wait to see them!

3. at the end of the first month of grade one, they always have a muffin morning, where the moms and dads, or grandmas, or whoever can go and have muffins and milk in the class room with the kids. kind of fun. that was this morning. good times.

4. this afternoon the elementary school is doing their Terry Fox
run/ walk. I am joining them .
a cool thing to do in tribute to a great guy who did a big thing to help find a cure for cancer.

5. the school has an assembly every monday morning, and at the last one, they had a presentation about Terry Fox, and played the 500 miles song by the proclaimers, and now my kids think that is a great song and play it all day.

6. for Sadies first tooth, the tooth fairy gave her a loonie, and for the second one she got 4 quarters. she was quite excited that she got 4 for the one tooth. that's way better than 1! kids are fun.

7. I got a call from the junior high this morning, apparently Ben got knoked in the head by a locker- or knocked his head into a locker- whatever, but he has a big goose egg. poor guy. I guess their policy is that they have to call home whenever there is a head injury. he must be okay, because he is still there. maybe I'll get a call later to come get him.

8. I scrapbooked! and posted a few at twopeas! look if you want to see!

9. Cory has been working more on my basement. yay!

10. Cory is doing a relay race with a team from work in Banff on a Saturday in October so our big plan is to take the kids out of school on the Friday and spend the day in Calgary at the zoo, then camp- in our trailer- with the heater(yay) and cheer him on in his race. I hope there isn't snow in the mountains by then. last year there wasn't snow where the race was, but I had by winter coat on!

11. I think it will be painfull to pay for the family to go to the zoo for a day- when we lived in Calgary wh e bought the season passes, and went all the time- they are a great deal- it si such a nice zoo, and with the pass, we could go for an hour, and leave, and not feel like it was a waste.

12. I do remember losing Ben in the dinosaur part of the zoo though- when he was little, that was scary- such a big place with many twists and turns.
but we found him, thank goodness- that is when you can't decide whether to ring their necks, or hug and kiss them and never let them go! kids.

13. If you had to take something that is your favorite to a party- one for everyone who is coming, and it has to cost under $3, what would you take?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

when it rains...

it pours!
sadie came home at lunch yesterday, and her other tooth was really loose!

I tried to pull it out, but no go.
loose teeth kind of creep me out. not sure why.

but anyways, we called on our resident tooth puller after school,
and Jack had it out in no time.
I think he might have to be a dentist! heehee.

good thing corn on the cob season is over- would be tough for her to eat now!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


it finally happened.
after weeks and weeks.

what? can't you see?

here- take a look at this-

yep, she lost a tooth. and is so excited. and can't wait to see what the tooth fairy brings, but wants to keep her tooth because she worked so hard on it! silly girl.

Friday, September 21, 2007

the evolution of a baking day

we were out of granola-
so, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. honey nut cheerios just don't compare to a bowl of this good stick to your ribs stuff.

and, when one has mushy yucky bananas, on must make banana nut bars- minus the nuts, with peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips. oh, so good.

then, when you make the banana nut bars, you use an egg, and egg whites, but you just can't waste that lonely little yolk, so toffee bars must be made- it calls for an egg yolk. how convenient.

so, the rest of the weekend I will be busy eating. then next week, I will be walking and walking to wear it off. what a vicious cycle! heehee.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

it's thursday

1. here's an ice cream cone from Maggie. it's made of potato head. which is what she calls playdough. not sure why. funny girl. I write this there are 2 tween girls stalking my house harrassing my boy. geez, junior high girls are nuts. leave him alone! and I am very glad he wants them to leave him alone.

3. he's been asked out on a date already. ahhh. dating at 11. it's just not right.

4. I have a photoshoot set up with Kim for next week. yay. can't wait to see what great shots she takes for us. no pressure!! just fun family shots. so excited.

5. this is a shot I took with my timer. heehee. I can't believe Ben is almost as tall as me. as a consolation he says he is standing on a dirt pile. crazy.

6.this picture was taken at what might soon be our land. Cory wants to build a house on it and sell it. which is good because it is far, far away. like- 45 minute drive. yuck. but nice once you are there. has to be far away because it is cheaper out there. and we are not rich. but maybe after buying the land, building a house and selling it, we might be closer to rich. hmm.

7. it takes money to make money.

8. hard to make money when you have no money.

9. another shot on "our land" we are making funny faces. I think I should blow this one up big. heehee.

10. in Jed's race yesterday he placed 181 out of 252 kids. wow. he's good.

11. I really need to get working on my pile of projects. I must get them done and out of my dining room pile. since I have no basement-yet, my craft stuff is either piled in the dining room or in the garage. must reduce the mess.

12. my sister in law Shari called and she is done her christmas shopping. what a gal. I really like to make gifts, so am getting inspired to work on Christmas gifts. if any of you who will be getting gifts have requests, please put them in now, so I can get on it!

13. book club tonight. we read Pay It Forward, by Catherine Ryan Hyde. good book, some cursing, but I would recommend it. I think we are watching the movie. should be good!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


my sister and her kids came for a bit.
I shared my red velvet cake with her,
she brought soup to eat for lunch.
I took pictures of her cute baby.

it was a good day.

the head seminary guy came to my class last night.
he taught us a few things, some things I have been wondering about for a while. He is a great teacher- someday I would like to teach like that!
babysitting today for the whole day. the baby is asleep, so all is good, so far. Jed joined the track team at school and has his first race tonight. fun. he is so excited. and I have to make pasta for lunch, because that is what you eat before races. or so I am told. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

what's new?

this is the view out my front door. love it. I am hoping for FHE tonight we can go down to the park and take some pictures. sounds fun to me, but not sure about the rest of the fam.

speaking of FHE, I finally- yes, sorry Joanne, it has been tucked away, but I finally have seen the light. I was thinking why should it all be for me to prepare! (or not, as the case may be) so I pulled out our little chart, and we are taking care of our responsibilities! yay. I just need to get some hooks on the back so it can be hung up. yay.

and what else is new around here, you ask?

well, this big fridge is new!
and nice.
and no pools of water at the bottom under the drawers every few days. yay.

the water and ice maker is not hooked up yet, but hopefully soon.

and inside that fabulous fridge is some left over red velvet cake. I used the mix my fabio sister Shelley gave me, and my kids did not like it. so I guess I have to eat it. I think they just didn't like that it was red. what weird kids I have, I mean come on, it is cake! with cream cheese icing. really. to quote Ben, "it tastes like carpet." how he would know what carpet tastes like, I am not sure. and how he would know the cake tastes like carpet is beyond me, since he didn't even take a bite. their loss. my gain. in more than one way, if you know what I mean. haha.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

here it is..

thirteen. thirteen what? I don't know- stuff that is up lately I guess.

1. still have not found the Sponge Bob dvd. crazy. I went to the library and told them my story, and they put it in a lost file, so now I have 3 months. sadly I think it will be about that long till we find it. hopefully we do find it.

2. my first day of babysitting today. actually just a half day, so far, so good.

3. mopped my dining room floor this morning, it was bad, but now, it is good.

4. yesterday a friend invited me to a dinner theater. I have always wanted to go! they had a group from her husbands work, but he works away and couldn't make it home, so I got to go. such great food. the show was about Weyland Jennings, Johny Cash and Willie Nelson- the bad boys of Country. a lot of singing, and stories of their lives. interesting. I would like to go back - to a different show. fun.

5. why does that Johny Cash not look right. Jonny, Johnny, is it even his name? now that doesn't sound right. weird.

6. yesterday was so very cold. I didn't walk, because it was cold and rainy.
today the sun is shining. Yay.

7. we had frost last night and I didn't cover up my tomatoes. the plant does not look good. what do I do? do I pick the green tomatoes and let them ripen inside, or leave them out, and maybe cover them tonight? anyone?

8. yesterday I had to go into Edmonton to IKEA- I really had to. heehee. Cory needed a big clock for a conference room at work, and since I was at IKEA, I went to Children's place- where they have flipflops for 2/$1 by the way. had to get a few of those. and I got some boys dress pants for $1.99. not a lot of selection, but I think one pair will fit Jed, and if Ben doesn't fit the other pair, he will soon. then off to Old Navy- where all kids clothes are 25% off, so I got a dress shirt for Ben- I like the quality of their shirts. then of course I had to go to Dollarama. wished I would have had more cash on me, since that is all you can use there. so I had to limit myself. they had a package of chipboard alphabets for $1. wow. I would have bought every color if I had more money. next time.

9. oh, and while at Ikea I was looking at their frames and loving a really big one they had, but I decided I would wait until I have a wall in the basement to hang it on- and a great family picture to go in it.
so then, I had to check out the as-is section. can't leave the store without a little walk through, and there was the frame, for less than half the price. well, I had to do it. now if I can just get those walls.

10. Cory has the day off tomorrow, and is planning on framing walls , so that is great news. yay. walls.

11. It will seem strange though, once those wall bases ( I am sure there is a real term for them, but I don't know it) are in we are commited to a layout. our plans for that basement have changed so many times.

12. the whole babysitting thing has just gone bad. the baby woke up, so I took her out of the playpen, but she was still crying, so I put her back. maybe she needs more sleep. who knows. she is in there crying right now.

13. I love fall. the colors, the warm sun (when it is warm) and light breezes blowing the leaves off the trees, the sound of geese flying by. love it. but I really do love warm summer days too. hmm. indian summers. there you go. that is what I love.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

kissy, kissy

cute little family.
fun stuff.
getting ready for my first seminary class of the year today. good times.
still walking- still loving it.
searching the house for a lost library DVD. not sure how many times we are allowed to renew it. $1 a day for each day past due. must find it today!!
have a great day!

Friday, September 07, 2007

love it!

Dear Kathy Smith,
I picked up CD 1&2 of your leanwalk system at a thrift store here in town- number 3 wasn't with them, or I would have got it too. last night my husband downloaded them onto my MP3, and this morning I tried them out. I just have to say, I loved it. the half hour segment was perfect for my walk around the "ring road" here in town. It started out slow, and I had my doubts, but the pace got faster and faster, and I was really working! the music was cheesy, and the talking along was somewhat cheesy too, but I will definitely be doing it again. and I think I will have to go back to the thrift store and see if they have #3 lying around, although I think it might take a while for me to work up to that. thank you for a great work out. meet you tomorrow morning- same time, same place. yours truly, Kristi

Thursday, September 06, 2007

what I have been up to.

1. these three gorgeous girls are the reason we took the trip to Saskatchewan last weekend.
the two babies were blessed and Julie was baptized. fun times.

2. I am trying hard to forget those $0.25 aero bars that are in my purse, but they are calling to me. I bought 4- I restrained myself. they are the caramel kind. if they were the regular or the mint, I would have had to go crazy. really crazy.

3. pulled some bananas out of my freezer to make some of these.
oh so very yummy.

4. I went for a walk this morning after taking the kids to school, and passed a garage sale, had to look, found some good stuff, so had to walk back later. see, I deserve a chocolate bar, don't I??

5. look at this baby. look at those dimples. makes you want to eat her up! so sweet.

6. you would think I was hungry, wouldn't you! but I'm not, really.

7. as I am sitting on the computer, and Maggie is watching Dora, I am thinking I should be more like my fabio sister Andrea. read her post to see what she has done with her sweet girls.
what a great mom she is!

8. made cookie dough this morning, so I can have fresh baked cookies for the kids when they come home. sometimes I am a good mom. sometimes.

9. I worked long and hard yesterday on a knitted striped hat. I started it a long time ago. man, it was hard to work the top part- I will have to sew in all the yarn ends, make a pompom, and show it off. I don't know that I ever want to make that hat again. maybe if I start now I can finish it next year!!
- it is yet another thing on my list to finish before my birthday. that list is a good thing for me- a bit of motivation to get things done!

10. I took my annual pictures of the kids standing by dad on the first day of school- to compare to last year to see how much they have grown, but none of them turned out very good. I might have to stage another first day of school picture day, and try again. it was so dark and grey out, then it started raining before I was done.

11. I scrapbooked in Kindersley! wow, it has been a long time. I even did another page last night. maybe tomorrow night I can get more done- Cory is planning on doing his annual camping night with the kids, the summer snuck away on us, so this weekend is it! A night all to myself. can't wait. I hope it doesn't rain. it has rained a lot lately.

12. our relief society is having a clothing exchange tonight. I am excited to get rid of the piles of clothes that are on my bedroom floor- from cleaning out the two big dressers we had, to move into a smaller one that we share. I still don't know where to put my capri's and shorts. they used to have their own drawer.

13. when my basement is done, I can have my food storage down stairs, and use the upstairs closet for linens, and then use that shelf for my summer stuff. there you go- Cory, just waiting for you- then my room can be clean. heehee.

Monday, September 03, 2007

life is a highway

and we drove it this weekend! with a couple of stops by a train track. what fun.
silly Maggie.

who wouldn't stop for such a cute little thing! this pose was Jack's idea. funny- if you look close, the suitcase latches are both up. I crazy glued it shut. the girl I got the suitcase from had to break it open to see what was inside it! it was her grandma's, and she used it to hold her camera and stuff!

Ben was on a hiking trip with Cory, and met us in Kindersley the next day. when he saw how many pictures I took on the way, he was glad he wasn't with us.
school starts tomorrow! Sadie's teacher called us today- she is new to our school, and I can't remember what she said her name was, but she said that Sadie can bring a small stuffed animal to class. fun. Jack was basically in bed all day today feeling sick, so I really hope he is better tomorrow. how sad to miss your first day of school!