Monday, September 09, 2013


or alternative titles might be- why am I doing this? this is crazy! what have I gotten myself into? or other things like that- but let me go back to the beginning.
I did some post secondary schooling. Right out of high school. I went to college in the states. It was so much fun. I changed my major a few times. ended up getting a general associates degree! - which is really good for nothing.
then I wasted one more year at a bigger university in the states- my major- clothing and textiles, because I still didn't know what I wanted to be, and I had to major in something.
but then I got married, and never finished, but that was okay because I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I had kids.
I stayed home.
it was fun while it lasted.
Cory kept telling me to go back to school, but I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.
Then I talked to a young friend. She was taking court reporting. now that sounds neat! I should apply.
so I did.
and I got accepted.
and I started last week.
and holy cow, is it hard.
and stressfull.
and we have our first test tomorrow, and I think it won't be pretty.
this is my sweet steno machine.
see, not enough keys for all the letters, so we have to learn to combine some, and sometimes just one letter means a whole word. yikes. it is sure tough for my old brain to wrap around.

and this school year was the first one that I wasn't able to take kids to their first day of school, because I was at mine. That was hard. and now I have to commute to the city every day. - that's not too bad- and I did just get a book on cd to listen to, so it is actually enjoyable.

but I wonder why I messed with a good thing. being at home was a pretty sweet gig. but, if all works out like it should, I should have a pretty sweet job, that I can do part time, and from home- so I can be home for the fun stuff, and make some money for some more fun stuff- like trips, I hope!
so, yah, my first test is tomorrow. we had a practice run today, and it didn't go so well for me. but hopefully I will catch on, and love it!