Tuesday, January 31, 2012

take 1 of 7/12

back at the beginning of the year,
one of my goals was to take a picture
of all of us every month-
this was January's try-
the first 7 letter word we could come up with was awesome,
so we grabbed some glow sticks and wrote it.
too bad I don't grasp the concept of writing letters backwards!
then I got it, but Ben decided to draw a man instead.
then I was trying to figure out the settings on my camera in the dark,
and then everyone had lost any interest.
but I think it is definitely worth another try-
it was AWESOME.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


this picture was taken a while ago.
the very day the snow blew in and the cold winds came,
and the following week was so very cold.
now it is nice again.
winter weather swings.
just like this girl's mood swings.
and she's not even a teenager yet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I wonder..

would it be wrong of me
to make a little camisole
for this barbie to wear
under her very low cut dress?
I am just glad it was on one of
the higher shelves
so my sweet little girl
wouldn't see it.
why can't barbies have longer skirts/dresses,
and dresses with sleeves.
just wondering.
although I am impressed with her sleeves and
the length of her dress.
just needs a little something to cover up the girls.
just saying.

Monday, January 16, 2012


it's cold outside!
gone are the unseasonably warm temperatures,
we are back to the normal- -30 degrees.
hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace are in order for today!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

birthdays from the past

so very exciting!
we had three birthdays in December,
I am not sure why one got missed.
sorry Sadie!
Ben is now 16. yikes!
Jack is 14- got his learners licence, but I still need to tell the tale on that one.
and Sadie is 10.
good times!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

new year

for new years,
I always make resolutions.
a fresh start,
a new beginning.
one of them - I was thinking- is to blog more,
blog better. and yet,
I hadn't blogged yet.
sad. so here I am.
*my friend was trying to convince me I should run a marathon this year.
um- no thanks,
but I am making it a goal to run a 10k in September-
and actually RUN the whole way.
now that is a big goal. (for me, anyways)
*to do some scrapbooking.
- Cory will like that one.
*I am not sure about doing a picture a day- I did it last year (for most days)
and it gets to be kind of not fun most days-
but I am thinking of doing a 7/12 project-
take a picture of my whole family (the 7)
every month (the 12.)
not sure what I would do with all those- make a fun book maybe- with highlights of each month?- ooh, the wheels are spinning. hmmm. will have to think on that.
*clean out my craft room and make it into Maggies room. - I have a whole year, right? it might take that long.
*get my etsy shop stocked up with all the stuff I have stashed in that messy craft room,
and make those things I have imagined in my head, and get them into the shop- and sell more stuff in this shop,
or get a real job, because I really want to take a fantastic vacation- still deciding if it will just be Cory and I, or the whole family- and I really want to get out of debt, so I should probably contribute to the cause!
*generally keep my house cleaner, and make it super cute. big plans in store for that-
but trying to do it on the cheap, because I am trying to get out of debt.
* I am trying - just for January- to not spend any excess money- just food and necessities.
(although I did spend $0.50 at a thrift store yesterday on three adorable little bowls, but I don't think that really counts.)
*and to really not start any brand new projects that require more supplies, but to use up the stuff I have- in my messy craft room. I have some quilts in mind- but I should not need to buy anything except some batting.
*and I am going to read the whole Book of Mormon. I am going to find a cute chart I can fill in as I go- it is always fun to color in blocks as you go, right?
alright, I am off, to go clean up the living room, then maybe work on some stuff for the etsy shop. or a quilt. or something awesome!
happy new year!