Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Jack, Jed and Cory.
(And sometimes me)
play Settlers of Catan
almost everyday.
mostly multiple times a day.
it is almost always set up on our dining table 
ready for the next round.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Time flies

This sweet little adorable girl is counting down the days until she turns 12. How on earth did this happen? She's my baby. My last kid. Wah! 
She's still pretty sweet. She keeps her room so clean. She is a minimalist with her clothing- she truly has so few pieces, and definitely wears what she has. It is kind of inspiring to me, honestly.
She loves to sing and dreams of being on broadway, or voicing a Disney princess someday. 
She still has a few barbies on her shelves, and stuffed toys on her bed. ❤️

I work at a little cafe and kids play place, and I was talking to a mom who was there one day, and having a hard time with her very active kids, and I said that I really didn't miss those days of wrangling small children, but later she was sitting at the table with a little one cuddling on her lap, and I said- that is what I miss. The little ones who cuddle on your lap, and the snuggles. Ahh. 
That's when I need to remind myself that kids that can wipe their own bums are really great too. Haha. 

Monday, January 02, 2017


Hello, hello!?
It's been a while. 
nothing major has happened, but a lot of fun little stuff. 
Life keeps going on. Kids grow up and move out.  It happens. Even if you try to stop it. My second oldest will be leaving later this week to head to a new city for University. At least we think he will.  he hasn't arranged a vehicle, or really a place to live, so who knows. Maybe he'll stay in my basement forever. (every Mother's dream, right?)
I had a small role in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. that was fun. not sure if I want to make show business my business though. 
For 2017 we want to live more frugally. pay off debts (mortgage. -probably won't be this year, but hopefully in the next couple of years) I've been reading/watching posts on minimalism, and it is very appealing to me to have less stuff (mess) and spend less money. win/win!
I will try to keep you posted on the progress, and this in turn will help motivate me into action! 
yay for a new year, fresh goals, and dreams!