Tuesday, August 30, 2011

time capsule

years ago,
when I was a councellor in the young women program in our ward at church,
we did an activity where we made time capsules.
we sealed them in large cans at the church cannery, and there it sat for a long time.
the label got wet, and I couldn't remember when we were supposed to open it,
so we rediscovered it in the garage recently,
and decided to open it in our family home evening last night.
we discovered it was supposed to be a 10 year time capsule, and I sealed it up in 2004 or so,
so it was opened a bit early, but fun to see.
the boys had put in toys, a spider man figure, a hot wheel motorcycle thing, some yu-gi-oh cards, I had put in a few flyers from the grocery stores-
but the funnest thing was a cassette tape we had made with little interviews with the kids.
how fun it was to hear their little voices again.
Ben when he was 8- and was talking about the rescue hero toys he got for Christmas,
Jack when he was 6, and what he would buy me if he had a lot of money- (a black cowboy hat ?!) - he had the cutest little voice - he couldn't say his r's. adorable.
and little Jed. so sweet. even sadie was talking a bit- she was only 2.
what a fun reminder of when those boys were sweet and little.
now they are just big stinky boys.
why do they grow up so fast?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

funny girl

Maggie randomly came in the kitchen and said
-I didn't know fleas were white.
I said
-they're not. they are black.
Maggie said
-but in the song (then she sweetly sang) Mary had a little lamb whose fleas were white as snow.
I explained all about the fleece,
and all was right again.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

summer time

it just wouldn't be summer without a run through the sprinkler with an umbrella,
we are just happy it was a warm day.
those are getting hard to come by around here this summer!

Monday, August 15, 2011

it was wicked

a couple of Saturdays ago,
Sadie and I had the opportunity
to go and see wicked.
I had seen it before in Chicago with my sister,
but that was a while ago,
and well, we had the chance,
so we jumped at it!
it was so good.
as we walked out Sadie said-
"that was wicked!"

you can't really tell, but she is wearing a wicked shirt we happend to buy at a DI in Utah on our vacation, it was perfect to wear to the show.
I think we paid maybe $2 for it, and they were selling the same one there for $40.
such a steal of a deal.
man, I love DI.
and I love wicked.

Friday, August 12, 2011

our favorite summer treat (this year)

this was discovered by accident a while ago- I think I bought a pop somewhere, but didn't want to bring it inside, so I put it by the back door,

and it was winter,

and when I went to get it it was a bit slushy,

and so delicious!

so, now we make frozen pop.

I haven't really tried any other kinds of pop,

but we really like sprite. or 7 up. or spritz up.

(hey it was only 77 cents. more bang for my buck. and still tastes fantastic)

so, here is what you do.

pour the pop into a bunch of cups.

not too full, because it will expand when you freeze it.

(I can't get the pictures to move where I want them, so this is the final picture.

maggie chipping away, and enjoying her frozen pop)

carefully transfer all the cups to the freezer,

let them freeze for a few hours,

and enjoy.

I think I got about 12 of the smaller ikea cups full -

for 77 cents, I think that's a pretty good deal.

I think I will go stock up on some more pop while it is on sale!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

this week

all week I have had blog posts going around my head, but getting to the computer, and uploading pictures was just too hard.
(those incredibly lazy days of summer are in full force around here)
but I finally did it, and here is a summary of this week for you!

our house is undergoing a bit of a facelift on the outside.
it looks much better than this now,
but that is another post for another day!

this guy had a birthday.
the big 1-2.
he requested skor trifle for his cake,
so that is what he got.
and we all went bowling.
except ben, because....

early monday morning Ben headed down to Calgary for EFY.
I can't wait to pick him up and see how it all went,
although I am sure he won't tell me too much,
being a teenage boy and all.
but I am excited that he had the opportunity to go,
and I hope he is having a great time!

Friday, August 05, 2011


well, the laptop has been found-
(right where I put it, of course)
but time to blog is hard to find.
because I am busy doing summer stuff-
killing ants
(we have an infestation in our kitchen. disgusting)
deep cleaning my kitchen to try to get rid of those nasty ants,
and sometimes just doing nothing.
so I will share a picture of us in Salt lake city.
this was just after we had lunch at the lion house.
so delish.
if you happen to be in SLC around lunch or supper,
my whole family would recommend heading there.
don't go to the golden corrall. not so delish.
just our opinion though!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


the search for the lap top will be in earnest today- maybe even a reward offered.
do things always turn up in your house when a reward is offered?
that is when kids start to really look and things are usually found.

some pictures that were took with an itouch-
it was getting dark, but Maggie (and Jack) got to ride Cory's uncle Jack's horse Maggie.
so fun!

we saw the beautiful
Salt Lake City temple.
first time my kids have been to Utah-
and the first time Cory and I had been there together!

riding the carosel at Lagoon- I told my kids that every time I drove past there as a kid- on our family trips past or to utah, I always wanted to stop there but we never did- and here they are on their first time to utah, and at lagoon. they said they never even had the opportunity to want to go- they just got to. lucky ducks.
(and the real reason we got to go to lagoon is because we crashed Uncle Jack's family reunion- and we didn't even see all the cousins there. it was crazy busy, and crazy hot.)

there is a taste of our holiday.
hopefully more to come soon when the laptop is found.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

home again

we were off on a fun family vacation-
we headed to Utah, to extreme heat,
and lots of fun.
lots of driving,
and lots of shopping.
everyones favorites included DI and Target.
we hit sonic happy hour a couple of times.
(so good!)
saw old faithful blow twice.
drove and drove.
and now I can't find my laptop to download my pictures on.
but hopefully it will turn up soon, and I can share!
so check back. if you want to see what we were up to!