Friday, August 27, 2010

Bieber bum

so, (now that i know how to really spell his name)
I before E, and all that,
I was not picked to get the bangs of a young rock star.
sadly, I think voting had nothing to do with it,
but I would like to thank all of you who took a minute to vote!
I felt like a superstar myself!
maybe now I will just buy a Justin Bieber CD-
just to bug the boys!

Friday, August 20, 2010

beiber bangs

justin beiber.
not sure how I feel about him.
he does sing some good songs.
my boys hate him
( I think they are jealous of his fame and fortune.)
but his hair- well, what can I say.
don't you think it would look good on me?

well- guess what?
my radio station is having a contest.
(I seem to have a think for radio contests- right?)
anyways, 5 lucky (?!) moms get to have their hair cut like Justin Beiber,
and get tickets to his concert!
so, -
don't you think the look suits me?

you can vote for me! (but only if you want to see me with a hair cut just like Justin!)
go to EZ rock, ( the link should take you right to the cute picture- of me with the girls, go to the yellow, red scale, (when you click on it, and arrow should appear above it) move it to a highish number, somewhere in the red, and click!
then maybe I can get a sweet hair cut! (ha)
- a free dinner,
and a fun concert with Sadie!

crazy stuff!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

16 years

this morning a friend of mine called me up,
and said she had something for me from Cory.
and I was all confused, thinking that tomorrow was the day,
today is our anniversary-
and he is off on a young men's camp.
but he left something for me!
(it is a beautiful necklace)
so sweet.
I think I might go see a chick flick to celebrate!
(and wear my necklace- just because!)
happy anniversary to me!
(and us!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

did we have a birthday here?

yes, we had a birthday here!

on Sunday it was Jed's big day.
he counted down for about 2 weeks. letting us know how many days until his birthday.
I am so glad it finally came!

1. Jed usually wears his shirts inside out or backwards. (see photo)
2. Jed is a go getter. if he wants something he will figure out how to get it.
3. Jed was the only one born in Calgary. and he loves Calgary.
4. I think he really likes the Calgary Flames because his brothers don't.
5. He likes to bug his brothers. and sisters.
6. he is a real leader. get him around a group of little kids, and he will have them all doing some game, or following him around.
7. he is usually the first one awake. and dressed.
8. I can hardly believe he is going into grade 6.
9. and 11 year old scouts. no more cubs for us!
10. he is a great fly catcher.
11. we love you jeddy bo beddy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

last week-

late last week the girls and I headed to Calgary.
On Friday morning I had a camera workshop with the Blue Lily!

look! haven't my pictures already improved?
kidding. I need so much practice. - but it was really great- there ended up being only two of us to learn, and with the two of them teaching, well, fantastic odds!
they are so very nice.

then after the class, I got the girls- they stayed with Brian and Jessica while I was learning,
(thanks so much guys!)
and we headed to the Calgary zoo.
we had to check out the dinosaurs live exhibit!
it was pretty cool!

then that night the boys came,
and the next day we headed down town to the Calgary Tower.
I had never been there before.
it was pretty cool!

before we left, we had a family photoshoot with Blue Lily.
can't wait to see them!

we had a good time in Calgary!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


some guys have been paving our street over the last couple of days.
my kids have been thinking hard for ways to make some money.
they came up with a great plan and made a lemonade stand!

(and used up my bottle of lemon juice to make it with!)
I think they did alright.

just minutes before this picture, three guys were buying some lemonade,
but my card was full, and it took me a bit to delete the pictures, and get ready to take more,
but if you look closely, you can see a cup in the worker guys hand across the street!

I am betting they will spend everything they made on candy.
heck, that is what I would have done when I was a kid!- headed down to the smokes and gifts store down the street, and bought some chocolate bars. nice, right?

Monday, August 02, 2010

part 2 (invlolves lots of pictures!)

while in Saskatchewan-
(we really went because I had the three youngest in swimming lessons-
but didn't take any pictures of that!)
we went to the town museum to take some pictures.
oh boy, did I have some fun!

here's Jed-

sweet little Mags-

handsome Jack-

a shot I adore of us girls!
(thanks Leanne!)

Sades and Jules- bcf (best cousins forever!)

stunning Sadie-

crazy Ben-

good times!
man, that school house had such beautiful lighting. I wanted to stay there and set up a studio.
loved it!