Saturday, February 28, 2009

corner gassed

last night we got to do something we have never done before-
together Cory and I went to a dinner theater.
I did get to go out with a friend to a dinner theater before, but Cory had not been, and we had never been together.
now, you know by now that we are fairly cheap (or as I like to think, thrifty) so with the $55 a ticket price, that would be why we have never done such a thing before.
but, since work was paying, we were all over it!
we got to see Corner Gassed. a spoof on the tv show Corner Gas, of course.
and it was hilarious.
all the waiters and waitresses are dressed up and acting too, and there was a lot of audience participation.
the play is taking place at Cat Creek's ( as opposed to Dog River) 200th anniversary, so there was a talent show, and a parade-
and guess who got to be in the parade-
hilarious, no? the camera batteries were low. at least that was Cory's excuse. the other 2 ladies with me were the ones we shared our table with. it was a hoot. This is definitely something I would want to do again-
go to a dinner theater, I mean- not the acting part.
but especially if work is covering the bill.
(and look Bobbi-jo- I did it! the words on the pictures! thanks for the help!)

Friday, February 27, 2009


well, I got the top all sewn together.
(don't look too closely. in true Kristi fashion, the seams don't quite line up everywhere they should.)
I love the bright springy colors!
(it is cold again here- the boys were supposed to go on a scout camp- that got cancelled the last time because of cold weather, and it got cancelled again! I am ready for spring to come.)
I love that I made it all from fabrics I had in my scraps!
I don't love that I have to go buy some batting,
but I do love that I have a fun sheet I bought at a thrift store that will be perfect for the back!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. back in the day I used to dressup nice (skirts) to go to enrichment. but I was always among the minority. so I stopped dressing up. well, last night we had an enrichment, and I just came in my jeans, not a thought to dress up in my mind. well, I was in the minority. Guess I am going to have to switch back.

2. I think I need some new skirts. with having to dress up when I teach seminary, the old skirts are getting older.

3. I think I am going to have to use this book I picked up on my last trip to the states- got it for a great deal at Joannes, thanks to my sister's coupons and teachers discount. I had great plans for it. skirts for me, and the girls, but I haven't made a thing out of it yet. soon. very soon.
4. and since I joined in on the Nothing but Scraps group over on Twiddletails, I think I might have to see what I have lying around that I can use to make a skirt. although, I believe a peice big enough for a skirt would be considered stash and not scraps, and we are supposed to use scraps. 5. I was sewing up my scrappy stars quilt top- loving using up scraps!
but I would have to say all the white came from my stash. what can you do?

6. I am going to make a few of these cute little things- (using only my scraps!)

Maggie wants to have a monkey party, and since I picked up the Martha Stewart monkey party box- that has invitations, cups, plates, little monkey things to stick in cupcakes, and treat bags, all I need to do is come up with some games and something for the kids to take home. well, I thought a little monkey would be wonderful! I think we will only have 3 or 4 kids, so I think it is do-able.the pattern is quite big, so I shrunk it down to 75% and it seems better. I found the pattern here.

7. I think I will buy a bag of those marshmallow bananas, to put in the treat bags and call it good. Maggie cannot wait for her birthday!

8. did anyone see Oprah yesterday? did it freak you out like it did me? wowsa. the economy is a frightening thing.

9. wow. I was just finding the blog to link to the cute monkeys, and she has a link to another blog, and I was just perusing, so stinking cute. I want to make everything on there! check out skip to my lou.

10. today I am going to do some cleaning. now that that is out there, I have to do it! It has been far too long.

11. and since I vowed I would not leave my house today (winter is back, and it is freezing outside) I guess I will have lots of time to clean, and use up some scraps! yay.

12. with so much I want to do, and should do, you would think I should be getting busy, right? well, the internet has sucked me in. there is so much out there to see, and learn, and make! I love it.

13. but alas, real life is here, and floors need mopping. I must go, but I will be back! sucked back into the vortex. and loving it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


-because it is Shrove Tuesday- thanks for the reminder Shelley. (how come you always know when it is, and I never do?) - and because we have to go to a Baden Powell banquet for supper, and because I didn't do pancakes for breakfast, we are having pancakes for lunch. yum.

- because i found out about how to make those wacky star quilt squares on a blog thatdid a tutorial so that people could make them for the Bushfire quilt project,
but I was only going to make them for myself, but then I was thinking that everytime I saw that quilt, I would remember how I never donated any to that project, and since I had to go to the post office today to mail off some stuff, I sent 2 squares off. hopefully they will help brighten someone's day in Australia, who has lost everything in the fires. (imagine those colorful apples are the right way. oops. I didn't even notice it was upside down when I was taking the picture. I haven't made any more squares in a few days. I had better get back in my sewing room today!)

-and because I am a good mom(sometimes)- when Sadie brought home Dudley- he is a little dinosaur that the kids in her class take home and write in a book about what they do with him. well, Sadie said that someone had made him a bed, I was thinking that poor Dudley needed a quilt, then Sadie thought he should have a pillow too, so I whipped one up for him. I even appliqued on a D for Dudley. fun, no?
and I just have to say, binding a quilt that small is a big pain!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My sister Shelley did this on her blog- so I thought I would try it. funny stuff. you type your name and needs into a search engine- eg. Kristi needs and see what comes up. Write the first 10.

1. Kristi needs to know exactly what time she is going to be doing something... (not really, I am pretty flexible)
2.Kristy needs to turn up the AC because her hotness is about to burn the place down. (well, my name is not spelt correctly, but the rest is spot on. hahahaha)
3.Kristi needs your support. (well yes, yes she does)
4.Kristy needs help. ( again with the name, but help is always nice)
5.Kristi needs a better script writer. (sure, why not?)
6.Kristi needs to go to Home Depot and buy a filter for the exhaust fan over her stove—there is serious grease buildup there. ...(oh my gosh! I actually do! and a Home Depot just opened up out here. I guess I should go!)
7.Kristi needs this type of concrete feedback to grasp her own progress. (umm, okay. )
8.Kristi needs to be patient. (of course she does)
9.Kristi needs to take a back seat this time.( alright, alright.)
10. Kristi needs a huge shout out. ( yah, she sure does)

okay, that was pretty funny. thanks Shelley for the idea!

Friday, February 20, 2009


this is why I love helping out with hot lunch:food for later!
oh, and that cute little guy who came by when we were cleaning up, with pizza sauce all over his cheeks, and said thanks, and that it was a really good hot lunch. He made me chuckle!
and- the baby was born yesterday, so Maggie and I, and my sister Shelley headed over to go see the little guy. super cute. almost makes me want another. but then I look at the big troublesome things these sweet little babies grow up to be. then I am done. I will just hold him whenever I get the chance!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

happy thursday!

1. I am addicted.
to those wonky star quilt squares.
they now number 16. and I find myself saying just one more.
is that not a sign of addiction?
I think I love that they are springy colors.
ahh. spring.

2. it was a girl in my seminary class' birthday today.
and I didn't know.
I feel bad.
treats tomorrow, for sure!

3. I haven't heard any news of any baby. yet.
maybe it was born in the middle of the night,
and I can go see it today.
I hope.

4. when Cory is away it is either pizza or pancakes for supper.
last night was pizza. yum.

5. I got the movie Pelelope from the library, and most of us here at home watched it last night- actually it was me and the boys watching it, while telling the girls to be quiet constantly because they were playing really noisily on the stairs.
very cute show. but she does drink beer, and gets drunk ( but doesn't do anything bad while drunk) ,andall this while hanging out at a pub.
but other than that, really good.

6. my treadmill has bit the big one.
it is goners. beyond use. sad.
I think I am going to go to my mom's house this morning and use my sister's fancy new elliptical. just because I can. and I should.

7. I suppose I should wake my kids up, so they can get ready for school.
but I am willing to delay the madness as long as I can. I really need to get a handle on our mornings. they are crazy.

8. I cleaned the inside of my windows, but the outside is still dirty, so it didn't do much good. it is supposed to be sort of warm today, so maybe I will get out and do the outside. maybe

9. one of my seminary kids didn't come today because she got braces yesterday. I guess you need more rest the day after you get braces. poor girl.

10. survivor tonight. (remember we are not judging here)
and the office. yay. but I might be too tired. darn those late shows.
and yes, 10 is late when you have to wake up early for seminary.

11. at least I don't watch the Bachelor.
okay, I did watch a bit. until I got too disgusted by him making out with all three girls. weird. yuck. but I only watched a few minutes, and haven't been watching the whole season.

12. not that I am judging. if you watch it, that is okay. I am okay with that. I actually know two ladies who get together and watch it. that could be fun. because you could make fun. know what I mean?

13. okay, I had better get those kids up.
let the madness begin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


-Cory is heading to Calgary today. without me.

-my sister is probably having her baby today.

-I think I need a nap.

-my windows always look so filthy in the morning when the sun is shining right in them. I better go clean them.

-but I am very happy that the sun is shining.

-and I can't wait for warmer weather. I am tired of hats and coats and mittens and winter boots everywhere.

-and those are my thoughts for today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I saw found a tutorial for these wonky star quilt squares,
and since I love stars, I love quilts, and I love wonky stuff
(maybe because I am a bit wonky)
I had to try one.
and one turned into 8. they are so fun.
and instead of cutting a square to sew on each of those little triangles from, I am just using up scraps I have around.
and now there are little triangle pieces all over my craft room.

so today, after I finally get myself dressed, and hopefully do a bit of exercising, and change a load of laundry, and clean up a bit around the house, I think I will head back into my craft room and see how many more stars I can make!

Monday, February 16, 2009

family day?!

so, for most holidays I like to do a little something.
heart shaped pancakes,
green milk for st.Patrick's day,
you know, fun little stuff.
but today is family day-
and what am I doing to celebrate?
I am home all by myself!
and it is a party!
Cory has to work today,
and all of my kids-
yep, all five of them
got to sleep over at my sister's house last night.
fun for them.
probably not so much for my sister.
I have about 1 1/2 more hours until I have to go get them,
so I had best get busy partying it up.
thanks Andrea. you are so sweet.

ps.did you see the amazing race last night? wasn't that cheese rolling hilarious? I think I was crying I was laughing so hard!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I heart valentine's day!

start the day off with heart shaped pancakes!then for lunch cheesy toast- with the cheese cut in hearts of course! for supper I am going to make heart shaped pizza-
then for dessert-
not so pretty, but very delicious
red velvet cake balls!

happy Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


1. I won, I won! yay.

now if only I could be the ninth caller when I hear the jet fly on my radio station, so I can win $100 and a chance to win a trip to Jamaica.
that would be great!

2. but I am very happy with the fat quarters. don't get me wrong.
very happy indeed!

3. I used to not make cinnamon buns. they scared me. my mom makes really good ones- and mine were never that good. but one time a while ago I was making buns, and I decided to try cinnamon buns, and they were okay. but last night- I made some. delish. love them! need to not eat them all myself.

4.guacamole. yum.

5. why is it that when you get a bit more sleep than you have in a few days you are more tired than those days that you got less sleep?

6. Is it bad that I don't want to leave my house today and go to the playgroup at the church? Maybe I will see if Maggie says anything about it.
I mean, really- that means I would have to get dressed. yikes.

7. do you guys have stuff all over your floors, that you just get so used to being there, and you just step over them and around them, and soon you don't even notice anything is there? yah, well, my house is so there right now. and today I am going to remove all those things that are just lying around. really.
I think.

8. I am going with the red velvet cake balls. I don't know if my family will approve. but I do! for sure. and if I have to eat them all myself, well, so be it.

9. I scrapped!
a little bit.
I will do more. someday. soon.

10. I am trying to keep up with the challenges on How much is too much.
It gives me a little inspiration- because sometimes we all need a little bit of that, right?

11. so, I got dressed, we went to the church for play group, and no one was there. that was stinky.

12. I think I need a nap.

13. but first- I will clean up a bit.
or maybe I will clean up when I wake up.
yeah, that sounds better.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

preparations have begun

last night we finished up the valentines.
there is supposed to be a heart on one end of the pixie stick and a feather on the other, so it is like an arrow, but they kept falling off.
and really, then the glue would just get in the way of all that good sugar!
The kids have Friday off school
I know!- again?!
so the parties are happening on Thursday.

I usually make a heart shaped black forest cake for valentines day.
but this year I am thinking maybe I will just make these instead.
or maybe put a bit more effort in and make these.
so yummy.
we will have to see how much effort I want to put into it all when the time comes!

Monday, February 09, 2009

late nights, blabber mouths

this weekend was one of late nights.
Friday night, thanks to Cory's sister, Cory and the boys headed out to the West Edmonton Mall's water park. (thanks Shari) - she had some passes that needed to be used, so we were more than willing to help her out with that! then the guys decided that Ben's birthday wasn't really celebrated the way it should have been, so they had some dinner on Burbon street. good times. and a very late night.
then, Saturday- I got to spend the day at a seminary conference- getting spiritually fed, and getting some great ideas, and pumped up for the rest of the year.
and in the evening, the bigger kids and Cory got to go skiing. It was Sadie's first time- I think Jed has gone before, and Ben and Jack haven't been for a long time.
it was a hit, and they will probably be heading there again this weekend! Poor Maggie was stuck being home with me. much to her dismay. I will have to think of something really fun to do with her if this is going to happen again next weekend!
then this morning.
6:00 seminary. I am ready-
because I am pumped, and full of great ideas.
If those kids came away from that class this morning even knowing what book in the Bible I was trying to teach them about, I would be impressed.
A whole lot of yacking going on!
crazy kids.
who talks that much at 6 in the morning?
not me. that's for sure!
maybe tomorrow I can get a few words in!

eta: that black thing Jed is on is a "magic carpet"- you just have to stand on it, and it takes you up the hill- like an escalator.
boy, I wish they had those back when I was learing to ski. I would have avoided some embarassing encounters with the toll rope. yikes.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


instead of playing with the kids, or actually doing something fun on Friday- when they had no school,
and instead of actually finishing the girls Easter dresses that are almost done,
I traced the patterns, cut out the fabric, and sewed two new dresses for the girls.
all on Friday.
and they wore them today to church. we call them their Cinderella dresses- before the fairy godmother came and turned her all fancy-
mostly because of the attached aprons.
I think they are pretty cute.
the girls-
and the dresses!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


1. the kids are off school.
today and tomorrow. why? torture the mother days, I think!

2. I NEED to get on my treadmill.

3. I need to get out and chip some more ice off the driveway- or hopefully get those kids out to do it!

4. sew. ( I have some dresses calling out to me to be finished)
and two more I want to start. crazy.

5. and I have another quilt top that is close to being done.

6. and I still have some knitting for that photographer friend that I need to get done. there are some twins that should be coming right away, that I should really have some things ready for. ahh!
-my pointer finger has a callous from so much knitting.

7. keep the kids happy. hmm. tv, computer and DS?

8. book club tonight. yay. the book was- The Last Lecture. good book by the way.

9.wash sheets- and other laundry.

10. buy some new vacuum bags- so I can get the kids vacuuming!

11. tackle the girls room. I really need to take half of the stuff out of there, then it would only be half so messy all the time, right?

12. play some games with the kids.

13. try to remain calm and sane. hmm. easier said than done.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I finally made it to one of Ben's basketball games yesterday.

he is on the junior team for his junior high.

Maggie and I got got to watch the last quarter.

good times.

Maggie was spinning all over the sidelines, and being her usual crazy self.

ben was in the game.

I mean he really had his head in the game.


that is his little head at the back of the crowd.

not the best picture. I should have taken my big lens, so I could zoom in on the action!

so, I was sitting by two ladies who were cheering for the other team. and one of them was saying something about they needed to be more aggressive-I wasn't sure who they were talking about, because I saw kids on their team pushing all over the place- and Ben even commented how rough they were-

anyways, my point is-

when I heard them talking, in my mind I thought-

be agressive, be, be agressive-

in my best cheerleader voice.

which is actually from Bride Wars.

so I guess the movie wasn't all that bad.

and yes, I think it would be funner with some girl friends.

but really, what isn't funner with some friends?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

zigging and zagging

I finally added that little strip of binding that this quilt was just waiting for, and finished it up yesterday.
I was looking for it, to take some pictures- and it was already down on Jack's bed.
now- onto the next quilt.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I love coupons

because of coupons my weekend was full of movies and food.
not really good movies, and not the best food, but good enough for free, and really cheap!

over a year ago, I had to wait about 20 minutes at the dentist, because the courier hadn't arrived yet with my night guard.
no biggie.
but they gave me 2 free movie passes.
so I used one a long time ago, but had the last one in my wallet for a long time.
it expired on February 1, 2009.
so on Friday I did something I have never done before.
I went to a movie all by myself.
I remember laughing at my dad because he used to do that when he was a young man.
now who is laughing?
not me.
anyways, I saw Bride Wars.

don't go.
especially if you have to pay money.
all the funny parts are on the commercials.
just so you know.

then, on Saturday, I drove a friend into the city for stake leadership-
that I didn't even have to go to.
apparently phone calls and emails went out.
but not to me.
funny, eh?
anyways, I went in, and the girl I drove in- her husband got a ton of coupons for a free cheeseburger, small fries, and small drinks at McDonalds.

now, Mc D's is not my favorite place, but I won't turn away free.

so, since I didn't have to go to leadership, my sister and I hit the fabric store, and got some sweet deals on some cute quilting fabric.

then we got some free food.

then my sister had a whole lot of coupons for the cheap theater that expired on Feb.1.

well, we can't let those go to waste,

so 3 of my kids, my parents and I headed off to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

it was cute and funny-

as cute and funny as talking dogs can be.

if you know what I mean.

then - I still had a bunch of those cheeseburger coupons -so back to Mc Donalds to use those up. good times.

you gotta love those coupons.