Thursday, October 30, 2008


1. the eggnog is now gone.
I think I will wait a little while until I buy another.
as long as I can hold out.
which might not be too long.

2. aren't they cute? 3. I finally bought a pumpkin yesterday,
but no one has made any indication that they want to carve it.
maybe tonight one of the kids will want to.
or not.

4. made some sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins.
so yummy.
I adore sugar cookies.

5. I just bought the pattern to make this super cute dress.

6.I see christmas dresses for the girls

7. okay, I actually bought two patterns because there were two I couldn't decide between.

8. and with the bad exchange rate right now

9. I think I see every dress the girls need for the next few years made of those two patterns.

10. but that is okay, because they are super cute, and versatile- mix and match patterns and colors. right, Cory?

11.I can't wait until they come!

12. but I have many, many other projects that I need to finish, so that is good that it will take a while for them to come!

13. Halloween tomorrow.
I am not excited. not sure why. usually I am.
excited for the candy.
but I am not.
why? I love candy.
it's a mystery. for halloween.
maybe tomorrow I will be excited.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I gave in.
fell under your clutches.
I couldn't wait even one more month.
why do the stores do this to us?
the temptation is too great.
Christmas oranges and eggnog.
and it isn't even halloween yet.

at least the oranges are healthy.
I would advise you to just not even look at the nutrition label on the eggnog. and especially not how many calories are in there.
trust me.
it is better not to know.

Monday, October 27, 2008

a peek- or a flashback. however you want to look at it.

with fuzzy pictures, a dirty house, here are some halloween costumes- as we were ready to head out the door on Friday night to the church party. Chiquita, or carribean girl- she was afraid to put on the large hoop earrings, after I told her to be careful not to get them caught on anything- but has assured me she will wear them on Friday.
we shall see.

a frightening gladiator, with a foam sword.
and skinny legs.
and red eyes, but let's not be too critical.

and a sweet little red riding hood
her wonderful grandmother- I wish you could see the saggy knee-highs and grandmotherly shoes,
and a handsome woodcutter.
I must have deleted Jeds picture, so you will have to wait to see his costume- I think it turned out super!
and Ben pulled out some hippy stuff to wear to the party, and the tattoo sleeves- I tried to tell him that they didn't really go together,
but whatever.
it's halloween.
anything goes,
and- it was indeed crayzay! to quote Bobbi-jo.
all the candy kids could want.
what could be better?
then Cory and I headed out to clean the temple,
and Ben got to put the kids to bed.
lucky guy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ha ha

a totally cute lady in my ward at church handed these out to all the women today. so funny. love it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

hip, hip hurray!

it's my birthday today! in between finishing up, and in one case- starting- halloween costumes,
I will be enjoying this cake my sweet sister made for me while she was watching my kids.
so sweet!
and then going to the crazy ward halloween party.
good times for all.

and now, once again- as I did last year,
I would love everyone who checks my blog today to leave a comment.
I see the numbers. I know there are a bunch of you out there!
today is the day to come out of the dark, and show yourselves.
don't be shy!
thanks so much! it will make my day!

now, off to sew!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 days of bliss

1. well, here I am in Calgary, in a hotel, sitting and playing on the internet. how fun is that?

2. yesterday was a great day. do any of the rest of you have the same problem I do? when you finally get some time to yourself, you just don't know what to do with it?

3. but don't worry, I used it well

4. I hit the super cute quilt shop I love to visit, but never buy anything at. I am just to cheap- nay, thrifty for that.

5. then I hit Salvation Army- which I bought nothing at, Dollarama- bought a few things, and Value Village- where I hit the jackpot.

6. I guess maybe it was because I had no kids, and all the time I wanted to spend there. I bought a few things for halloween costumes, a few things for Christmas, and hmm- not really anything for me.

7. I did find super cute black dress shoes- with a bit of a heel
I am so not a heel wearer, but I would like to start- now that I am older!
but alas, I could only find one shoe. it fit like a dream. loved it. scoured all the shoe shelves three or four times, checked the floors, but it was not to be found.
I was pretty sad about that.

8. then I stopped at winners- used up the rest of a gift card I had, and bought a winter coat for Ben. I hope he likes it. I think it is really nice.

9. then I was right by a superstore, so I decided to stop in and see if they had the big huge bags of pretzels that I used to always buy at my extra foods, but they haven't had there for a very long while. they had some alright. I probably should have bought more than one.

10. and they had the small one litre cartons of chocolate milk for $1 so I thought I would buy one and keep it in the fridge- our room has a kitchen- fancy, no? but when I was ready to pay I saw the expiry date on it was OCT o8. then I was thinking, does it mean 2008, but no, milk never hs the year, only the day, and it was october 22. wow. can't believe they even have that in the store still, so needless to say, I left it there.

11. then I went back to the hotel, and Cory and I hit the Keg for supper. yummy. way expensive for this cheap- no, thrifty girl.

12. then we went to a mall and walked around. I bought another christmas present. loved the christmas dresses that were at gymborie- that doesn't look right, but you know what store I mean, right, and remembered last years dress fiasco- the girls haven't ever worn those dresses again, because I am afraid they will just fall apart. nice.
anyways, buying dresses is pretty tempting, but I do have an idea that just might work.

13. and that brings me to now, when I am sitting on the computer, waiting for Cory to call me and tell me he is done work, so I can get him, we can pick up something for my mom, maybe make a stop at a fabric store I just found that could be great- if Cory will indulge me, stop somewhere great for lunch and head back home.
I bet the kids are having such a great time with Aunt Shelley, they won't even want me to come home. do you think?

Monday, October 20, 2008


The weekend was nice.
the drive was long.
Jed - who hates trips- got to stay at my sister's house and play the computer to his hearts content.
I don't think he will ever go anywhere with us again.
I don't do well at funerals.
Luckily I knew this and packed lots of kleenexes.
the cemetary was in the most beautiful spot- in the foothills outside of Cardston.
it was a beautiful day.
today was supposed to be quilting at the church.
apparently I was the only one who knew this or cared.
so I sewed until my bobbin thread ran out, then we came home
I am babysitting this afternoon.
I have seminary tomorrow- and haven't even opened my book.
shame on me.
I am also heading to Calgary tomorrow- right after seminary-
with Cory, he is going for work, for me it is all pleasure
thanks so much Shelley- I am sure my kids will be angels for you!
but before that I have to go visiting teaching.
then I will come back thursday.
head to book club.
then Friday is my birthday. hurray.
but the kids have no school. boo.
but cory is off work. hurray.
so he said he will stay home and I can go do whatever I want!
I will have to decide what I want to do.
then friday night is a halloween party at the church.
remember how I said I like homemade costumes?
oh, well, I have one done, and 3 to make.
and not much time to make them.
and my house is a mess.
and I am wasting too much time on the computer.

Friday, October 17, 2008

what a dump.

As soon as I saw this-I knew it was going to be a good field trip! we went to the dump. this is a huge pile of metal waiting to be recycled.
this is a huge mountain of recyclables waiting to be recycled. apparently they are building a new building to sort this in, so it will be delt with soon.
this is a river of computers and tv's. that is what our tour guide told us. it was a few kilometers wide. we got to see the place where the workers take them apart and sort out all the pieces for further recycling, or to be sold to other places and reused.
and this was the land fill. crazy. there was a Brick truck that dumped off all of those mattresses and boxsprings. I hope they didn't advertise that they would recycle them, because they definitely weren't being recycled. I believe that truck also dumped off a few couches and chairs- Jed and I watched a bulldozer completely smush one of the chairs. crazy amount of garbage and waste, but I was thoroughly impressed with the amount that the city is trying to recycle and reuse. the landfill will be full in June. then the city will be trucking the garbage to a landfill farther away, until a new facility is built that will do so much sorting and recycling that the actual amount of waste will be very small.
I learned a lot on this field trip! made me want to compost and recycle more. Reduce, reuse and recycle. for sure.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

to do, to do, to do

do I have that little song in your head yet?
singing a song is fun to do..
you know the one!
anyways today I will share with you what I am doing, or need to do

1. I am knitting this hat for somone for Christmas, and I am loving it. the yarn has some alpaca in it, and it is really nice! hope she likes it! 2. I am going to run on my treadmill- as soon as I am done blogging. I have done it for 3 days now- not very long runs, of course, but I run until I can run no more- which only takes about 3 minutes. hopefully I can build that up, so maybe next year I can run a whole 10 k. maybe.

3. Halloween. oh, sweet halloween.
we have a love/hate thing going on.
I love the candy, hate the rest.
okay, maybe not quite that bad. I love the costume excitement- seeing what we can come up with- this is what Sadie has decided on. I picked up the hat at IKEA, of all places, and am trying to make a layered colorful skirt, and a little top to go with it- she will be a carribean girl. so far, the skirt is kind of wacky, but I am hoping it will all turn out in the end. 4. I am trying to convince Jack to be a jack-in-the box. I think that would be so funny. cut some leg holes in a box, and put some straps on the top to go over his shoulders- funny.
I don't think he is buying it.

5. still working on my little craft area. the room is pretty much clean, but now all around the entrance is crowded with all the stuff I don't want in it, but don't really know what to do with. must clean that out.

6. remember this quilt? I was going to link back to the post, it was back in August that I first showed you, but I had no title on that post, and now because of that, I can't link. weird.

anyways, instead of adding borders to it, I added two more rows, now I have the back ready, and need to pin it up and quilt it! exciting. this picture was taken before the rows were added on. or even made into blocks, and then rows.

7. I get to go on a field trip with Jed's class this afternoon. we are going to some place to find out what happens with the garbage and recycled stuff. I think. at least that is what I hope we are finding out- because I really am curious about it all.

8. I hope we go on a bus that says SCHOLAR HAULER on the side. I think that is so funny- and clever. makes me chuckle everytime I see a bus like that.

9. laundry. must be done today.

10. heading down south this weekend. Cory's grandpa died. he was such a sweet guy. he fed his horse peppermints. what is sweeter than that?

11. Jed- the one with the serious aversion to travelling really doesn't want to come. what a kid. need to do some calling to see if anyone wants a really sweet boy for the weekend. anyone? anyone?

12. I went into homesense yesterday- I have a gift card that needs to be used, and was thinking maybe I could get some more halloween decor, but when you walk in- everywhere is Christmas. what? is that crazy, or is it just me? can we wait until after halloween at least? weird.

13. I did manage to get a cute pumpkin head guy- the halloween stuff was all stashed in the front of the store. some of their stuff is creepy- in fact Maggie had a blanket with her- she is in a bring a blanket or a doll everywhere with her stage right now, and she stood at the edge of the halloween stuff hiding behind her blanket and crying. I was laughing and she was crying.

I am a good mom like that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

before and after

what a weekend!
what a great thanksgiving weekend!
I bought some shelves for my craft room- this is before. as you can see, no crafting gets done in there. I usually do it at the dining room table, but the boys, and Cory were cleaning the dining room out and packed all my stuff down here- added it to the pile. something had to be done!after:
well, by no means is it done, but look, I have room at the table to get busy crafting. and the Ikea shelves got assembled, and loaded up with crafts.
I think I need a few shelves and pictures on the wall straight ahead. it will come! slowly but surely.
still a couple of boxes to be sorted and stuff put away. soon. very soon.
before: then- look at these shaggy boys- and a girl. they are digging the long hair look, but dad- and mom- aren't going for it, so to Aunties house we go.
After: much better. they have ears! oh, and I pulled out the winter wear, so the girls were trying it all on. Ben pretends he doesn't like it, but I think he really does.

Before: and then, of course, it was thanksgiving! we had our dinner on Sunday at Grandmas house. yum. so good. love the turkey, potatoes and gravy, stuffing. oh- I love it all. and end it all with pumpkin pie- oh, love it.
After: and it is over. and it was so good!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I was involved in a vintage sheet swap. what fun!
these are the sheets- cut into fat quarters- that I sent. and this is what I just got in the mail this morning.
funny- the mail lady rang my doorbell, I was in my snazzy workout clothes, with the computer blaring music- because I can't find my mp3 player, and I wanted to run on the treadmill- nice.
but, ooohwee! I can't wait to cut into them. I have a few ideas. but I must finish one or two other projects first.
I think.
if I can hold off.

oh- in case you were wondering, those ribs were delicious.
Jack could hardly get enough.
the secret sauce- a bottle of honey garlic sauce. not barbeque sauce, but the sauce like in the asian aisle- by the plum sauce and stuff.
cut up the ribs, trim off the fat.
boil them for 1/2 hour.
then put them in a roaster with the sauce, cook at 325 for 1 1/2 hours,
and yummy!

okay, today I am determined to find some stuff and get halloween costumes started! it is coming quickly. the girls are ready, but the boys- well, I hope we can come up with something close to what they are wanting. I am all over the home made costumes. and no masks. the boys think it is because they scare maggie- which they do, but I really hate not knowing who is in a costume. freaky stuff.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

you all know what day it is-

and you all know what that means!

1. Jack has been begging for ribs every day since we had our ward potluck and someone brought the most delicious ribs.

2. on Tuesday I bought ribs.

3. on Tuesday night I called and got the recipe.

4. now I have to go buy the secret sauce!

5. and we will be having ribs tonight. Jack will be a happy boy.
I hope.
if they turn out.
I don't cook ribs much.
maybe a couple of times in my life.
wish me luck.

6. yesterday I met a couple of my sisters at Ikea. but Maggie and I were there a bit early- so we popped up and had their $1 breakfast. I love their potatoes, and maggie likes the eggs. noone likes the sausage, so we got extra potatoes instead. yum.

7. then I bought some very heavy shelves for my craft room.
I had a worker guy help me get them on my cart.
then when we were finishing up with icecream cones, there were a bunch of missionaries there eating, so I had a couple of them help me get the shelves into my van.
such helpful guys.

8. so, when I was walking out to my van to back it up to the store, I was thinking- I don't think I have my keys.
I got to the van, and low and behold, there they were, in the ignition.
I did lock all the doors.
except the back one.
so I had Maggie crawl over and unlock the doors.
very nice.

9. the shelves are still in my van. Cory doesn't like them. but I just want to get my craft room to the stage where I can get into it and find stuff. that would be nice. If we are keeping them I am putting them up this weekend!

10. my sewing machine has been having issues. it is an oldie, but a goodie, so I was debating if I should fork out the cash to get it fixed up, or just put that money towards a new one.

11. well, I also bought a new machine yesterday. Happy birthday to me.
and probably merry Christmas too.

12. I sewed last night.
it is dreamy.

13. on the way back home yesterday I took a picture of this house sort of close to ours. The lady there always decks her lawn out to the extreme for every holiday. it is a hoot.
I think I have about 10 halloween decorations. for the inside and the outside of my house. maybe I should find out where she shops!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

love life

I just found out that a close friend of a close friend of mine died.
it was very unexpected.
she was young- 25ish, I think
healthy- I had seen her out jogging a few times.
she was not a member of our church,
but she came to young women's camp- back when I was in YW to help with one of our girls.
she was so sweet.
it made me think.
think about life.
and remind myself of a few things.
yell a little less.
love a bit more.
don't waste so much time.
have fun.
laugh more.
don't be bitter.
help others out.
take more pictures.
remember the fun times.

it made me glad I took maggie out yesterday to enjoy the last of the warm weather (they say today will be the last double digit day for a long time)
and glad I took my camera.
I love life.

Monday, October 06, 2008

time is up

I wrote down all the names of the people who commented on this post
put them in a fun pumpkin bucket-
because it is October, after all.
Maggie shook it up

here she is- shaking like a mad woman.then she reached in, and pulled out a namethen she showed me who it was. you can't see it? I believe it is upside down.

but it says Andrea!

yay, for Andrea. we will be in touch. think about what picture you want on your cute necklace!

I had a few commenters ask if I would share how they are made. I am sorry, but I paid a big wad of money- probably more than I should have- to learn how to make them, and I am not willing to disclose that information with others. but, I would love to make one for anyone - who is willing to pay! I will list one shortly in my Etsy shop, if you do not have an Etsy account, and are still interested, please email me at

Thanks to all who commented!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

kind of stinky

well, I did end up doing that craft sale today.
but it wouldn't have mattered if I didn't.
I didn't sell one thing.
but if I had a dollar for everytime someone said my stuff was cute-
I wouldn't be rich,
but I would be richer than I am now.

Cory and Ben went down south to see Cory's grandpa.
he is pretty sick.
that is no good.

only 8 people want one of my cute tile neclaces?
come on people.
they are so cute.
just make a comment here,
and one could be yours.
super fabulous necklace.
one of a kind.
go for it!
make my day.

and did I miss office this week?, or was it really not on.
so sad.
please tell me it wasn't on, because I would be really sad if I missed a new one.

my 3 1/2 year old just is not getting the pooping on the potty thing.
so it really, truly is stinky.

I did get my tomatoes canned.
thanks mom.
and I did get to spend the day with my sister- at the craft sale.
thanks Shelley, that was fun.
-and there were two cute ladies at the table beside us who had really cute bags, and they didn't sell many either, and they were really nice.
and I get to watch whatever show I want on tv tonight. or maybe my chick flick I have been wanting to watch.
and I think I will do that while eating chocolate and knitting.
what a great way to end a somewhat stinky day.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

what a day.

1. Cory took my van to work, so I am home with his car- which is a standard, and I still don't know how to drive it. shame on me. I really need to learn.

2. but that's okay. I probably would have just gone out and spent money anyways- so now I have to stay home and clean. or not.

3. probably leaning more towards the not.

4. I made these cookies. they are really yummy, and cake like, and they have pumpkin in them. how fallish is that? and they have chocolate chips, of course.

5. this is my necklace- at Kayli's request-with a picture by Bobbi-Jo.
it looks a bit pinkish here, but not in real life. The tile is 1 inch square, and I can use any picture- kids, family, couple, scenery, pets 6. if you would like a chance to own your very own unique necklace- or maybe even have one made for a friend (think Christmas)- see the previous post! I will pick a name on Monday. fun stuff!

7. Maggie was pushing around her toy vacuum this morning, while holding a doll in one arm, and I totally had a flash back to the days when I had little babies, and sometimes they just wanted to be held, and you had stuff to do, so you did what you had to do. and I missed those days. a tiny bit.

8. then I gave her the big vacuum and put her to work.

9. just kidding about that. but someone needs to vacuum around here, soon. it will probably be me.

10. why do I have to do all the work around here? oh wait- that is my 12 year old's line. I am such a slave driver. ya, right.

11. Well, it seems like the craft sale my sister and I were going to do is kind of a bust. people are strange. so, my sister might be sharing a table with the lady who told her about it, so I am just going to send a few things- like these cute dollies and hope for the best.

12. no school tomorrow. yay for sleeping in!

13. the weather has been incredible here this week. so beautiful and warm. love it. too bad Sunday is supposed to cool down, and I am sure we will not see weather like this again until July. I think I will sit outside and read all afternoon and soak up some vitamin D. nice!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Because it is October.

and this is my birthday month,
and we all know birthdays mean gifts- right?
and because I have a new crafty skill,
and I want to share it with the world!
I am going to give one away!
look what I know how to make- photo tile necklaces! and since I am just starting out making these- this is one I made for my sweet sister in law Joanne,
I would love to get some more practice in.
so, in order to do that, I need to make some more.
I am wondering if any of you, my readers would like one.
I would need a picture emailed to me, one that is not the property of a photographer, but a picture that you have taken, or at least have the rights to do with it what you want to,
and I can do the rest!
make a comment- with an email, or a way to contact you,
and in a couple of days, I will pick a person who I will attempt to make a one of a kind keepsake for.