Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

busy day ahead.
first off, Maggie is going for her 18 month shots.
fun for her.
(and yes, I am about 1 1/2 months late on that!)
then I have to pick up some food,
treats for the halloween party at school
I keep telling the kids I will get them broccoli-
cause they will have their fill of sugar by the end of the day.
they weren't impressed.

then at lunch the fun begins.
the kids go back for the afternoon in their costumes.
I think Jed is still unsure what he wants to be.
I'll just whip something up for him.

I hope to get some good pics then.
we shall see.

wanted to post a picture from a shoot I did last night.
but Blogger won't let me.
I just want to say,
I totally thought of the frame idea on my own,
and chuckled when I saw a picture almost the same on
THE tara whitneys blog.
I love her stuff.
cool that we had the same idea!! :)

I'll try to post it later, so you will know what I am talking about!!

alright, best get the girlies dressed
and off to the health centre.
fun day ahead.

oh, and it is darn cold, and tons of snow.
I am always the designated trick or treat supervisor
so I guess I will bundle up warm.
which cracks me up, because most kids have their coats all on over their costumes, so you can't even see them. too funny.
okay, I am off!

Friday, October 27, 2006

a few things I wanted to share..

I love Dairy Queen ice cream cakes.
but alas, I am cheap,
and cannot bring myself to pay the $14, or so
for the delicious goodness.
so, I found a recipe ( I know, I always spell that wrong)
that tastes very much like the real thing
at a fraction of the cost.
and I will share it with you.

take 12 oreos, and crush them
add 2 Tbsp margarine, melted
press into a springform pan.

meanwhile, have some chocolate, and some vanilla icecream softening.

crush up 10 more oreo cookies,
add chocolate icecream sauce, until it is nice and saucy.
(see, this is really exact!)
put some chocolate icecream in your pan,
then the cookie sauce stuff,
then vanilla icecream
and freeze.

mix up a pack of dream whip,
add 3/4 c icing sugar, and whip
spread on top of cake,
freeze again.

oh, so good.
I broke my springform pan trying to get the cake out,
so be careful.

then I added sprinkles.
cause they are fun.

okay, for Shelley-
this is Jeds cowboy bed and the cordouroy quilt I made for him.
I really like it, and the colors look great with his wall.
the stinky paint wall.
and it's not a cordouroy bear quilt, which he thought it was when he was crying telling me he didn't want a cordouroy quilt.

okay, must run and get supper going
and ready for our "provident living fair"
tomorrow- a replacement for super saturday,
where I am going to learn how to cut up and can a chicken.
if I can make it to the store and get one, that is!
fun stuff.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's someone's birthday today!!

just a hint!
okay, okay, it's me.
yep- 33.
feeling a bit old.
but still young.

had to run to Walmart to get some icing sugar
so I can ice my cake.
made myself a cake.
cherry chip.

got a birthday card in the mail-
perfect timing Aunt Donna Fay!
such a cute card.

I bought a huge ball of purple yarn
so I can make a ton of pretty hats,
so a whole lot of little girls can be pretty!

I am off to make some icing!

happy birthday to me!

Friday, October 20, 2006

so cute...

so I made this little hat for Sadie-
I just love it.
had her wear it to school a few days ago.
then today, on our way to get to school,
i asked if she was going to wear her hat.
she in all seriousness told me that some moms were looking at her and told her how pretty she was, so she didn't want to wear it.
she didn't want people to tell her she was pretty.

I love that girl.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A special day..

for someone in our house!!
It's his birthday!
so very old.
he will always be older than me,
which is good.
he wanted pumpkin pie,
but I made him an ice cream cake.
I think it will be yummy.
and he wanted meatloaf for his birthday dinner.
that's what I said!
but that's what he shall get.
you only turn 35 once!

sorry, that is kind of a funny picture-
but I was looking for a while for a picture of him.
I might have to do a birthday photo shoot!
-but I doubt he will go for it.

Monday, October 16, 2006


so, I was looking at some blogs
and thinking-
sheesh, she (someone who's blog I was looking at)
hasn't updated her blog since thanksgiving.
haven't updated mine either
so easy to be critical of others.
need to work on that.

Jack still doesn't know what he wants to be for Halloween
he has a piano party on Friday
they are supposed to wear costumes.
could be good.

Sadie had a meltdown on the way to kindergarten
I think it was because we were late.
she did not want to go,
and cried
and cried.
finally the teacher took her and I left.
boy, reminds me of leaving the kids at nursery.
some of my kids, anyways.
most of them have done quite well.
the teacher hasn't called me to come get her,
so I guess she is doing better.
so strange.

what else is happening?
we woke up to snow this morning.
those boys were out the door so fast-
and I actually knew exactly where the mittens
and boots were, and they all had boots that fit.

tried to upload a photo, but apparently blogger won't allow that today, so I should get going on the laundry! fun, fun!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

I had the opportunity today to take some photos for a great family. they have three kids of their own, and 4 foster kids. wowsers. they were so funny. I was laughing many times. boys. wow. super fun to do this. I just really need to get going with photoshop so I can add some wow to the pictures instead of just turning them black and white!
then I got to take pictures of my sister and her cute family. so fun. such sweet little girls. here's a sneak peak Andrea, but there are some cute ones! love it.
so, since it is thanksgiving, and all, I think I will give the lowdown on what I am thankful for.
I am thankful that Cory is out working in the garage- right now, actually, because when he is done in the garage, he will get going on the basement!
I am thankful for my family- that we live so close to my parents,
and that they feed us so often.
I am thankful for my sisters, and the friendship that we have.
I love that when we all meet for dinners at my moms, we all have our baskets full of stuff to give to each other, to pass on, or share. so fun.
I am thankful for the church, for the gospel, for the scriptures-
that I get to teach the Doctrine and Covenants in seminary- there are so many great things in there that are good for the soul.
I am thankful for my kids.
they are a handful- I mean really, there are 5 of them,
but they are good kids.
I am thankful for my mom and dad who are going to watch my kids from Thursday to Saturday, so I can go to Calgary with Cory on a "business" trip! so fun to do my own thing for a day or two!
okay, I could go on and on,but I will stop, and go read in my bed-
oh, I am very thankful for the flannel sheets I finally bought and put on there last week. soooo nice and cozy.
oh, and chocolate..
and scrapbooking..
okay, I am off!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

last night

last night-
so Cory has meetings,
and Wednesday is bath night-
so somehow we ended up with the three littlest
in the tub together.
that was chaos.
flooded floor
the shower curtain even got pulled down,
rod and all,
luckily it fell on the floor, not in the tub.
all is well-
got the floor wiped up, and rod back where it should be.

so while I am in there cleaning all this up,
I hear noises.
lots of happy noises coming from the girls room
so I go peek in
and all the kids were on Sadies bed under a blanket playing.
I can't remember the last time
all 5 of my kids
played together-
the same thing,
it was so nice!
I wanted to take a picture, but it would have been a blob under a blanket,
and I think that is a happy memory I just need to keep
in my mind and my heart.

This morning the boys were asking Maggie
if she remembered the party under the blanket.
too cute.

then I proceeded to tell them,
20 times to brush their teeth,
make their lunches,
put on their sweaters..
like they don't do that every day,
and need me to tell them this
so many times!
I don't get it.
maybe tomorrow I won't say anything,
and see how it goes.

Monday, October 02, 2006

this is my sweet sister-in-law-
well, her legs
and her family's legs,
and their cute little guy,
who is so very smily!

this is my sweet neice Jessica.
she let me play a bit with my camera and her
this was a shot that I really liked.
she would be embarrassed if she knew it was here
but I think it is great,
and she is cute
and I can't believe she is 14.
where has time gone.

I figured out a bit more about my photoshop
I have a photo shoot booked for Wednesday.
I think I am a bit on my way to being a photographer.
but the more I get into it,
the more I know
that I don't know.
there is so much to learn.
but I think I am ready to learn,
and do,
and have fun with it!

check out my Etsy shop!
adding some more aprons to it.
fun stuff.