Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A cake and a hat

okay, I have tried to upload these pictures at least 5 times, but it finally worked- yay, so here they are:

the cake I made for Jed's party
a picture for you, Shelley!
(it was yummmmmy- chocolate pudding in the middle)
and one of the hats.
I just cannot stop knitting!
should have another one finished today-
if I can fit it in.
Doing the seminary open house tonight,
taking the boys for back to school haircuts.
not feeling so hot.
should be a great day.
p.s. I wrote this this morning, but the pictures weren't working, now that they are it is night time, seminary thingy went well. we ate scones and honey butter- a little bit pioneerish/church history-ish. feeling much better. boys have some short hair again.
had a great time at Childrens Place. tons of $3.99 deals. who can pass up cute little denim capris for Sadie for $3.99? not me. and some t- shirts, and capris for Maggie, and some army pants for Ben and Jack (but they weren't $3.99) and maybe a few more fun stuff. then we had to go to dollarama. so much fun at that store. my favorite purchase was an orange tin with a black pumpkin face on it. so cute. can't wait to fill it with halloween candy. anyways, I have to be out of the house with 5 kids by 7:30 in the morning- and it has been a while since I have had to be ready to go by that time, so I had best go to bed. I get to go to a seminary scripture mastery day camp with 3 kids from our class. it sounds like a fun day. my kids are hanging at the other teachers house for the day, then I get her kids on Thursday while she takes some more kids to it then. should be good!
okay, I just looked at the pictures,and the hat picture is pretty dark. the hat is blue with a red tip, which is tied in a knot, and there is a little sail boat on it. I will take a better picture of the next hat. it is soooo cute. just need to do 2 more stars. okay, I am off to bed.

Friday, August 25, 2006

so nice

cory had planned for a while to take the boys camping tonight.
all good.
then I thought, hey, Sadie would love it too,
so I asked if she could tag along-
so, they are packed up in the van,
and I say, hey
I need to go feed Carrie's cat,
can you drop me and Maggie off,
and we will walk home.
so, I did think it was a bit odd that the stroller was already in the van,
but, whatever.
so Cory drives me there,
I get out,
open the back door to get Maggie out,
and he takes off, and says have fun.
So, I am standing there, thinking he is just turning around.
but no,
he took all the kids camping for the night.
What a guy.
I think he could tell I was having a hard time this week.
so sweet.
so I knitted,
made squares for a church party tomorrow,
made buns for same party,
and am now going to scrap late into the night-
because I can.
and I can sleep in.
and no one will wake me up in the middle of the night.

thanks Cory.
I love you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the photos...

yay, it worked. we had a good time.
today, not so good.
I am sooooo ready for school to start-
and there's still 2 weeks.
heaven help me.
I need to be nice.
be nice.
love those kiddo's.
soon they will be gone all day.

an adventure

so yesterday, we left the house.
me and the kids,
and headed to Gull Lake
where Jason and Joanne- brother and sister in law
were supposedly camping
we went to the beach-
and never found them,
but had a good time none-the-less.
so we played,
and dug
and fed the crazy seagulls
then when we were driving away
we saw the turn off for the corn maze,
and thought- why not!
so we went in, and got lost.
then finally,
found our way out
played in the corn box
(Maggie did not want to leave it)
some tire horse ride thing
(that maggie did not want to get off of)
then we came home
what a day.
I have decided that I need a cabin on a beach.
then I will be happy :)
p.s. I have tried three times to post pictures,
but apparently blogger is having problems, so I will try again later.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I have a tiny sense of what those poor souls that are eliminated near the beginning of Survivor feel like. Sucky.
I decided to give a challenge a try and entered the Last Scrapper Standing challenge on the Dares blog. Made it through two rounds- which really, is more than I should have done, but then,
yep -
checking the long list of names to see who is still in,
and no me.
so I don't feel like scrapping any more.
okay, just for a few days.

I bought the cutest knitting book- on baby hats-
soooooo stinking cute,
so really, I just want to knit.
and knit,
and knit.
but first I need to find a real store that sells the good yarn,
no more walmart acrylic for me.
I need the good quality stuff,
for my cute hats.
I am almost done the base of a cute one for Maggie,
then, when I have the good yarn
I get to make some cute roses for it
I am so excited!
must go knit!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the latest and greatest-

So much fun.
It's called Wig Out.
and we are hooked.
the kids have played it everyday
since it has come into our house-
okay, it was only Sunday
but we have played it a few times a day
since then.
too fun.
Jed got it for his birthday from Auntie Shelley
(she's the best!)
the boys were playing it this morning
and giving them all nicknames-
I need a kissy face, etc.
silly boys
silly game.
apparently it is found at Target
I aim to go there someday soon!!
I hear nothing but good things about it.
oh, the house situation-
it is still a mess.
I tackled our bedroom,
cleaned off my dresser,
emptied the clean laundry baskets,
but alas,
the house is still a mess.
hmm. someday.... someday.

Monday, August 14, 2006


so, looking around my house this morning, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. The mess, the laundry, the dishes, the same old, same old. over and over.
more and more dishes,
more and more laundry.
never ending.
walls to clean.
a basement I really want developed.
a ton of stuff I should just get rid of.
5 kids who seem to be alergic to cleaning.

enough whining.
as Cory would say-
if you spent as much time fixing the problem as you did whining, it would be done. (He porbably wouldn't say it in those words, but you get the jist.)
so , I should just get off my hiney, and get moving.
Off I go.
wish me luck!
(I don't know if it will really work)
but okay, here I really go...
no really....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Do we have a birthday here?

yes, we have a birthday here.
Birthday where?
birthday here!
oh, oh, oh , oh
happy birthday ,
happy, happy birthday,
happy birthday
happy, happy day,
{imagine us singing this with restaurant waiter style gusto to our seven year old guy today!! cupcakes galore. love me some cake and icecream. even better- cupcakes and icecream coming up tonight!!}

Thursday, August 03, 2006

thursday happenings...

wow. August already.
July just flew by.
Jed turns 7 in less than a week.
wow. 7.
he is such a troublemaker.
I wonder if he will ever outgrow his craziness.
I sure hope so.
went for a pedicure today.
my feet feel so good.
what a nice treat.
I am now free on Tuesday nights.
for the past 4 years or so
I have been hanging out at the church on Tuesdays with the young women.
I just got released on Sunday.
Tuesday felt so strange.
to not be planning something
going to the church,
doing activities.
weird. but nice.
I do miss those girls.
well,I will be seeing some of them in seminary in the fall.
yep, seminary. homestudy, so only once a week.
should be good. well, I should go watch a movie with my kiddos.