Friday, October 30, 2009

fourteen for friday?

1. sorry I missed yesterday. the first thursday thirteen I have missed in a while! so to make it up to you, I will do fourteen on Friday.

2. so, since halloween is on a Saturday this year, school celebrations are happening today. Maggie and I headed over to watch the costume parade.
some of those costumes are so creative. some not so much. when will that scream mask guy ever go away?

3. I am a bit dissappointed in myself this year. I am a big believer in homemade costumes as opposed to store bought cheapness.
well, this year, 2 out of 3 are in store bought stuff.
I hang my head in shame.

4. The costume Sadie is wearing looked so cute in the store. on her in the school hallway- well, I was thinking- what was I thinking? should have saved my half price money.

6. which brings me to another thought. why is halloween stuff mostly half off before halloween is even over? well, I am really not complaining, since the day after halloween is Sunday and I won't be shopping, I am glad to get it cheaper now! except the candy. I might have to head out on Monday and see how picked over it is.

7. Last year I went to walmart the day after halloween- I think- it could have been 2 days after, I am not sure, but there was no sign that halloween ever happened, Christmas had taken over. crazy stuff.

8. I bought these super cute little magnetic spiders- on sale, of course, to stick on our front door for halloween. (our door is made of metal, so it was perfect!- here is maggie keeping her eye on one!
9. and here are the rest, invading!10. I went into one store on Wednesday, and saw this cute halloween tree- but thought I will wait until after halloween until it is half price, then snatch it up. well, really, I only had to wait one day, and go to the same store, but at a different location- and there it was, half off. so I can enjoy it this halloween. I think I need to think of some cute little ornaments I can hang on the branches.
11. It looks like the bottom is crazy, but those are just legs from a big spider that is behind the tree. just so you know. in case you were wondering.

12. candy jar almost full of candy corn. must be halloween!

13. a vampire! ahhh!
walking so fast past me in the school hallway-
so this is what I got!

14. I got to go on a trip with Cory this week- he had a business trip, and I tagged along. and basically shopped for 2 days. good times.
so, I picked up this little ring for me- for fun.
fake, of course, but still fun.
I looked down today, and one of the stones fell out.

my diamond!
oh, I mean, my cubic zirconia!
I guess you get what you pay for!
maybe it will turn up somewhere and I can crazy glue it back in!
because I am very fancy like that!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pretty lucky

want to see some pretty pictures of my pretty girls?
if you answered yes,
go here

(I am lucky I have a real photographer as a friend-
and super lucky that she loves to photograph babies, and use hats, and wraps and stuff, and that she lets me use the pictures in my etsy shop!
super lucky!)

Monday, October 26, 2009


why do some people- say on etsy,
say, I really like such and such- say maybe a certain hat,
but they ask if maybe it can be made without a certain thing,
but then when you say yes,
they say, okay, can I have one made, but with the very part they asked if you could make it without, and then proceed to ask if you could make the rest of the hat completely different?

are you sure that is the hat you want?
but I guess I am glad they came to my shop.
I had better get knitting!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


today is my birthday!
the kids keep asking me "how old are you, again?"
and I have to think for a second.
then I have a moment of shock.
woah. 36.
closer to 40 than 30.
getting up there!
but it is all good.
I made some fresh salsa I am going to eat a lot of.
and an ice cream cake I will probably eat a lot of too!
but I am allowed, right?
because it's my birthday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, again?

1. is it just me, or are the days just flying by lately?

2. I made some dessert for Cory's birthday, then the left overs got put into a margarine container, and put in the fridge. then the past couple of days when I have pulled out the margarine for supper, there is the dessert. then it gets put back, and forgotten again.

3. today it will not be forgotten!

4. I love that Jack is on his school volley ball team.

5. I don't love that he has away games that he needs rides too.

6. darn that they had to get rid of the whole big school van- for team use.
actually I doubt that this school ever had one, but it sure would be very handy sometimes.
like today, after school, for instance.

7. no school tomorrow. why? I can't say. - well some teacher something day- whatever!
but I can say I am very excited to not have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. yay!

8. the rest of the day might not be so great, but at least we can all sleep in!

9. and, if I can stay awake that late, I can actually stay up and watch my Thursday night shows!
(I usually watch them online early in the next week)

10. I had Sadie clean up her room the other day. she didn't do too well on her own- she just kind of stands there and doesn't know what to do. I have to come in and say- pick that up, now put it where it goes. now pick up that other thing, and put it away. silly girl.
so anyways, we had it picked up pretty good.
today- well, you wouldn't even know we did anything. so crazy.

11. I think it doesn't help that most of the toys come in sets with tiny pieces- polly pockets, barbies- a million pieces- and little shoes, oh, those shoes!

12. alright- once again, my to do list today is quite lengthy, so I must tear myself away from the computer, and get on with real life.

13. groceries, post office, speech therapy- just a small sampling of my day! such fun.
happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

leg warmers

chilly days call for warmer clothing-
and since skirts are a big part of little wardrobes around here,
I have been eyeing the cute little leg warmers that are out there-
then I found a tutorial somewhere on the internet,
and found a cheap pair of socks-
snip, sew, and voila- funky little leg warmers.
now I think I need to go pick up another pair of socks for another pair of legs!
so fun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


we headed to Banff on the weekend,
because Cory was running in a relay race.
we stayed in a hotel.
that is always a fun thing.
especially when there are 2 tv's, so the kids can watch different shows!
what fun.

then, race time.
it was a bit rainy and chilly.
and Cory was running the longest leg of the relay.
and we stalked him.
the other people running close to him thought we were crazy, I am sure.

we would wait for him at a spot, then drive ahead, and wait for him at another spot.
the kids even got in on the running action!I don't know if there is a more beautiful place to run a race!
okay, maybe hawaii. but that would be really hot.

the kid's favorite part of Banff, and the weekend-
the candy store!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


1. I am going to do something with that big box of apples I have sitting on my counter-

2. I am thinking some apple pie filling and some apple sauce.

3. I need to find my canner. hmm. a trek out to the garage is in order.

4. maybe more shovelling. but I think it is supposed to warm up, so maybe I will just let it melt.

5. another trip to the post office- to mail off some etsy packages.
yay for etsy!

6. some knitting- once again- etsy!

7. hopefully get those wedding pictures onto a cd, and delivered to the happy couple. yes. it was almost a month ago. shame on me.

8. laundry. always laundry.

9. find some super fun, fabulous game to play in seminary tomorrow. anyone have any great ideas?

10. buy a bottle of rootbeer for ben- I told my seminary kids that if they memorized the scripture mastery in 2 Nephi:48, I would buy them a bottle of pop, and Ben did it!
it is a long one- about eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die...

11. we have a cd with the scripture mastery's all to songs, so that definitely helped him learn it, so that is good.

12. must remember to pick up Jack early from school and get him over to where his volley ball game will be! -they are playing a school that doesn't have a gym, so the game is at the big city gym, and Jack is pretty sure they will win. I told him you never know. they could be a super team in disguise!

13. but first, get the kids up, and off to school. good times!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the weekend

a big pile of coats= lots of people
which means lots of food.
so delicious.
the only problem with having thanksgiving dinner at someone elses house is that we have no leftover turkey. I think I might have to pull the turkey out of our freezer, and cook up a belated thanksgiving dinner, so we can go through the turkey casseroles, and turkey soup, and turkey sandwiches. yum!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


1. on the radio they were saying that of adults surveyed, 47% said that "whatever" is the most annoying word/phrase used in conversation.

2. to that I say "whatever"!

3. last week we had a pile of leaves on our yard. Maggie and I headed out there. I tried to get her to jump in them. this is what I got.

4. you would think I was asking her to eat them or something!
little stinker!
(I think she just didn't want to get leaves in her shoes!)

5. this is out my door this morning:


6. I pulled out the boots and the coats. now to find the hats. yikes!

7. hopefully it will warm up a bit again- after all, that big pile of leaves is still on the front lawn, and needs to be cleaned up!

8. I am so looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

9. especially sleeping in for 3 days.

10. oh, and turkey. I love turkey. and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. okay, mostly just food in general. yay for thanksgiving!

11. but most especially yay for pumpkin pie! yummy!

12. but sad that my mom and dad won't be here. and we sisters have to cook the whole meal! yikes. but it will be good. and we will wish my mom and dad were here, but be happy for where they are.

13. and from what I hear, they will wish they were here eating with us- in my moms last email she said for supper they had some spagetti, and spam. and that was a good meal.
yep, turkey sounds really, really good!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the wedding

first I asked him to whisper something in her ear- then I asked her to whisper in his ear-


there was something about this picture I really liked. I think it is their real happiness. a lot of their pictures were forced smiles- you know, the wedding smiles, but these were real smiles.
and I know- I have so much to learn about editing, and photography. sharp images, better black and white conversions- but here is where I am at now. hopefully I will just get better!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a good read

if you want a good book to read, may I suggest this one:

but if you haven't read the Hunger Games, read it first.

then read Catching Fire.

it is good. Cory read it in about 24 hours. I read it in just over 24 hours.

and now we have to wait for the third book in the trilogy to come out. - but it won't be for a while, since the second one just came out last month. darn it. I want it right now! I need to know how it all ends!

and I do believe there is a movie in the works. (but it will never be as good as the books- you know how it is.)

good books.

if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up! - or put your name on the long hold list at the library. you will not be disappointed. I hope.

Monday, October 05, 2009

random stuff

- I made cupcakes yesterday, because I had some left over icing that needed to be used.
I didn't have enough icing for all the cupcakes though, so now I need to make more icing. then I will need more cupcakes for that icing.
vicious, but delicious, cycle.

-watching general conference on the internet- with a fire in the fire place, while knitting= a very nice Sunday.
too bad conference is only twice a year!

-Jack made the volleyball team! here is a fuzzy picture Ben took at one of Jack's games. he's the one looking back, in the blue and white shirt. nice!
they won that game- against on of the other junior highs from our city. it was a happy day.

- video chatted with my folks again last night. so fun. we were just finished supper, and they were just getting breakfast-
just like that oreo commercial, with the dad and the kid. fun stuff.

okay, I was sticking to my kitchen floor this morning, so top on my to do list is get the floors mopped. such fun around here today.
(and I think when I am done I will reward myself with a cupcake! why not!)

Thursday, October 01, 2009


1. yay, it's October.

2. I am loving the leaves falling, the colors and everything, but I know it will probably be done in less than a week, and then everything will be brown and blah.

3. I also love to hear the geese honking as they fly past. very much a sign of autumn around here!

4. I had someone contact me on etsy to make a red hat for her daugher who wants to be a gnome for halloween! I love it! I love when someone requests something special, and I can make it for them! 5. Maggie and I headed to the library earlier this week, and I thought we should find some halloween books, and we picked up this one- Woo! the not-so-scary ghost.
what a super cute book!6. the pictures are so cute- the story good for kids, and I found it entertaining too (always a plus)

7. and look- he gets found by a dog, then the farmer thinks he is a sheet, washes him, and hangs him out to dry- funny stuff.

8. double ruffle bottomed pants make me happy!

9. I would attempt to make some in my size, but I am pretty sure they wouldn't be a fraction as cute on me as they are on Maggie!
10. Maggie decided she was going to be a fairy for halloween. then I pulled out the halloween box, and she decided she would be little red riding hood again. I loved that idea! no work for me. then we headed to walmart, picked up some suckers for trick or treaters, and she saw a princess make up kit. then she decided she is going to be a princess. yikes.
I am going to try hard to persuade her towards the red riding hood costume.
wish me luck.
11. I joined facebook. I said I wouldn't.
but Ben and Jack did, and I decided I should keep an eye on them.
I still don't get it. I have much to learn.
12. alright, my to do list today is quite lengthy, and I haven't done much on it yet, so I had better get busy!
13. Have a great thursday!