Saturday, July 31, 2010

road trip: part 1

The Drive-
long (about 4 1/2 hours)- so not too bad. Maggie is the best little traveller ever!
lots of bugs on the windshield.

the boys had to stop a few times to relieve themselves. but the girls never had to. silly boys.
I had them all get out and jump. I am surprised I actually caught them all in the air!

man, having a kid with his learners license is crazy.
letting him drive is scary.
the amount of whining coming out of his mouth when he wasn't driving and wanted to drive was immensly annoying.
we made it there safely, thank goodness and had a great week.
check back for part 2.
sure to be very exciting.
or maybe not.
it was saskatchewan after all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

little glass

a cute little glass-
otherwise known as a shot glass.
but I am not a drinker, so I don't need it for that,
but it is so cute-
and perfect for this-

flowers that the girls bring in after helping our neighbor with her garden.

another use for those little glasses was made known to me last week.
Cory and I went out to dinner with some folks from his work,
one of the ladies retired-
and at this restaurant, they had on their dessert menu- little shots of different kinds of desserts!
brilliant idea- for those people- like me, who love just a bit of sweetness at the end of their meal, but don't want a whole dessert. simply brilliant.
(but Cory and I shared a piece of cheese cake, and it was delicious. but sometime I will have to try one. or just serve myself a cute little shot glass of dessert at home. when there aren't any flowers in it any more!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

a story of a fine summer day

we got a phone call from a sweet friend, she was going to the legislature grounds, did we want to come?
for sure we did!

the girls played in the pools,
the boys chased each other around like maniacs.
I managed to get this group shot of us-

then attempted some shots of just the kids-

which turned into this-

then we walked back to our van-
and this made my heart mushy-

and we stopped on the way home for some refreshments.

and that was a good summer day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

disaster zone

it is right now 7:54 am monday morning.
I got up early (er) and went on a bike ride. (yay, me!)
now I am sitting at my computer, and smelling a yucky banana smell,
and trying desperately to avoid the disaster zone that is my house.
you know,
when no spot is clear. - any flat surface is covered with stuff. counters, dressers, floors, tables. everywhere
you have to walk around stuff everywhere.
(and hold your breath at some spots- like when you are on the computer and smelling old bananas. yuck.)
the kids are all still sleeping. And I will keep it like that as long as I can.
and then hopefully I can enlist them in the fight against mess.
(but only if I have a big reward at the end. I know how my kids roll.)
or it might be easier to send them downstairs or outside and tackle it myself.
(yes indeed, I know how my kids roll.)
I was wondering if I should get started before they wake up,
but I think I will enjoy the calm before the storm!

Friday, July 09, 2010

this week-

-the girls went to a primary party where they made kites, so we had to go try them out again afterwards!
-the weather has been so hot!
-so lucky we got to go to the beach with our cousins!
-Jed had basketball camp every day
-Jack is at scout camp.
- boy, is it quiet around here with only 3 kids all day
(especially when one of them sleeps half of the day!)
I think next week will be a shock- with all the kids home all day!

Monday, July 05, 2010

a cut

before:after:I love it-
but sadly, it will never look this way again.
you know how it is. once you wash it, it is over. that new hair cut look.
so I will love it while I can.
and not wash my hair for a while!
(when I walked in the house maggie about started crying saying she does not like my new hair do. everyone else likes it- so far!- but I haven't seen Cory or Jed yet. we shall see what the verdict is. )

Friday, July 02, 2010

and the winner is:

I spray painted the frame, but now I am thinking it probably would have looked better in the natural wood.
but, I hope to have a small collage of other pictures and things all in white frames, so we will have to see how it all evolves!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 1=

(yep, another picture I picked up at a garage sale and chalkboarded! - it is addicting)
I think Maggie is a super model. she knows how to work it!
what? doesn't every parade have a hearse with gross things on top?
well, ours does!
(I was just hoping it wasn't for a funeral home. how not appropriate! it was for a play that the local theater group is putting on. nice.)

and man, we got connections! the best aunt ever brought a big inflatable jumpy thing for the kids to play on - and it was a huge hit! so much fun!

We love Canada!