Sunday, May 28, 2006

what's up, willis?

thought I would share with you where my two oldest have been hanging out for the last 3 weeks-
yep, the pool.
Ben and Jack are in the piranhas swim club.
they could go every weekday and swim, but that seems to wear them out, so they go Mon, Wed, and Friday.
But last week they had a mini swim meet on Wed, and Thurs.
fun times, they did okay-
way better than I could have done!
as I watched the bigger teens do their races, I thought how cool that would be if my boys kept with it and got real good!
Olympics, here we come!!
I dream big!
so, Sunday evening, and I'm off to another fireside.
I remember the sundays of my past-
popping popcorn, gathering around the tv and watching the Wonderful World of Disney. ahh- the good old days!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

happy campers

we made it!
it was fun.
The sun finally decided to shine on Monday morning.
we went to the beach on Friday- it was pretty cold that day.
then we had rain, and more rain.
then the sun came out!
and we had to come home.
we took the canoe out on a few runs.
even took Maggie- she did okay, but I was nervous holding her.
well, the washer and dryer are going,
gotta run and get some groceries-
back to life, back to reality....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

heading out..

yep, taking the long weekend.
the trailer, the canoe,
and who knows what all else,
and heading out of town-
to a lake,
with 5 other families-
could be madness,
what am I saying?
will be madness, but a fun madness.
lots of kids,
lots of junk food,
no phone, no tv, no computer-
what will I do with myself!

well, I should go change the wash,
so we have clean clothes-for at least 1 day!

in a few minutes I must leave to go to a graduation-
a playschool graduation!
such big steps in our little lives!
have a great long weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't rock the boat...

don't rock the boat, baby...
don't tip the boat over...

do I have that song embedded in your head?
So.. Saturday evening was the inagural launch of the new canoe
cory, ben, jack and sadie took it out for a spin-- float-- paddle,
you know what I mean!
they went with a friend and 2 of his kids-
and Jed, Maggie and I waited, and waited, along with the other mom at the pick up spot..
sheesh, I thought maybe they had sunk!
apparently they stopped to watch some beavers for a while!
anyways, I guess it had no leaks.
good thing.
so- any suggestions what we should name it?
(Cory thinks I need to paint a name on the side!!)
Jed would not go in it.
I don't blame him.
that North Saskatchewan river- not to nice looking.
cory is one step closer to being the outdoorsy kind of person/family he dreams of being!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

my smart little cookie..

she knows where the cereal is kept,
and she knows how to get it!
what a little stinker.
she is getting too big-
and into far too much trouble.
it's a good thing she is so cute!

Monday, May 08, 2006


well, I feel like nothing much is happening around here, so not much to report on. I wasted a lot of Saturday on the computer- switching between two scrapbooking websites in the hope of winning at least one prize on National Scrapbook Day. as far as I know, I didn't win a thing. sheesh.
well, I still need to sit down and read some info on my camera.
a lot of it is computer stuff- being that it is a digital, and all.
that's not my forte, but I had best be getting on it, because I am itching to take more pictures!
alright, I best be getting back to the Monday morning routine-
laundry, and more laundry, mopping and vacuuming- you know the drill!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This week..

I have already forgotten an appointment-
what is up with that? I hate missing things.
Ben has a sore throat now. Jack and I had one last week
Strep throat. Lucky us.
YW activity tonight- are they going to show up on time?
are they going to show up?
I kind of lost it on Sunday- an emotional time,
a few girls skipped out on the activity last week- not a good thing in my opinion, so I had a little "talk" with them all on Sunday- I bawled-
emotional me.
Silly girls.
I don't want teenagers. really.
Well, I am enjoying my new camera.
Just need to figure out how to get the photo's onto the computer.
I am so not computer savvy. but I am learning.
a bit.
rain/snow/ bitterly cold weather outside today.
What is up with that? Yuck.
Get to go on a field trip with Jed tomorrow.
fun stuff.
If I don't forget about it....