Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 we went to a small town in southern Alberta, for the third year in a row, and ran the burst of color run. It was 5k's, and colorful and fun. 
we had heard that this might be the last year for the run, but then the rumor was that someone else had said they would keep it going, so we will probably hit it for a few more years to come.
It's not a timed run- it's just for fun, 
and the money raised goes to help out a local hospital.
thats my kind of run!
burst of color run-- 2014

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


it's already half way over. 
I wish it could last forever!
(well, maybe not. I do enjoy it when the kids are back in school, and the house is quiet. but I am enjoying the sunshine, and sleeping in!)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beyond 5

 a couple of weekends ago, us girls took a little road trip. you see, Beyond 5- the best new boy band out there was playing in the city close to our Grandma's house, so really, how could we not go!
The girls took a day off school, and we packed up with a friend and drove for hours and hours.
 but was it worth it! expecially since Maggie got to "cheek touch" her favorite guy- Tanner!
After the concert was over, they let everyone who wanted to, line up and go through and get one thing signed, and have a few seconds to talk- or snap pictures with the guys. It was kind of a blur, and sadly this is the only picture I took! but we got posters, and a CD signed, so it was all good!

When I told some of the guys that we drove 6 hours to see them, they were shocked- and asked if it was worth it. I said yes- it was great, and thanked them for singing fun, good songs that I don't mind my girls listening to. except over and over for that 6 hour drive home. that was a bit much.

and sorry for the pictures being all over the place- I need to learn how to do that in an orderly fashion!

Friday, April 18, 2014

california vacation: part 2.

alright, a few more pictures and details of our trip. we left home Sunday after church, and drove - with a brief pit stop in Stirling at Cory's parents house, then back on the road. We hit the border late Sunday, then drove and drove and drove, getting to our hotel Monday evening. after only taking one wrong turn in California- those highways are big, and don't miss your exit, because you will have to take the long way to where you want to be!
I just have to say, Disney knows how to do it, and they do it right. It is truly such a magical place! Walking down the road in Cars Land was like walking into the movie. the scenery, the workers, the music playing, the little shows that just seem to happen in the middle of the street- magical!
it is hard to not get caught up in the stuff. Stores everywhere selling everything. including this awesome Chewbacca back pack. Sweet, right? we actually didn't spend too much in Disney land, The kids all got California sweaters that we bought in Downtown Disney. I was very surprised that there wasn't more Frozen stuff. apparently there is a world wide shortage. even in Disney Land. That was so very interesting to me.
I forced them into watching the parades. I loved them. If I could go back in time, and do it all over, I would be a singer/ dancer in Disney Land. Oh, and if I had mad singing and dancing skills, of course. Such great entertainment!
The California sunshine was wonderful! even if I got a bit sunburned. (it is totally snowy here today, I miss the sunshine!)
this ride in cars land had some sweet drifting going on. The boys really liked this ride. we did it a few times!
Minions at Universal Studios. If I could do our vacation again, I would possibly take another day at Disney over going to Universal Studios. I did really enjoy the studio tour bus ride, and really could have done that all day, with an actual tour inside a sound stage, and more behind the scenes stuff- that would have been amazing. but, it was just a short bus tour, and then the rest was - meh. I think we were just ride-ed out, or something. wasn't the best part of the trip, that's for sure!
after universal studios, we stopped at the beach. Sadly it was just as the sun was setting- which was beautiful, but very chilly. and it was windy. but the kids stepped in the ocean, and we found some shells, so it was all good, but I could have gone for a full warm afternoon hanging out at the beach.
maybe next time!
Then Saturday morning, we packed up and headed back home. and drove and drove, and found Ben at home, alive and well, with a lot of pizza boxes. Good to know he can get along without us!
I would do this trip again- for sure. it really was so much fun. but one thing I would remember is when you head out to Disney Land, make sure your big camera actually has the battery in it, so when you hand it to the photographer dude to get a family picture in front of the big castle, he doesn't look at you like you are crazy, because your camera doesn't work, because it doesn't have a battery. Just a little tip. Good thing I had my ipod, and it was charged up! and maybe I would plan it a bit more in advance, so my oldest could have had more time to find someone to take his shifts, so he could have gotten off work, and come with us. Then it really would have been an even better trip!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

spring break, disney style

Last week was spring break here, and Cory finally agreed to go to Disney Land, so off we went. we drove, and drove, and drove, all day, all night and all day again, until we got to California, and the sunshine!
 the boys adored the Cars ride over in the California Adventure Park- we rode it 4 times, (waiting in the very long line ups two times, and using fast passes for the other two.) can I just say, fast passes are pure genius. you feel like you are cheating, cutting in line, but it is all legit, and those who don't use them are just silly. fast passes are definitely the way to go!
we met mickey, and a few other characters, but sadly missed out on meeting any princesses. I guess we need to come back another time- so that we can do that, and ride a few of the rides that were closed. and make sure it is not on spring break, so it isn't so crazy crowded. but I must say, the lines were never too bad- except the cars one, but that ride was definitely worth it. 

Too bad the boys were too scared to go in the haunted mansion or on splash mountain! 
and really too bad Ben couldn't get time off work. maybe next time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 on Tuesday

1. I was told I need to blog more, and I completely agree. It has been way, way too long.

2. I was also told that since I haven't blogged in so long, I should shut down my blog, so this is my attempt to get back into it, and keep my blog alive!

3. I am a working woman now. I really enjoy it, but am working more days than I had originally hoped- 4/5 weekdays is tough when you are used to being home 5/5 weekdays, but the hours are fantastic, I leave after the kids leave for school, and am home before they get home, and I really enjoy my work!

4. I kind of have two separate jobs- I work for one lady who owns two separate businesses, and I get to work at both. One is a quiet relaxing massage place, and one is a crazy noisy kids play place and café. I am not sure that I prefer one over the other. I like them both and am glad that I get to spend time at each place!

5. big spring break plans! so exciting. involves warmer weather, and a thousand hours of driving. (okay, not a thousand, but an awful lot.) we never do anything on spring break, so this is big.

6. is it really spring? because out my window right now, it is actually snowing. yuck.

7. my baby turned 9 last week. why does 9 sound so much older than 8? I am not sure, but to me it does.

8. I have been walking Maggie to school in the mornings- it is just across the street, but still, I do it. I was complaining a little earlier this week about why I have to walk with her, and the next day as we walked she told me that after spring break I would no longer have to walk her to school, and when I asked -if I wanted to, could I? and she said yes, but we would not hold hands any more. So I am treasuring my last few days I have of walking her to school and holding her hand as we go.

9. she still gives me a good bye kiss as I leave her at school. I wonder if that will end this week as well. wah. why do kids all have to grow up?

10. I have been doing a bit of running at the gym- I was up to 30 minutes of straight running, and actually enjoying it! It is still a bit foreign to me that I actually WANT to run, and when  I am running, I actually LIKE it. weird. But I really need to keep up with it. no slacking now!