Thursday, September 29, 2011

oh pinterest

sweet sweet pinterest.
a time sucker,
an idea giver.
so much fun
and goodness
all in one.
so glad it came into my life.
so many things pinned,
I am so glad that crystal B had
a genius idea of actually making things that we have pinned, and sharing!
since I had a few ideas I wanted to try out for our super saturday (a whole day of crafting we do at the church close to Christmas time) this was perfect!
one think I have wanted to try was this super cute star made out of cardboard. I love stars. and to make such cuteness out of something I would just have recycled- genius.
so that was the project I chose to do.
now, I did learn a thing or two.
I need to find a symmetrical star to trace- because as you can see, the centers of my lines do not match up. so the middle is kind of a schmoz. but I got the jist of it.
it was pretty easy. and cute. I will definitely try a bigger one next.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hard knock life

ahh grade 1.
it's hard work.
maggie had some homework.
she brought it home Monday, but forgot about it until Tuesday. said she HAD to do it and take it back Wednesday,
(but she didn't.
it is due on Friday.- but when you are grade one these things are a bit confusing, and very, very important)
so I told her last night that she could do it this morning.
so she got out of bed this morning and wanted to do it. I told her she had to get dressed first.
that didn't go over well.
she got dressed. ate some breakfast. then we pulled out the homework.
she drew her first c.
and freaked out. it was all wrong.
it is too hard.
she's not doing it.
she's not going to school.
so- I had a wave of mothering genius wash over me.
I told her she could stay home, but she would have to work.
on the oil rigs. because you don't need school for that.
(looking back I should have said Mc Donalds, or something that would make way less money than the oil rigs.
Actually Ben said, I will go work on the rigs. I can travel and make lots of money.
so yes, definitely should have said Mc D's)
I think that kind of shocked her.
she decided maybe it wasn't so hard. and continued to write her letters.
and went to school.
and was happy.
thank goodness.
crisis averted.
tonight she will finish the q row. although q's are pretty tricky letters.

ps. I really don't think working on the oil rigs would be that bad.
I was just trying to think of something on the spur of the moment.
I don't think well when put on the spot.

Monday, September 12, 2011

looking back

the leaves are turning yellow, and starting to fall,
the geese are everywhere, getting ready to fly south,
fall is here,
and I realize I really didn't post much of our summer vacation.
on the Sunday that we were in Utah, we went on a tour of the conference center.
that place is amazing.
the roof was fantastic, and it was so very hot the day we were there,
I just wanted to soak in those nice cool fountains.
we had the sweetest old man as our tour guide, and as we were going back out of the auditorium, he took Maggie's hand and they walked up,
having a little conversation.
so cute!

we went to yellowstone.
yes, my kids are touching the water.
no, you aren't supposed to do it.
but we had to know how hot it was.
(just lukewarm by the time it was by the path-so don't go touching it. you really aren't supposed to!) thank goodness it was just warm, or we would have all had burnt fingers.
yellowstone was beautiful.
so unique and amazing. how you would be driving along, then pow, a cool rock formation,
some hot springs, some paint pots. what a wonderful world we live in.
we really only did and afternoon there. someday we might have to go back and take a couple of days and see the whole park.

a lot of driving.
my kids are really good.
we didn't have any movies. just DS' and a few toys,
Ben had his ipod.
it was a good summer.

bring on fall.
we are ready.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


last weekend I picked up this fun jar at a garage sale-
a garage sale where the proceeds went to help a super sweet girl and family-
I saw it and knew I had to have it.
I didn't know what I would do with it, but it had to come home with me.
then yesterday I went to bulk barn,
and loaded up on jubejubes-
(they were on sale)
and I filled up that jar.
and it looked so cute.
and now it is already half empty.
I might have to find something other than candy to fill up that jar,
because that could get expensive.
and rot our teeth.

ps. ben is recovering well.
one more day home- he says his head still aches,
and then back to school for him!

Monday, September 05, 2011

an unfortunate incident

it started out good.
a trip to the park for a picnic with my family,
enjoy the holiday today,
but Ben didn't want to come.
we made him come.
he got to drive us there.
it was in the big city.
we even saw 2 of Cory's sisters there.
that was fun!
then I laid out my blanket,
lay down on it,
closed my eyes,
and then someone was sitting on my head.
what the?!?
I sit up,
and there is Ben, lying there, with a big gash in his head. blood all over.
turns out he sat on Jack,
and Cory came over to wrestle him off
and they ended up tumbling over,
Ben onto the cement curb.
not good.
Cory and Ben spent the evening at the hospital getting stitches.
turns out he has a concussion. and gets to stay home from school.
and we get to wake him up throughout the night to make sure he is okay.
hopefully he is okay.
he had to get a bit of his head shaved where he got stitches.
that will not make him happy at all.
needless to say,
he didn't drive home.

ps. I found the plug for my computer.
right where I hid it away from the kids.
and forgot where I hid it.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


I am here,
but the power cord for my lap top has gone missing.
I do know where the lap top is-
but it is out of power,
and the cord has vanished.
school is back on, it started on Wednesday.
Maggie is in grade one. all day.
I am home alone.
all day.
it is blissfull.
the kids all are happy with where they are at.-
teachers, schools, and all that stuff
-but Ben does want to change one of his classes.
the weather was definitely fall- ish,
but this weekend is promising sun,
so I guess it is a good thing it is a long weekend.
and when the cord is found,
there will be pictures to be shown.

I always say our house is like the bermuda triangle.
things just vanish.
it isn't that big- that we should lose stuff all the time,
or THAT messy.
okay, apparently it is.
I guess I should work on that with all my free time now!