Saturday, November 29, 2008


today was our city's annual santa claus parade.
fun stuff.
a bit of candy.
cold wind blowing,
but no snow-
then our ward had a "night in Bethlehem"
we got some coins to buy food and some goods.
like weird glasses.
really weird glasses.

and necklaces.
they were kind of a big hit with a bunch of the kids.
crazy christmas fun!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful thirteen

Since it is thanksgiving in the States, I thought I would devote my thursday thirteen to things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful, and I am pretty sure Cory is too, that I don't live in the states where they have black Friday.
because I am pretty sure I would be up at the crack of dawn to go out and find the bargains and spend way too much money.
okay- maybe I am a bit sad I don't. but one of these years I am going to come down and experience it for myself!

2. I am thankful that I have found some really good hiding spots for gifts I have bought.
okay, maybe too good.
now if only I could remember where they are.

3. I am thankful for technology.
ipods, internet, all that great stuff.
now if only I could figure some of that out.

4. I am thinkful there is no snow. no shovelling, no bad roads.
but that also means no sledding party for Jack's birthday next week. darn it.
I was hoping for that- how easy!
sled for an hour or so, come back to hot chocolate and cake, open presents- whala. but no.
now I have to do a real party. kids. noise. mess.
let it snow!

5. I am thankful for crazymomquilts.
she has totally inspired me to get back into quilting.
now I really need to sit down and work on getting those quilts I have started finished, so I can move on to all the ones I want to make.

6. I am thankful that Cory and I stuff our own stockings-
although I did get a couple of things to put in his-
but it is fun to buy some things for myself that I might not usually.
so far I bought myself a quilting magazine I have been eyeing-
because I need more quilt ideas.

7. I am thankful that I learned how to make chocolates at our crafting day at the church. they are so yummy.
and my hips are thankful too. they are getting bigger, and bigger.

8. I am thankful that I got to go to parent teacher interviews last night-
okay really, I am not so thankful that I got to go. they are kind of nerve racking for me- teachers are so scary (right Shelley?)
but I am very thankful that the teachers all had such great things to say about all my kids.
except that Jack is a bit of a chatterer.
which is really no surprise.
but they did say he is a pleasure to have in class.

9. I am thankful that my calendar is blank today and tomorrow.
nothing I have to do, no where I have to go.
love it.

10. I am thankful that my to do list is very long.
I love having lots to do,
and I can pick what I feel like doing off my list- because the choices are so plentiful.
okay, so although my calendar is blank, I do still have lots of stuff that needs done. no sitting around reading books and eating bonbons.
like I usually do.

11. I am thankful for blogging.
I have said it before and I'll say it again.
I love it.
the ideas, the people, the connections.
so fun.
such a time sucker.
but a good time sucker. really.

12. I am thankful it is Thursday- and that means survivor and the office are on tonight.
yes, I watch survivor.
lets not judge each other.

13. I am thankful it is almost December. I think I am going to bring my Christmas decorations into the house today,
pull out the old and new favorites.
fill the advent calendar up with candy.
good times!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All that and a bag of chips

or- more appropriately, some Christmas chocolates.
that was my night last night.
first a stop at Walmart.
printed off one of my christmas cards/pictures to see how they would come out- and it was good, so I ordered a bunch more!
now I need to go pick them up, and mail them off.
and of course I picked up a few more things.
then I came home, pulled out a little of the stash and wrapped.
then I kept remembering more things I had bought and wondering where I had hidden them away. I need to do some serious searching.
then it was getting close to the time the kids should be coming home,
and I didn't want them walking in to my presents everywhere.
that would not be good.
so I tucked it all away-
and then it was another 20 minutes before they were home.
I think I need about 6 more nights like that.
then I might be close to being ready.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


here is the project I needed the yarn,
and the knitting needles
and the hair clips
and the flowers for-pixie hats!
they are so quick and easy
and cute- even in this blurry picture! I heard they are big sellers at craft sales!
I hope so, as I am doing one in a few weeks.
and I have a lot of hats!

Christmas is one month from today!
gotta go- get stuff done!
the list is long.
and time is short!
I love it.
(being busy crafting, and making things for others!)
the young women in our ward have offered babysitting services for their activity tonight, so I signed up my four youngest, and I can have an hour and a half to shop,- or more likely, I think I will come home, and pull out the boxes and bags of stuff I have stashed and start wrapping!
I can hardly wait.
mostly just because I will be home all by myself.
that never happens!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love this girl

how much do I love her? well, I love her so much,
that today,
during the primary Sacrament meeting presentation,
when she stood up at the very start,
to sing her solo,
and the music was playing,
and she burst into tears,
and was crying,
and taking no comfort from the music lady,
and sobbing,
well, I love her so much,
that I grabbed Maggie,
and headed up to the front
(and of course, I was in tears from seeing her in tears)
and Maggie gave her a big hug,
and Maggie and I,
and the music lady
sang her verse,
while she stood there and cried.
that's how much I love her.

Friday, November 21, 2008

too early!

So, I did a bit of shopping yesterday,
as I already mentioned-
and probably 75% of the stores were playing Christmas music-
which was nice- I thought,
but still early-
then I headed to my last store-
Walmart in the evening,
and the cashier said that I should let my son do his homework.Anyway, blah blah blah sons evil blah blah wont give son allowance blah blah blah

oh- that's funny- I got distracted and away from the computer for a few minutes and Ben hijacked it

anyways, as I was saying-
the cashier said that she was already tired of Christmas music.
so early.
Glad I don't work retail and have to listen to it all the time!
- not that I don't like it, don't get me wrong.
but I can listen when I want and how long I want,
know what I mean?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had a busy day today. and I thought- wouldn't it be fun to take pictures througout my day to document a day in the life.
but I never pulled out my camera once.
so I will just tell you what I did. fun, right?
1. got up and got the kids off to school. I sent them all with lunches so I could leave and not be back until after school. freedom.
2. but before I left, I was a good girl and ran (a bit) on my treadmill. yay for me.
3. called my sister to see if she wanted to be busy with me today. and she did. good times.
4. so I went to pick her up- ended up helping my mom pick some stitching out of a quilt- she is machine quilting for the first time, and wasn't happy with how it was going. but I claimed the quilt when it is done, so I was happy to help to make it the best it could be!
5. then we headed to another sister's house where we got fabio hair cuts, Maggie too! and lunch too. good times.
6. then we went to Micheals. Had to use some 50% off coupons I had. but there is so much I want, it was hard to narrow it down.
7. then off to LaSenza to help my sweet sister use up her gift she got from work- she gets 50% off anything there up to $250. and she doesn't want to spend all that- so I was willing to help. I am nice that way.
I got a new bra. much needed. and some christmas pajamas- and they had some toys, so I got some little things for the girls stockings. fun.
8.then we swung by a hair place where I bought some clips for some hats I want to make.
9. then we had to stop at the Children's Place where their $3.99 specials sucked me in.
10. then I took my sister home.
11. then I went to another Micheals. where they didn't have the right knitting needles I need for the cute hats I want to make. sheesh. but I bought some yarn because I had to use my last 50% off coupon. It would really be sad not to use it.
12. then I swung by my friends house- she is moving across the country- and has to pay $1 a pound for whatever they bring, so she is getting rid of stuff- she had a load of stuff from her girl's room, that I picked up. my girls are having a great time with it all.
13. then I came home. Quite a day. Quite a life. not really. but- whatever!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


front:back:and boy, is it twirlable!
and yes, I will be getting her a white or pink shirt to wear underneath-
just in case you think that I think that the blue goes.
I know it doesn't.
I just really wanted her to try it on when she got home from school-
had to hurry before the light is gone.
The sun sets so early.
I have moved on to different projects,
hopefully will have more to show and tell soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

quiet-er days once again

sweet school.
I love it.
I went to the quilting group at the church this morning.
I got a nice bunch of Jack's quilt started.
then all afternoon I spent cutting out and sewing Sadie's dress.
I was wrong. The bottom part of her dress has 26 pieces.
and they are almost all put together- I just need to get the bottom ruffle to the right amount of gathering so that it fits on to the rest- which is not as easy as I thought it would be, then join it all to the bodice.
hopefully it will be done tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2008

ta da!

the frontand the back
She was very reluctant to put it on for a picture-
in tears even.
but she still has it on-
and there is no sign of it coming off soon.
I think she likes it.
(and I do too)
now to make Sadies- it is a bit more involved-
I think the skirt must have 25 pieces to cut out and sew together.
so fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

13 things

1. I got my patterns in the mail- the Christmas dress ones that I bought.
they came in the morning.
before I went to bed I had one dress almost done- it would have been completely done, but the button hole wasn't happening.

2. I maybe should have made it a size bigger- it barely squeezes on to maggie- but boy, is it cute.

3. maybe I will show you- when I figure out the button holes! brace yourselves, it is sweet.

4. today- I start Sadies. yay. so fun.

5. such a complete contrast to last years Christmas dresses which were a nightmare. yikes.

6. remember those tile necklaces? cute, no?
well- I also offer tile Christmas ornaments.
check out my etsy shop if you are interested!
or email me at super fun and unique gifts! 7. two more days of no school.
oh, how I love school. really.

8. to add to the joy I have 3 extra kids here today. should be fun.

9. so, remember how I said there was 4 inches of snow on Tuesday? well, it is melting fast. weird.

10. so, the reason the interior lights weren't coming on in the van- a dome light override button was pushed. cost us $50 to find that out! haha.

11. but some plastic pipe had corroded around the engine- or something like that- the guy was explaining it, it all went over my head, but anyways, the heater really wasn't working. not just a button I needed to push.

12. did I ever tell you about the library book that was missing? I renewed it 4 times, couldn't find it anywhere- even put out a cash reward for whoever could find it- nowhere to be found, so last week I finally paid for it.
yep- we found it.
well, Jack found it. under Jed's bed.

13. at least the librarian said if I kept my reciept and found the book, I could get my money back. yay.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

we remembered

yesterday was rememberance day.
Jack and Jed- and their Cub group got to lay some wreaths, and read a poem at the ceremony.
I had always wanted to attend one of these things- so this was my chance.
and since Cory didn't get the day off work, it was just me and the kids.
and standing for almost an hour outside, then sitting for another hour inside with a three year old isn't my favorite thing. (Jack thinks he looks nerdy in this picture and wants me to delete it, but I will leave it in. just to bug him.)

here's the group- probably half of them weren't there. too bad. it was good.

and guess what-
it snowed- really snowed the night before. so there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground. chilly.

this tank led the parade that the army men followed, and the cubs and a few other groups. my boys thought it was pretty cool. and it was cool.

and here they all are, posing by the tank. they are being fierce. crazy kids.
and now today- my van is in the shop- getting the heater fixed- heaters are very important around here this time of year.
and the interior lights don't work- I can't remember why. but that is also nice when it is dark at 6:00 at night.
I love my country!
no really,
I do.

Monday, November 10, 2008

we are sleeping in!

- the talk is done. pfew.
my topic was sacrifice. I talked a bit about pioneers, a bit about Joseph Smith, a bit about Christ's sacrifice for us, and what sacrifices we are expected to make, and then I snuck in a little quote from President Benson, from when he gave the talk to the women of the church about staying home with our kids. I talked about how I make that sacrifice, and I believe it is a very important one. so looked down on in the worlds eyes, but such a great thing- to be home with your kids.
- actually a lady in my ward talked to me later, and thanked me for including that in my talk. she is struggling right now with the whole staying at home thing- being a very under appreciated thing- all around, and she appreciated my talk. yay. it is all good!
- speaking of being home with the kids- it is fall break this week. no school. good and bad. I no longer can spend all day on the computer- now that 5 kids all need their turns!
but we can sleep in. yay. and watch tv all day. yay.
okay, maybe I need to come up with projects and activities to keep us off the computer and the tv. hmm. any suggestions?

Friday, November 07, 2008


-Cory says it is wrong to give my boys quilts for their birthdays.
well, he can just come up woth something better then!
- had to go help with hot lunch at the school today.
I really didn't want to, but did it anyways.
it ended up great- got 2 free lunches out of the deal, and a bag of bread sticks. it is all good.
- hoping to head to the fabric store this afternoon. that would be a good time, for sure!
- realizing it is already Friday, and that my talk needs to be given on Sunday. time is running out. ahhh!
-and that is where I am at!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

1. be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it!
2. (can you read the text? I tried to make it bigger, but it was having none of that)

3. technology and I don't get along so well. it is kind of a joke with Cory and I that I just can't figure anything remotely electronic out.
sad but true.

4. I did leave the house yesterday, but not until the evening.
we headed to the library- where I found a christmas craft magazine I have been eyeing at the stores. now I have it- for free- in my hot little hands- for three weeks.
let the crafting begin!

5. because we all know I don't have enough projects on the go already.

6. I have to talk in church on Sunday. I am not too worried about it yet. check with me on Saturday night. then I think I will be stressed.

7. all in all, I don't really mind talking. I guess. I think it is the 15 minute time they give you. that is a long time to stand up there and try to keep peoples attention, and share something inspiring for all. you know what I mean?

8. I pulle out a quilt I had started a long time ago, and worked on it some more yesterday. Is it wrong to giive a 13 year old a quilt for his birthday?
I don't think so. that is what he might be getting.

9. and when that is done, I need to get working on the quilt for the almost 11 year old. actually, his birthday is first, I should get going on his first!

10. although I am sure they wouldn't be too thrilled with quilts for their birthdays, I think we will more than make up for that at Christmas.

11. well, I have just been informed that I need to change a diaper. yes. my youngest- at 3 1/2 + is still wearing diapers.
now, all my other kids were completely trained around age 3. yes, a bit late for my liking, but I am under the beliefs that it is easier to wait until they are ready and when they are ready- they are ready. and that is how it went with all my kids. but maggie. my dear sweet maggie broke the mold.
She pees on the potty, even is dry at night, but will not poop on the potty.
yep, drives me crazy.
now, I wouldn't put her in playschool until next year, but I think it is time to play that card. no playschool until you can go on the potty.
I don't get it. have no clue what the issue is. maybe I should check with the professionals.
and she was in panties, but I got so tired of having dirty panties all the time, that I put her back in diapers. and that is where we are at.

12. in case you were wondering, I am so not the perfect mom.

13. and my house is a mess. so I will go and change a diaper and clean, in my quest to be a little bit better mom today!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am staying at home.
skipping the mom's and tot's group at the church.
because I am feeling anti social-
in the words of oscar the grouch-
on our tape we have in the van
yes, our van has a cassette player, and not a CD player. sad, huh?
anyways, in one of his songs Oscar says-
I don't want to be with anyone today.
that is how I feel.

but yesterday, I did go out-
with Maggie, my mom, my sister and my aunt-
we went to a greenhouse that has a beautiful Christmas display- and shop.
I picked up this little beauty.
It plays the First Noel.
I love it.
I am feeling a bit more Christmassy now.
I think the whole not into halloween thing was because the Christmas season was already out there in the stores.
hold up, people. one season at a time!
but now halloween is over. my stuff put back into boxes.
I am working on a few homemade things for gifts.

I think all I really need to get me really in the Christmas mode is snow.
we had one day a week or two ago that was super windy and cold, and there were a few minutes that we would look outside and see snow blowing, but it didn't even land on the ground. it just got blown away.
but no snow is okay too.
no shovelling,
no slippery roads.
maybe in a month. that would be great!

but for now, I am going to go wrap up with maggie in my newly finished quilt and watch some kid shows.
until the kids come home for lunch.
then I might have to get in gear and get something constructive done around here.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

it's finished

so here is the back-
a bit puckered.
I really need to learn the art of pinning it tighter before it get's quilted.
the white strip in the middle has little yellow stars on it.

and here is the front.
my hour glass quilt.
pretty fun!
Maggie wouldn't be my model and hold it up for me,
so I had to just lay it down on the floor.
one project down, a million and one more to go!

Monday, November 03, 2008

What I did last weekend

well, besides eating way, way, way
too much candy-
darn those Aero bars.
so delicious.
on Friday- before all the candy -was a retirement lunch for my dad.
here he is cutting the cake.
and my, was that cake yummy. his co-workers had such nice things to say about him.
about how organized he is.
sadly, I think I didn't get any of those genes.
and his sister flew in from Ottawa and suprised him at the lunch.
that was fun.
then of course, we trick-or-treated.
then on Saturday I had a seminary inservice.
it was good. learned some good tips for teaching.
maybe by the end of my four years I will have some clue as to how to be a good teacher.
and ate more of the kids candy.
then we hit a surprise party for a guy in our ward.
such a great couple. fun stuff.
then Sunday was stake conference.
man, even I had a hard time sitting in one spot for two hours.
I smuggled some knitting in my bag, but didn't get too much of it done.
I felt a bit guilty doing that.
then I ate more of the kids candy.
then the best part of Sunday- afternoon nap.
love it!
then to my parents for dinner-
the whole crew. and my aunt. she has no kids.
she must think it is crazy- which it is, when we are all there.
and that brings us to today
quilting at the church this morning.
more people came than last time,
and I got the binding sewn on my hourglass quilt-
just need to finish hand stitching it on.
then I can show you all.
more eating of the kids candy.
good times around here!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


and the weather-
well, it couldn't have been better.
I wore a touque and some mitts when I took the kids out,
but almost could have done without them.

a cute lawn gnome:a sweet little red riding hood.
who got many, many oohs and ahhs, and 'she's so cute' while trick-or-treating.she agreed to go out to the "woods" for some pictures before supper, and trick-or-treating, so I got a few-
but she was pretty grumpy.
then the tears came.
she wanted to do it,
I promise.
then comes the spreading out, sorting and trading.
ahh, good times.