Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's spring break-

all the kids all the time things are a little crazy around here!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I had an idea

and this was sort of it.
a photoshoot with Maggie, and a blanket and the snow.
where we went to take the pictures was at a field across a sort of country road, just a tiny bit out of town. I love the location of that house- and the field- love.
I was telling Maggie we should build a house in the field, and she agreed,
and said that we could take pictures every day.
love that girl!

Friday, March 18, 2011

it's good to try new things

last night a friend of mine called me up, and wanted to go see the movie red riding hood.
now, I had seen a preview, and it wasn't really a movie on my must see list,
but I went along anyways,
and wowsers.
I really, really liked it.
it was so suspenceful,
it had romance,
I laughed,
I cried,
who could it be- who was the wolf?
it was...

I won't tell.
go see the movie, and find out!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


lucky charms?
green milk?
chocolate coins found under the pillows?
check. have a great day- and don't get pinched!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the big 6

wow. I can hardly believe my baby is 6 now.
she is such a fun kid.
here are 6 great things about her-

1. she still grabs her blanky and likes to cuddle with me on the couch when she wakes up in the morning.

2. she has her older siblings wrapped around her finger. they do almost everything at her bidding.

3. she loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. loves it.

4. many mornings when I go to wake the girls up I find her snuggled in Sadie's bed, where she has moved sometime in the night.

5. she loves going to school, playing with friends and learning new things.

6. she is so stinking cute.

big party to come on Saturday. good times. she can hardly wait!

Friday, March 11, 2011

the c monster

so- here it is. not even close to the cuteness of the one I boogled,
but hey- let's not judge. we're all friends here! and yes, he is eating a digestive cookie-
because that is what I had in my house.
and his eyes are just icing blobs with chocolate chips,
and yes, it was delicious.
and isn't that what really matters?
we will see what the kids in the kindergarten class thought of it when Maggie gets home.
hopefully no one will say- I don't care for this.
that would be a tragedy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jump on the band wagon

so this morning Jack's junior high band played in the music festival.
they needed someone to take all the large instruments to the festival.
Jack vollunteered me.
so we went to the school and were packing in the instruments,
and one of the kids said-
put it in the band wagon.
pretty funny kids.
(maggie and the instruments in the band wagon)
they did pretty well.
the van- well, it made it.
everytime I had to stop and get going again something in the back would creak.
I was just glad it wasn't the door and that it didn't fly open and instruments didn't fall all over the road.
that would have been bad.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

boogle it

so, it's Maggie's birthday on Sunday.
she gets to take treats to kindergarten on Friday for her birthday.
I asked her what she wanted to take,
and she said cookie monster cupcakes.
I told her I wasn't sure how to make those,
I would have to look it up on the computer
and she said- you can boogle it!
(love it!)
so I did- and found this-
now, to see what I can come up with.
I don't think it will look this good.
but I shall try!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

troy and gabriella

after a day of the girls and a friend playing barbies in the toy room,
I went down to run on the treadmill- to find this-

our troy and gabriella barbies hanging out- a bit close,
by the edge of the toy shelf.
I thought it was so funny.
I wonder if it was my girls who put them like this-
or if it was the friend.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

the latest

I am reading this book-it was recommended to me by my friend who is a librarian at our high school.
it is really good.
I think it is a book that Kami and Kayli would enjoy.
just saying.

on season 4. sometimes inappropriate. most times funny.
Cory came home early yesterday afternoon and I was watching it, and he came down, stood for a moment then walked away saying 'I can't even listen to this show.' hmm.
but he doesn't like a lot of tv shows, so we won't go by his word.
not sure I would recommend it to anyone, but now I this far in, I need to find out how he did meet their mother.

knitting- I bought the yarn for this project last year. I finally got a pattern for it a couple of months ago- I am starting them today! they are called thrummed mittens- you knit them up and every once in a while you add in some wool tufts, so the inside is super warm and fuzzy.- like this-
mine will be about that color for the outside, but my fuzzies are white and pink and blue. they will be so fun.
- because I have been wearing the mittens ben sewed in his sewing class last year out of polar fleece. and while they are warm and stylish, I think it is time for some new ones.
and the way the weather has been, I think I can finish them and still wear them for a few months.