Wednesday, December 08, 2010

tis the season

for birthdays!
my twins (born 4 years apart) had their birthday on Saturday.
last week we had a little party for Sadie.
we had mini oreos, mini ritz crackers with cheese, made mini clay cupcakes,
and I had to make a little banner for the cake!
Maggie was right there during it all,
and sweet Sadie let her help-
even help blow out the candles.

what a great sister and a great girl.
love you Sadie!


Andrea said...

cute kids. cute cake.

Kayli said...

Adorable. I LOOOOVE the banner on the cake.

Joanne said...

lovin' the banner and the cute girlies. happy birthday sadie!!! and Jack too of course>

Dixie said...

Happy belated birthday to Sadie. I love the shirt she's wearing.