Wednesday, January 04, 2012

new year

for new years,
I always make resolutions.
a fresh start,
a new beginning.
one of them - I was thinking- is to blog more,
blog better. and yet,
I hadn't blogged yet.
sad. so here I am.
*my friend was trying to convince me I should run a marathon this year.
um- no thanks,
but I am making it a goal to run a 10k in September-
and actually RUN the whole way.
now that is a big goal. (for me, anyways)
*to do some scrapbooking.
- Cory will like that one.
*I am not sure about doing a picture a day- I did it last year (for most days)
and it gets to be kind of not fun most days-
but I am thinking of doing a 7/12 project-
take a picture of my whole family (the 7)
every month (the 12.)
not sure what I would do with all those- make a fun book maybe- with highlights of each month?- ooh, the wheels are spinning. hmmm. will have to think on that.
*clean out my craft room and make it into Maggies room. - I have a whole year, right? it might take that long.
*get my etsy shop stocked up with all the stuff I have stashed in that messy craft room,
and make those things I have imagined in my head, and get them into the shop- and sell more stuff in this shop,
or get a real job, because I really want to take a fantastic vacation- still deciding if it will just be Cory and I, or the whole family- and I really want to get out of debt, so I should probably contribute to the cause!
*generally keep my house cleaner, and make it super cute. big plans in store for that-
but trying to do it on the cheap, because I am trying to get out of debt.
* I am trying - just for January- to not spend any excess money- just food and necessities.
(although I did spend $0.50 at a thrift store yesterday on three adorable little bowls, but I don't think that really counts.)
*and to really not start any brand new projects that require more supplies, but to use up the stuff I have- in my messy craft room. I have some quilts in mind- but I should not need to buy anything except some batting.
*and I am going to read the whole Book of Mormon. I am going to find a cute chart I can fill in as I go- it is always fun to color in blocks as you go, right?
alright, I am off, to go clean up the living room, then maybe work on some stuff for the etsy shop. or a quilt. or something awesome!
happy new year!


Andrea said...

Great goals. I'm still trying to finalize mine. I'd love to come clean out some rooms with you! And I think you have a very cute house. And you should for sure take a vacation with just you and Cory and then another with the whole fam. We'll come too:) (Once I get a job)

shelleyjanae said...

I agree you got a good list! Here are some cute reading charts I want... (thought about getting this to give to my primary kids) or this puppy which would be pretty cool but pricey. It doesn't say you can reuse it (erase)- if you can it might be worth it to use over and over again...

crystal b. said...

Good luck on your list!! I have several of the same goals. I always panic if I write all of them down. Why does it stress me out so much? Weird huh. The 7/12 idea is good. I'm going to try that -- especially since we don't have any current family pictures.