Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hot stuff

 ben is a lifeguard. we have visited his pool twice- well three times if you count the time we got there right as it was closing because it was thundering and lightening. which I don't really count because we never even went in. then the time we went and it wasn't too busy, so his boss let Ben come in the water and play with us. that was fun. then the next time someone barfed in the pool, so we all had to get out. (and ben had to scoop it out. he works hard for his money. ha.)
 it is super hot here this week. - the big boys are gone to scout camp. so the girls and I are sleeping downstairs in their beds. I am glad they are gone. it is way cooler down there.
we hit the beach with some cousins the other day. cool water, hot sand. I do love the sun. might have to hit the spray park tomorrow. or somewhere cool. we went and saw the Lorax today- good to hang out for a couple of hours in a nice cool movie theater! yay for that!


Jill said...

Too fun! I am glad you guys are having some heat, We didn't want to Hog it all.

Andrea said...

You'll have to come play again. And we'll have to come to the pool. Love the heat. Just not in the house! Glad you got to sleep in the basement.