Wednesday, August 08, 2012


 I haven't pulled out my big camera for way, way too long. I got it out to take on our little summer vacation, and had to get the old pictures off of the memory card. I took the girls out a while ago and took some pictures. I did a bit of editing on them- not too sure that I like them how they are, but I can always change them up later! (digital cameras and computers are so fantastic!)- I might have done a bit much on their eyes in that picture. they look a bit freaky!
I am really just delaying my to do list which involves cleaning the bathrooms and mopping up the kitchen. and laundry. not really fun, but I guess it must be done!

oh, and today we have 3 teenagers in our family. Jed is 13 today! yikes. we will be celebrating later. poor boy with his birthday in the middle of summer. always something going on.

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Jill said...

HOLY FREAK! Happy Birthday to JED!