Friday, November 09, 2012

craft sale

I am a craft sale sucker. the chance to make crafts, and sell them for money? yes, please.
then I go.
and sit.
and sell a tiny bit.
and vow to never do them ever again.
but yet, I am.
doing one again.
next weekend.
and I am having such a hard time deciding what to make and sell,
so here are some pictures (all stolen from pinterest) of things I want to, or have started making.
tell me, would you buy them?
what would you like the most?

or, I was also thinking of banners made of burlap that say merry christmas, or joy, or other christmassy sayings, or crocheted snowballs for an indoor snowball fight. or just cute bags made out of vintage sheets. I only have a week left. I seriously need to focus and get busy!
any thoughts? I would love to know what you think!


Kayli said...

I LOOOOVE the burlap stockings. In fact, how much would you sell them for? Because if it's cheaper than what I can buy them for here, maybe I might want some...
Although, maybe I should just be proactive and go FIND a fabric store and see if they have burlap...

Lynn said...

I'm with Kayli! Love all your ideas using Burlap. Stockings, banners, pillows, you name it. Love it.

Andrea said...

I love the apron and the stocking. Although I have both, so wouldn't buy it right now. The banner sounds great. Anything you do is cute and will be fab.