Wednesday, January 09, 2013

around here lately

 snow is not in shortage in this area of the world. 
is that a good thing? not too sure.
 the girls took full advantage of the snow and head to the hill just down the street as often as they can. 
although that might not happen so much, due to this last sled we have coming home broken last time they went. might have to invest in a couple more sleds. 
ps. aren't those snowpants of Sadies rad? thrift store. $7. now you know!
 Dropping off Jack at his new place of employment. (I tried to get a picture of him going inside, but he was too fast. or my camera was too slow. or maybe a bit of both. he comes home smelling greasy. yuck.) and yes, my windsheild is that dirty. someday I aim to have windshield wipers that do the job they are supposed to do, and well. lofty goals, I know!
photo circa chrismas morning 2012. cozy kids. 
now, back to life. back to reality.
laundry needs done, and man, my bathrooms could use a scrubbing.


Jill said...

I used to be a pizza hut girl.....I LOVED it. What does he do? Make the pizza, Dish pit? P.O.S.? Too fun. Good job on Sadie's snowpants. LOVE them. I have matchy matchy PJ bottoms with Sadie! Oh how I miss you guys.

Dixie said...

Sadie's snowpants are the first thing that stood out to me -- so cute! And I know what you mean about the bathrooms needing a good scrub. As soon as I kick myself off the computer that's where I'm heading. Not much incentive to get off. :)