Tuesday, April 08, 2014

spring break, disney style

Last week was spring break here, and Cory finally agreed to go to Disney Land, so off we went. we drove, and drove, and drove, all day, all night and all day again, until we got to California, and the sunshine!
 the boys adored the Cars ride over in the California Adventure Park- we rode it 4 times, (waiting in the very long line ups two times, and using fast passes for the other two.) can I just say, fast passes are pure genius. you feel like you are cheating, cutting in line, but it is all legit, and those who don't use them are just silly. fast passes are definitely the way to go!
we met mickey, and a few other characters, but sadly missed out on meeting any princesses. I guess we need to come back another time- so that we can do that, and ride a few of the rides that were closed. and make sure it is not on spring break, so it isn't so crazy crowded. but I must say, the lines were never too bad- except the cars one, but that ride was definitely worth it. 

Too bad the boys were too scared to go in the haunted mansion or on splash mountain! 
and really too bad Ben couldn't get time off work. maybe next time!


Andrea said...

I loved the cars ride too! My favorite. Splash mountain is awesome too. Glad you got to go and had fun!!

Kayli said...

Way fun!! But how do you get a fast pass?

Joanne said...

ohhh I am SOOOO glad you went! I loved the haunted house and splash mountain was a must on Jason's list. so fun! glad you had a great time.

polischuk said...

Awesome! So glad your family got to do this.

jessica said...

shortest post ever for such a big trip!! haha! Glad you had a fun time! that sounds awesome