Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beyond 5

 a couple of weekends ago, us girls took a little road trip. you see, Beyond 5- the best new boy band out there was playing in the city close to our Grandma's house, so really, how could we not go!
The girls took a day off school, and we packed up with a friend and drove for hours and hours.
 but was it worth it! expecially since Maggie got to "cheek touch" her favorite guy- Tanner!
After the concert was over, they let everyone who wanted to, line up and go through and get one thing signed, and have a few seconds to talk- or snap pictures with the guys. It was kind of a blur, and sadly this is the only picture I took! but we got posters, and a CD signed, so it was all good!

When I told some of the guys that we drove 6 hours to see them, they were shocked- and asked if it was worth it. I said yes- it was great, and thanked them for singing fun, good songs that I don't mind my girls listening to. except over and over for that 6 hour drive home. that was a bit much.

and sorry for the pictures being all over the place- I need to learn how to do that in an orderly fashion!

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