Wednesday, May 18, 2011

last weekend

I married into an amazing family.
once a year, all the in-laws (and sisters) try to get together
- have a bit of a get-away.

we just had one last weekend.
all the girls, but one, got to hang out.
in the past we have done it at the parents house,
but this year, it was planned around a race that 4 of the girls were running,
so we stayed in a big hotel/condo place.
so fun!

we had a favorite thing night-
everyone was to bring 9 of their favorite things ($3 max)
so everyone got to go home with everyone's favorites!
so fun-
here is what was there-

-not pictured is a fantastic 10 minute massage. loved it!

2 babies got to come along- they were such great little travellers! so adorable.

it was such a nice get away
I am already looking forward to the next one!


Lynn said...

Fun Fun Fun!! Cute favorite things ideas too.

Stephanie said...

Sounded like you all had a great time. Good thing you took pics and blog... (little jab at Joanne) so I could see the fun stuff! I am coming next year :). Just let me know what I need to do for initiation!!

Joanne said...

ME TOOOOOOO!!!! YA stephanie totally wants to come next year! I had fun and am totally GLAD I came.

Kayli said...

yeah, looks like it was KIIIINDA fun, but next time you better come to Switzerland to have a REALLLLY good time.

Andrea said...

You are lucky! Wanna swap sil's?