Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I had seen a tutorial for bubble gum necklaces on line a while ago.

I thought they were adorable.

so, for Activity days, I had the girls make one for their mom's for mother's day,

then there was enough gum left over that they could make one for themselves.

so fun- neat to see the different color combinations- all so beautiful!

(the one I am wearing I made for myself- Sadie did make me one, but the kids ate it up right after church)-

it was fun to see so many moms of the girls wearing their necklaces!

- just like one year the cubs made duct tape ties for their dads-

so fun to see a few ties at church!

I didn't do any dishes on sunday- so that means it was a good day!

(and I had a big breakfast, and lots of fun gifts from the kids.)

but now that mother's day is over, it's back to doing the dishes, and cereal for breakfast.

it was nice while it lasted!


Jill said...

I also fell in LOVE with the bubble gum necklaces....SO CUTE on you.

Andrea said...

Love it!
How come you have all the talent?