Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last days

well, Ben is done classes, he only has one more exam on Thursday. then on to grade 11 for him.
Jack had his last day of classes today, has a few exams, and the awards ceremony is on Wednesday. then grade 9.
Maggie has a big day on Friday- kindergarten graduation.
- I was shopping with Ben yesterday and found the cutest dress, so I bought it for Maggie with the excuse that it could be her grad dress. yikes.
then next year all day - grade one for her!
Sadie and Jed have one more week. Wednesday is the last day- but really, I think these are just fun days. track and field tomorrow afternoon, Sadie is heading on an all day field trip on Thursday- just killing time until it is all over.
then onto junior high for Jed, and Sadie moves up into grade 5.
I am feeling sad about it all. (summer holidays, that is.)
my afternoons alone will be a thing of the past
- but we will definitely be sleeping in,
- we do have a great vacation planned,
- but I am seriously looking forward to the fall when all my kids will be in school all day.
it will be a long summer for me!

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Kami said...

AMEN! And I only have one in school. I wish it were all of them though.